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Makini school kids with Golf Pro Dave Odhiambo during the junior golf clinic as the Kisumu Open Tournament kicks off at the Nyanza Golf club.

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Matt Git
· January 23, 2018
I am not happy with Barclays Kenya visa multi currency department. I deposited money to my visa through their mpesa number 303069 on Friday which didn't go to my visa, called them Friday evening they ...indicated the department that handles those transactions were off till Monday, so I told myself it ok I could wait. On Monday morning I called and was given a case # 10437575 told to wait for the department that handles mpesa to resolve the issue. I called several times and was told the same story. Tuesday today 23rd January I called again in the morning, same story, it's now 3pm and I haven't received a mpesa reversal or credit to my visa. This is the second time it's happening to me, a month ago same story it took 4 days to get my credit back. I thought I would have learnt from my first incident but gave Barclays a pass since it was my first.
It's a shame.... I am going back to my trusted #Stanbicbank MasterCard it always worked and whenever I had issues they were resolved immediately.
#barclaysbank you can keep my money visa down the toilet.
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Amos Kibaru
· January 16, 2018
Business people we need to make Government develop a policy that will require all BANKS release back Customer securities (title deeds ) within maximum 48hrs after loans / overdrafts are fully paid .

...Am frustrated by Barclays Queensways Branch for taking me in circle since Dec 18th 2017 to release my Titles back until today !

Everyday is lies and no one respond to emails !

For a business person a business should not undergo this kind of stress .

We are loosing orders because of this Barclays Bank none-sense.

Now I have to pay a lawyer an added cost to my business to have my documents back !

For me to come to social media I have reach an end sorry !!

Frustrated customer !
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Noel Turner
· November 14, 2017
Your services are very poor, you use your ATM to withdraw money and it declines transaction, you get a text informing you that the transaction has been reversed and it's unsuccessful, no money despe...nsed. Three days later you debit the account! Customer service has no clue of how to assist. Nobody cares because at all, you join Barclays bank in good faith and they just mess up your day, week, month! Such a shame See More
Cyrus Keriago
· December 6, 2017
I am about done with this bank. You have the poorest customer service. I keep getting tossed back and forth between the Contact Center and my branch for the simplest of things, unlocking internet This has gone on for 4 days. I gave a one star so that I would be able to do a review, otherwise you get zero! See More
Zaits Dotliey Dotiey
· October 31, 2017
Barclays your customer care is not assisting and particular reference is made to your lady representative at this time that I am writing. People working outside of Kenya depend on this customer care s...ervice especially when the ATM transaction keep being declined by the issuer.

Why does barclays Kenya keep declining ATM transactions? I was stranded for 4-5 months in a foreign country and your customer care keeps telling me my Card is OK. I was forced to travel to kenya to get the issue resolved.

Im experiencing the same issue again and this needs to be addressed once and for all!
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Arjun Juna Vidyarthi
· December 22, 2017
What a disgrace of a bank. How can I wait for almost 1 week to get a password from you for Internet banking. Congratulations. You have just lost a customer who has supported you and banked with you fo...r almost 20 years. Goodbye and good riddance.

To the rest of you reading this. Please take your cash out and go find a real bank who gives a shit.
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Lazz Lazz
· November 16, 2017
So far, so good.

But please make loan limit of the unsecured quests availed for employed customers of a net up to 75k. It will help most of the entrepreneurs with the zeal to expand from employment be job creators.

Think about it asap. 75k limit is fair. Got lots of friends willing to take this product but your limits is above their reach.

Or worst case, use a Gross of 100k. Instead of 100k net.

Thank you.

