Bunny lawnmowing service.
This is the bunny version of carb loading. They're training for yoga on Sunday - their first session!!
"My name is WeeBee. If you speak nose please send help I am being cuddled against my will and I fear for my nails."

Hi everyone:

As you have seen in our recent posts, RHDV2 is here in the Lower Mainland. This virus is lethal and extremely easy to pass on to bunnies.
There is a vaccine available in Europe that we are working with local vets to source via an emergency drug release with the Canadian government. This will be a very expensive process; we are expecting costs more than $4000 all in.
In addition, one of the main BfB sources of income to care for our bunnies is our Bunny Yoga... sessions with our friends at Sunberry Fitness. Our next session has been cancelled to prevent any potential problems.
Please help us protect the BfB buns and get us back to having fun with our friends at Bunny Yoga! Any donation over $20 will receive a tax receipt. Click on the link attached and you can choose to donate to the General Care Fund or the RHDV2 Vaccine Fund:…/charities/bandaids-for-bunni…/

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