The Cuban's wife and the dancing Busser!

Hello from Mary and Chef Amaury, the owners of Babaluu’s. We closed our restaurant in Santa Fe 10/26/13. Thanks to our fans for the loyal support. We love everyone that touched our hearts and lives the last 2 years. We had many wonderful FUN and DELICIOUS times at 3810 Highway 14.

1st reason we left location; difficult heating and A/C issues; owners wanted to sell building as is and not make those improvements. Summertime was a struggle to open lunch & early dinner because of... the heat. Wintertime was so cold inside hard to open many days. No matter how many a/c’s or heaters we had running, we could not operate a successful restaurant under those conditions. The patio roof continued to leak so it was hard to book reservations there too. The patio was spectacular with a view. We loved our funky Babaluu’s. With proper improvements and more money we would have stayed, perfect location for us. Great parking, fantastic view, dance floor, great for parties we loved many things about 3810 Highway 14. We outgrew it, we needed better conditions and investor.

2nd reason: A popular publication Local Flavor did us wrong. The Balloon Fiesta edition 10/1/13 said we had closed our doors. They never authorized it with us. It was untrue! We lost thousands of $$$. We were going to close the restaurant after the holidays anyway but decided to close sooner than later; business went way down, customers cancelled parties and reservations, many called us wondering was it true, we heard you closed? We also found out many other media NM businesses read that and printed it too. It was a mess! We had to make a difficult decision, it was a no win situation, it wasn’t profitable for us to continue staying there.

Thanks again to all our wonderful loyal customers, we miss you.
Chef Amaury can be reached at

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Talk about buns! Look at Chef Amaury's home made buns he made for a dinner party! Lucky group! Baked Ham, variety of gourmet cheeses, pickle and olive tray, specialty mustards and Babaluu's famous buns! Yummy!

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