Consider this.
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Prince Willy
· November 2, 2017
I accidentally sent money through mpesa pay bill and went to an account of a barclays holder on monday I contacted your customer service to help me,the gave me a reversal no. And told me the amount wi...ll be back in my mobile within three working days till today nothing,,I have been calling but the response now has changed,,I jst want to know if my money would be reverted or not but people cant be made rich of something they haven worked for and you support it See More
Adil Noordin
· February 9, 2018
Terrible service. All of your marketing staff should be FIRED. I made the biggest mistake of accepting your loan promotion for Barclaycard customers. It was delayed without proper explanation. No offi...cial communication and I have wasted so much time/money on chasing this issue!!! I was promised for it to be credited by Mon. Then they said Tue, then Wed, then Thu and then Fri. Despite countless calls to you, countless lies on your part, it's unresolved and it's Friday. Why roll out a promotion when you are unable to offer!!! Very pissed off!!! See More
Koskei Fredrick
· December 8, 2017
If you are looking for a reliable bank in terms of card service look else where,they have shitty customer care services and very very slow to act .was given a ref number 8848890 for a wrong deposit,...its now 8 days and counting and nothing has been acted upon .. sorry to say but that was the last time i will be transacting with it .. See More
Henry Rutere
· December 19, 2017
Shame on Barclay's insurance department. How do I get a policy with u then u give me policy for children en stay for a whole Year without deducting premiums. After several emails from April to no follow up en after telling to cancel the deal u deduct premiums even without informing me. Shame on you See More
Immaculate Mutheu
· November 12, 2017
Barclays such a disappointment from your customer care to your people in the TRM branch the excutives. I have been reporting to you the problem with the multi currency card since september 16th now it...s almost 3months down the line and nothing has been done. I dont know if its because you assume i am not worthy to be deemed a priority because its not thousands of cash in the account. All you have done is take me round in circles from fb, to call centre to the bank brank frankly i am tired and really regret the day i decided to bank with you. 3 whole months and nothing has been done. Does IT take three months to work on a case? And to make matters worse your customer service people are liars point blank. i am really disappointed and all i want is my money back. Treat your customers the same even if someone only has 300 shillings or even less in the account and another has millions they are both still customers. GIVE ME BACK MY CASH!!!! See More
Anne Gakenia Kimani
· October 1, 2017
Am extremely vexed by the visa service, i get billed four times for one transaction, i get one transaction notification. I inform you guys and you tell me the bank multiplied my transaction and it wil...l take days to sort out because your not very sure. What rubbish is this? How can you not be sure? See More
· September 19, 2017
I thought you were a better bank but no, you are so poor and i can not say i enjoy banking with you. If i need anything you tell me to go to your branch, and your customer care agents suck too. Am abo...ut to quit. See More
Lesley Hannah
· October 3, 2017
Worse than poor deserving of no stars . I hate this bank. The service is appaling. Over one hour i have waited for the 100 th time for a tellar. No more that is it... I will withdraw all my money.
Cyril Adrian Otieno
· August 21, 2017
Hi ,I cannot treat you as a king as my bank then you people make me beg for service,this is way too much I wonder what your CEO Jeremy is doing to maintain the image of this Bank.I have complained mor...e than enough.I will surely be done with this account after this. See More
Sheila Alison
· August 5, 2017
Hi Barclays of Kenya,so I am a customer and I have a bitter complain, first, its very difficult to contact customer care, so my complain is this, I made a transfer of money from somewhere else to my a...ccount and now when I check my balance it is 1/4 % less, where has my money gone to?. See More
Joseph Oluoch
· October 30, 2017
You have made erroneous debits/credits on my account until you can't even explain your own figures. So far two bank officials have called but they couldn't conclusively explain anything, and all you t...ell me is to sit and wait! It's almost a week now! Pathetic! See More
Emmanuel Adiema
· December 4, 2017
It is so unfortunate how a bank like this really puts its customers last. Wont attend to their needs, poor communication zero innovation and expect to live in these times...
Stanley Mukui
· January 22, 2018
Barclay's Bunyala have the shittiest customer service & procedures.... Kwanza that mzee in glasses called john behind counter.customer in from.of me was complaining already..crappy service!