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Just when you thought BANKROBBER was OVER a new video for the 20th anniversary celebration of Life's Nutso has hit the facebook streetz! WATCH OUT U BAD BOYS this thing is almost in HD! #mtv #muchmusic #loganspub #joannawebber #midwifery #renny #welbournes #leeandmeghanmovingintorennysplace #kraftdinnerwith2cheesesandonepasta #ferrypricegoneupagain #dancing

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Hey! Bankrobbers been kinda taking it easy since the cigarette/long hair band Babysitter took the drummer (Aden) away to the most boring city in Canada! FUCK U BABYSITTER! JK, it's cool I have a keyboard I just play instead. Anyways, so if you guys like crap then go on and follow Wetface and then you can enjoy more SICK posts and music similar to Bankrobber minus all the lame bits like real instruments, impeccable musicianship and sincere indie-rock Bankrobber?? Try Wetface! You might not like it but it's not about YOU it's about ME...PS: got some Bankrobber - Life's Nutso tapes available..they are at my house in Vancouver so if you want them you can come by and I'll give you one for 5 bucks... 778 686 4973 txt me


Hey guys GUESS WAHT!!!!! We're doing a show (Unless Aden cancels) MARCH 13TH (Thursday) at The Cobalt

Very rare experience so don't forget to arrive!

Thu 8:00 PM PDTThe CobaltVancouver, BC, Canada
75 people went

holy shit feels like this album gets reviewed every 5 minutes for the last 10 years!! when will this hype train STOP!?? (chooo chooo!) now i know what it feels like to be Alex Calder from WOODSIST RECORDS or Brazilian Money from Captured Tracks or Metric ! its like we joined Stars for a huge Sub Pop Records party and were riding the indie train to Planet Hollywood!!!

Dayna Evans is the Senior Editor of Impose, as well as a staff writer. She's also a musician, penning songs under the moniker Manors.

Hey guys thanks to you guys that last post (tape pics) "performed 95% better than pervious posts"! what does this kind of success mean for the future of bankrobbers facebook page? expect NEW pics NEW links and NEW fans arriving..also thinking of turning this into a dating page so if anyone is looking for a date comment below and lets see if we can get some people to kiss! free tape for anyone who goes on a date!

Hey LOOOK at this pic here I got in a facebook message from my buds at Seagreen Records who are putting out OUR (that's you guys) FAVOURITE ALBUM IN HISTORY!!!! Bunkrubbers masterdingdong "LIVE NUTS"!!! There are only 50 of em so stand-by for the big release!!!

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Thanks to our new fans madame Dukelow and Mr.Hiphopopotamus

yo were doing a big GROOOVE at COOPER OWL! its real cheap and were so well rehearsed now that it might not be extremely disappointing! oh and also, its on a sunday at like 7! could you find a cooler time? yes, you could play a show on jan 1st at 10am or something but apparently the coop aint open that day!

Sun 6:30 PM PSTCopper OwlVictoria, BC, Canada
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Hey guys so we just finished our 2nd of THREE shows in Seattle and we straight up got rid of ALL of our CDRS!!! That's right, 5 CDRS with no cases went like hot cacas and we made 18 BUCKS!!!! Just bought a pack of 50 and hoping to start a little biz we biz GOOD LUCK to YOU guys and all your school and jobs and for us? We're just chilling knee deep in our music careers...srsly I think we've made it so FUCK the haters who said we would never amount to nohting!!! #18bucks #gottaspendmoneytomakemonkey #succesfulmuciscians #livingthedream

Hey guys here's THE official list of the TOP 5 releases of 2013:

5) The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
4) Babysitter - Time Of Your Life
3) The McGilligudys - Patio Lantern ...
2) Bankrobber - Life's Nusto
(it's a tie!)
2) Big Daddys Blues Combo - Loose Your Shoes To THIS!
1) Drake - Drakes Tunes

K well, that wraps things up for us here in Bankrobberville. We hope you all enjoyed reading the list and perhaps pick up some of these tunes at your local record store (support indie!) Ditch Records & CDs and Lyle's Place have some of these guys on compact disc so be sure to pop some money out of your wallets and pop the cd into your favourite mr.compact!
Here are some of our highlights of 2013:

1) Reaching 100 'LIKES'
2) Playing a couple of shows
3) Don't forget we're in Seattle next week where we might get signed to major label and hire people to do our facebook! It could be you- please send your resumes to the email account that YOU have to make since you're now HIRED! Get ready to start making some cold hard indie cash!!! Also don't forget to come RIFFLANDIA FESTIVAL next week at the state park!!!

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Can't believe were number 2 on the CFUV charts TOP 100 OF THE FUCKING YEAR!!! Check it out..also number 33 not bad Babysitters !! Our professional drummer Aden Collinge (can't tag) must be celebrating with a big bottle of bubbly right about now! Cheers Aden!

Here's the CFUV's Top 100 Charts of 2013! TOP 100 1. Braids – Flourish//Perish (Flemish Eye) * 2. Babysitter – Eye (Psychic Handshake) + 3. Suuns – Images...

Hey guys, I did some artwork for the new Soundcloud release by Mourning Coup. Very proud to collaborate with such a talented artist. Check out the cover jam and then others too!

Velvet Underground cover ~original artwork by Jordan Minkoff~

Hi guys! We're playing in Seattle with Built To Spill, The Apostrophes and local stars La Luz TRIPLE NIGHT TRONKY 26,27,28 SOO tell your friend in Seattle that we are playing A TRIPLE NIGHT TRonky please and also consider coming?

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Thanks to our new fans John and Brittany!