"A fantastic event and another huge success, the fifth annual OSU 4 Miler is not only the biggest four mile organized event in the country, but it's definitely "The Best Damn Race in the Land..." M3S Sports #FinishOn50 #GoBucks #OSU4Miler

Once again, a sold-out field of 15,000 runners and walkers came out to celebrate football and fitness with the the largest four mile organized event in the country -- the 5th annual Ohio State Four Miler that finished on the 50 yard line of the Ohio Stadium.

"One of the best Half Marathons in the country, M3S Sports continues to set the bar in event planning, volunteers, on-course signage, aid stations, medical support, post-race party, and awesome finisher's medals." Read the full review here! M3S Sports

Coming off last year's event with extreme heat and humidity which threatened the race, this year's Emerald City Half and Quarter Marathon presented near perfect conditions as approximately 3,500 runners and walkers lined up at the new start line on Perimeter Drive in Dublin, Ohio. One of the best Ha...

You can't have the same expectations when temps rise. Train smart and follow these tips!

On hot and humid days, you can't have the same expectations for your runs. Trying to maintain your normal pace and distance will not only burn you out (literally!), but you are putting yourself at risk for injury.

Not happy? It's time to make a change.

Monday Motivation!

"In an era of fast-paced travel and smart design, you will not just want the Infinity Bag, but you will need it." Read the full review here! Dash dash dot dash dash dash

You've been there. With great intentions, you wake up at 5am, pack up your purse, gym bag, laptop case, grab your lunch bag, and, juggling all with cell phone in hand and yoga mat unrolling under your arm, you valiantly head out the door to work out. I mean, you ARE Superwoman, right? Then after ach...

Where are you running today to celebrate Global Running Day?

Formerly called National Running Day, Global Running Day is today, June 7, 2017. Take strides toward leading a healthier, fitter life and celebrate the joys of running.

The weather didn't stop approximately 2,500 participants from running in this year's FORE! Miler to kick off the start of the 42nd Memorial Tournament. M3S Sports

There's a saying in Columbus that if you don't like the weather, then don't worry because it will change in 10 minutes anyway. That was certainly true of this year's Third Annual FORE! Miler held in conjunction with the 42nd playing of the PGA TOUR at Muirfield Village Golf Club, where severe thunde...

How can you stay active this Memorial Day? Read below for some tips!

It's Memorial Day weekend, filled with family, relaxation, and sharing great food and drinks with loved ones.

Happy Monday!

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Follow the 10% Rule!

Want to build your miles to train for a half marathon, marathon, or even an ultra?

Want to lose weight the healthy way? Check out these tips to cheat calories.

One pound of fat is equal to about 3,500 calories. Calories definitely add up.

Check out the latest trampoline workout DVD by Suzanne Bowen Fitness! #BarreAmpedBounce

Fitness and lifestyle expert Suzanne Bowen, creator of Suzanne Bowen Fitness (#SBF) www.suzannebowenfitness, a top streaming and subscription website for workout videos and nutrition advice, has created the newest addition to her BarreAmped series. BarreAmped Bounce is the first total body barre pro...

Everything you (think you) know about nutrition will change after reading this blog! You won't BELIEVE #12! Mark Fisher Tanner Baze

Nutrition is a notoriously sticky subject. For every single person out there who preaches the benefits of eating plenty of protein, there's an army of vegans storming their gates, forks in hand, ready to tell them how animal protein is killing them.

'Go Dash Dot' Creator launches THE INFINITY BAG for active women!

Hannah Fastov, the founder, CEO and creative director of dash dash dot dash dash dash, (or GO DASH DOT for short) has always had a flair for fashion, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle. ( While she was living and working in Manhattan for 2 years, Hannah was tired of lugging s...
On June 7, Fleet Feet Sports locations nationwide will hold a local 5K race. All results will funnel up into a national leaderboard to determine: who is the fastest runner in the country?

Just because you put in your daily workout doesn't mean you can slack off the rest of the day. You may be doing more harm than good. Find out why!

Getting in your daily exercise doesn't mean you can slack off the rest of the day. To the contrary, sitting a computer for a few hours will actually cause your body to stop making lipase, a fat-inhibiting enzyme.