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What an incredible centennial year it's been for Bankers Trust! We wouldn't have made it 100 years without our wonderful customers, employees, and community members. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this year one to remember!

Suku Radia, retired Bankers Trust CEO, received two impressive awards this week! On April 18, he received the Community Leadership Award from the Drake University College of Business and Public Administration. Then, on April 20, he was honored by his alma mater, Iowa State University, with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Congratulations, Suku!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and suit
Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and suit

Vote for Bankers Trust! We are excited to have TWO finalists in the running for the 2018 AMA Iowa NOVA Awards. Click on the images or the 2018 People's Choice Awards link below to find - and "Like" - our two finalists. One is for our Education Center and the other is for all the fun Centennial Events Bankers Trust held last summer! Thanks for your vote!

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98 Reviews
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Jill Martin Monnahan
· March 14, 2018
Excellent customer service - like beyond my wildest dreams. I'm a sucker for good customer care and Bankers Trust definitely provides it. Every person from tellers, to receptionists to lenders have tr...eated me with respect and are just darn nice people. #keepitup See More
John Bender Hannan
· October 27, 2017
I've been with bankers trust now for about four months. I've had very good success with everyone of their branches and my personal banker has been pretty good. However that location in downtown Des Mo...ines on seventh Street must be manned by the crew of the damned and stupid, that is the worst location of any business I've ever seen. You should just clean house there! See More
Mike Gascon
· October 13, 2017
Very poor customer service. Company will tack on fees to everything you do and will not help you out. What my issue was, other banks have offered to resolve my problem right away. The customer is alwa...ys wrong. Be aware. See More
Heather Byers Wahlberg
· March 26, 2018
Was such a frustrating experience and they have zero concern for the customer experience, wish I would not have done my loan with them.
Bri Leckness
· July 16, 2016
Went to the Merle Hay Location today to cash a payroll check. I don't have direct deposit set up yet so went straight to the bank my company writes checks on.
Luann (Perosnal Banker) stated that if I... don't have an account they won't cash the check. The one written by one of their own customers/clients.
If I banked here I would have some serious questions as to why they won't honor checks written with their logo/emblem on it. The cashier said funds were there, however I can't access any of it without being a customer.
I am really glad to bank with a Credit Union. At least I know if I try to pay someone they will honor it.
How embarrassing for my company. It looks as if my employer can't pay their bills when it's just the Banks 'policy.'
See More
Charles Hoffman-Zinnel
· January 26, 2018
Always helpful and gives back to charity. Thanks BT.
Debi Bolton-Howell
· July 18, 2015
I read your comment to Kimberly Havlovic about how you will not cash checks that are drawn on your bank unless the person cashing the check has an account with you. I understand your excuse for this i...s to protect your customers from fraudulent checks. It is amazing how terrible bank customer service is in recent years. I guess that's why many of us have switched to credit unions. One nice thing about Internet is it doesn't take long to inform others about great and TERRIBLE customer service. See More
Katie Peters
· December 5, 2016
I use to love Bankers Trust. They handled everything that went wrong and did it professionally! I had updated my address at least 8. But never got a letter or a notice of collection. Thank you guys so... much for being so trustworthy! I banked with y'all for 2+years. See More
Rae Beebe
· August 11, 2016
It has taken me years to finally find a bank I love. Every experience I have with the people at Bankers Trust makes me love the establishment even more. Everyone is fast and courteous, they make me fe...el important as a customer. See More
Kimberly Havlovic
· July 18, 2015
You can tell a lot about a bank by how they treat people that don't bank with them. I was just in your bank wanting to cash a check that was issued by 1 of your customers that banks with you and they ...refused to cash it because it was a Buisness check???? They said that isle it was a personal check they wouldn't have a problem. This company BANKS with you and you can't cash their check unless I open an account with you?!? NO THANK YOU.....I'll stick with my credit union! This is exactly why I left Wells Fargo! See More
Kenneth Kurt Brooker
· December 27, 2013
Don't expect Bankers Trust to act with any trust to you as a customer. I have had my banking at Bankers Trust for several years and have even had my home financed through them. They have disappointe...d me several times and have not acted with any customer loyalty. I look forward to the near future when I will no longer do any banking business with Bankers Trust. Make a good, informed decision about who you let make money off of your money and then repays you with no customer service or customer loyalty. My advice; go elseware for your banking business to a company that treats you like a good customer. To post this; their page made me choose a star rating. So I chose one star when in reality I would give them a negative 5 star rating. See More
Marketa Oliver
· December 23, 2015
I want to say thank you to Angie and Brook at the Windsor Heights branch for helping me address an erroneous charge which was extra frustrating because I am currently on vacation. Thank you and Merry ...Christmas! See More
Gerard Lewis
· November 15, 2016
Bankers Trust is the worse bank to do business with. I take pride in being a black man that owns a business to help my community and others; this sorry ass branch closed my business account over $1.......... Not $100, not $10. Over 1 damn dollar. Make sure you do your won homework when doing business with this company. The banker there gave all kinds of false information telling me that I needed to CLOSE my account ; didn't give me any ramifications, any paperwork, nothing. She claimed I was -$26.00 in the account when in the end people it was $1.... $1 then charged me $8 to see my final statement. Must be a branch of the crooks at Wells Fargo cause they operate they exact same. They ruined my business from there lack of professionalism. My Youth program to keep kids on the gym and off the streets relied on this account. Now 15 kids will not be able to take part in programs at the local John R. Grubb YMCA cause of this sorry, racist, unprofessional place of business. I will supply you any information why not do business with Bankers Trust. Community isn't a priority, again 15 kids won't be able to participate in youth program in Des Moines, Iowa over $1........ Bankers Trust you are terrible and the story is a lot deeper..... If you care about your youth and community welfare; you will never do business with Bankers Trust. Kids & community deserve more. Bankers Trust will lie too you. See More
Sharon Smith
· May 20, 2017
Thanks for the info. I was considering banking here. I will not be doing that now. I have heard so many bad things about them.
Josh Dreyer
· August 29, 2014
Thank you, Bankers Trust, for being awesome. I absolutely love banking with a local business that cares about the community. Thank you, also, for the mobile app! Love being able to bank on the go. Keep it up!
Robert Limke
· October 24, 2015
The staff at Bankers Trust in Des Moines are only helpful and friendly until your account is open and they have your money. Then their service goes downhill and they don't care if you stay or leave. ...Save some aspirin and do your banking somewhere else. See More
Marissa Castelone
· July 13, 2015
Online banking is a piece of cake and my experience in the bank was awesome. I can truly say I am very happy with my change in banks. I'm just amazed with the online banking. Goodness!
Victoria Gillotti
· June 11, 2017
I love my bank. People know me and are helpful and courteous.
Linley Cavin
· June 24, 2013
It's so great to see a company as involved in the community as Bankers Trust is! They do great things for the people in this community!
Timmy James
· October 10, 2016
Just had A VERY bad customer service experience at the Urbandale branch. I'm sure my business will be appreciated elsewhere.