Greetings dear Barefoot Storyweaver friends!! It's been a long walkabout... and on the return I made a new friend. Meet the Plump Peacock. It is my great pleasure to share with you my new website, where I shall be sharing weekly "peacock potions" and where you will find numerous delights. Please do come along, visit, share, and shine. See you there!

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The Plump Peacock

This little barefoot wanderer is going big walkabout and this will most likely be one of my last posts on this page. The time of the Barefoot Storyweaver is coming to a close. It's with the deepest of gratitude that I leave this space, thankful for the amazing people I've met along the way and thankful for the experiences and expansion.

As this is the year of the snake and one where the skins are shedding and our beings are transforming, the time for me to let go of this del...icious archetypal robe has come. The barefoot wanderings shall continue as shall the storyweaving...but something new is stirring and I'm compelled to respond to its call.

Thank you for your loving comments, your likes, your shares, and the many conversations here, behind the scenes and in person that have warmed my heart. Thank you also for your encouragement in my writing, for buying and sharing my books (don't stop, wink wink), and for privileging me with your own sacred stories. I've been moved by you so many times beyond words and humbled by the power of true communion. Thank you for every single sacred circle, for coming to the workshops, and for together delving into the wild of body, mind, soul, and spirit.

I shall at some point post here again and let you know the next evolution. I very much look forward to reconnecting with you all again in that space...wherever it may be and whatever it may look like...such is walking into the Mystery and trusting the ride.

With love, gratitude, and deep joy...shine on amigos!

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Thrilled to be joining in this delicious evening of song this Sat. Syd peeps, come one, come all...bring your cushions and a friend for some sweet sweet tunes.

Sat 7:00 PM UTC+10Qi Yoga Freshwater
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A beautiful new moon in Cancer now graces our lives along with a few power-packed planets to give an extra supportive boost to any dream seeds you are planting. Grandmother crab holds within her the wisdom of the deep intuitive oceans (an element of our great unknown potential and the One ocean from which we all come) and reminds us to remain strong and steady in our track whilst also soft and velvety on the inside. Be not afraid to walk sideways! A good time for nurturance and sharing deep love. A fabulous time to honour our intuition for it will likely be speaking louder now if we open our inner ears. I wonder what is now arising from your depths for exploration?

Here comes the SUPER full moon in Capricorn...the cosmic goat. This steadfast earth sign is wonderful at reminding us of our earthly duties and the responsibilities that come with our chosen soul path. She brings an opportunity to assess the mountains we want to climb and whether they are truly serving the highest purpose of ourselves and those around us. One must pack light and be of crystal clear intent when walking Everest. Very importantly, Capricorn asks...are you walking your talk? No stranger to hard work, this humble (but ambitious) goat encourages us to get going. Pronto. What does she now make ripe in your life?

A most joyous solstice to all. Whether in you're the south travelling with the dark winter nights or in the north basking in the long summer sun, may this day provide an opportunity to reflect on your own journey of evolution through the seasons of your life....and what a ride this thing called life can be!

The new moon in Gemini now arrives...a brilliant time to set intentions and to state clearly what you seek to create in your life. For those in sydney wishing to make the most of this time, see you at our WOWE gathering this arvo...

Sun 3:00 PM UTC+10Manly DamManly, NSW, Australia
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Aloha fabulous Sydney peeps...the tribe awaits you...

Sun 3:00 PM UTC+10Manly DamManly, NSW, Australia
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It's FULL MOON time again and we are graced by the third of a series of eclipses. Potent times packed with punch. Looking over the past 6 weeks I am guessing each of us has experienced something significant and life changing with unexpected elements. Such is the nature of eclipses.

This moon brings with it the energy of Sagittarius, the cosmic archer. It is a moment to contemplate the direction in which we are pointing the arrow of our life intention and purpose and to asses...s if it is truly aligned with all that we wish to become. Is your arrow pointed towards who you were or who you are growing into? Are we engaging our deepest wisdom and are we focused on that which most serves enlightened ways of being? Using this time to contemplate such questions will assist you hit your soul's desired bulls-eye with greater ease and accuracy. The planets wish to assist, so make use of their energy amigos.

My love to you as we all travel these most interesting times.

p.s. it's a super moon...that calls for super mooning

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when your heart leads the way, the sky is the limit
so go ahead and were born for it

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In this lifetime, I release all expectations.
(miracles are exempt)

Aloha fabulous peeps, in case you know anyone near Swan Hill, Victoria (just 4 hours from Melbourne), please do share the word. My gorgeous yogini friend and I have dreamed up a most delicious weekend of heart-centered juiciness. Vego feasting, yoga, nature play, dance, sacred circle, starry nights, creative mayhem...yippeee!!! It will be one to remember and one to keep the love vibes pumping for long afterwards. Big love and thanks

If ever there be a question that burns from the core of your being, walk gently amidst nature and ask it there. Let the ocean waves churn the thoughts for you, let the trees carry it through their veins, let the birds filter it through their wings, let the clouds shape-shift it, and when the time is right the answer will be silently sitting in the knowing of your heart.

The scorpio full moon that asks us to penetrate to the core of our being, even if it has a little sting. It offers an invitation to clear the karmic clutter--the stories that we swim in that can so often give us false ideas about ourselves, others and the world. This time can so wonderfully be used to SEE more clearly (just ask to be shown and surrender the need to be right or to know). Remember this is also the year of the snake...let that skin shed baby! Now is a perfect time. You are an ever expansive being and there is no need to be held by outmoded restrictions or limitation (unless you are quite confortable there of course). Focus on the goodness within you that is ever-present and the rest will melt away naturally.

Very excited about this weekend's DANCE YOUR DRAGONS playshop in Berry. Seats are filling fast. We're in for a packed day of delving deep, body movement, gorgeous meditation, heartful sharing, creative play and a few surprises. That tends to happen when playing with dragons!

If you're ready for a major chakra cleanse, come along and join us. I'll be sharing the best of what I know for clearing and healing on ALL levels--body, heart, mind & soul. For more, contact the fabulous peeps at Global Contact Bookstore. With a series of eclipses coming up, we're all in for a potent time!

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Global Contact Bookstore
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Delight. Affirm. Relish. Elate.

your will you be DARE-ing on this day?

It only takes one candle flame to light a million others. May you know that you have the power to be that flame each and everyday. Through your smile, through your words, through the smallest deeds you have the ability to kindle the soul flame in all who cross your path--lovers and strangers alike. Be that flame, dear friends, and the world will always be a place of brightness. And if ever the moment comes when your flame blows out...know that those millions of others are there to relight you in an instant for the urge to warm the hearts of others will always be irresistible.