Hey guys so OBIS birthday is in a couple of weeks... So... Ykno that means huge bday update like last year... and as much as I love to do a bunch of work for something that supposed to be a celebration... Yknow... Uhhhhhhhhh... *AHEM* 'Birthday gifts' *AHEM* WHAAAAA? Who said that? What makes you think birthday gifts? What would I want for a gift? Oh well... IDK... A picture of your most favorite mod (OBIS) in action? A video showing off OBIS in all of its glory? A nice comme...nt recalling your most amazing moment in OBIS? Your love and support of the glorious leader Indigoblade who blessed you with this mod? These are much better than the socks you guys probably sent me.

As a reward for the best picture, comment, and video. I will award the winner of each category with a Bandit Boss that they name and design on their own! Ill declare winners on both Facebook and here! Please post your content on the OBIS nexus page! Past winners of my last contest/ Team Members may also compete if they dare choose to! The only person that can't compete is Indigoblade (Cuz he's a dirty cheater anyways ) So get to it! This contest will be available until February 8th. So do your best!

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I'm actually done with the npcs, all I have to do now is just properly fix them up


2 New types of bandits!
Fixed a few typos in book of bandits
Add in a few things here and there as I go (I'm still working on it)


CYA on the 31st! CST (US & Canada)

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Updated with OBIS 1.61"EYE" (heh) Go DL now, also posted the mask fix so you don't have to DL from a different website

Working on bug fixes right now, so far fixed:

-Lowered the damages on the vile skeever poisons,
-Agents are in the Bandit Faction
-Fixed bandits not showing up/invisible in Dragonborn DLC


Afterwards I'll finish up the Contest Winners

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Actively working on new mod features! Straight from the mod page here is a list of the announced features of the new mod version 1.62:


These features will hopefully get done before the end of the month.

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I wanted to try that slight contest out. But now that I know it's good I'll be doing this after every major update. Maybe not as many people as this time but it will definitely happen so keep checking up on the mod to be a part of the biggest and best bandit mod for skyrim

We have our winners!! They are all listed here
1st - Erik Gulbrandsen
2nd - Federico Pilleri
3rd - Bártys Jířa
4th - Earl Cooley III...
5th - Nico Oberländer
6th - Hayley Philp
7th - Alessandro Ferrucci
8th - Ben Pyroclasty
9th - Jeremy Graves
10th - Kelly Lozano

If you see your names posted here please msg the page about what bandit you would be. I need:
-The Name
-Race and Gender
-Special Talent

Please post these within a week so that I can put the new bandits in as quickly as possible. Thanks for posting and enjoy!

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I'm back! Now this is happening!
I want to make 10 people in on Facebook into bandits! Your character will be in the very next update of the mod as a bounty bandit! All you have to do is reply to this post and I will message you to tell you that you won! Here is the list of what you'll be in order of replies
1st person: bandit lord
2nd person: tier 6 bandit
3rd and 4th: tier 5 bandit...
5th and 6th: tier 4 bandit
Rest: tier 3 bandit

Reply now!

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Wrote an article about what mods I would use with OBIS or personally! Go check it out under the article section of the mod page!

OBIS now has been downloaded over 100,000 times! Amazing!

I lied, it done now......
I'm a terrible person to lie to my fans

uploading mod now.....
Get ready in about 20 minutes or so

Done with the vacation, while there I managed to work on the mod a little, I'll be done soon I hope

I have been off on holiday so I had no time to work on the mod I do apologize but when I do get to finish it, it will solve all the problems that my mod currently possess!

Oh yea, I almost forgot, WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got the number 5 spot in the files of the month section under October 2013 in skyrim nexus!!!!!!! Bandits are famous thanks to all of you guys!!!! Also OBIS is now the number 8 mod under npcs in the nexus and STILL the #1 mod with the word bandit!!!!!!!

I've been quiet for awhile, ut do not worry I'm figuring out things that I need to do