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The Barker & Mills Cherry Lottery is complete! Thanks to everyone who signed up---we're a bit overwhelmed! Notifications will go out today!


Ladies & Gentlemen. If you are signed up for our newsletter, please check your email. We have sent you info about this year's Cherry Release. It's a little bit complicated, but all in the name of fairness in the face of overwhelming (and flattering) demand.

We are selling jars by Lottery this year, and signup is open until 11/16. If you haven't gotten the info, sign up for our newsletter now and the Lottery info replies back automatically.


Again thank you for the amazing interest in what we make! It's hearing from our fans that keeps us doing this when we're stained up to our elbows in cherry juice all summer!

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Barker & Mills News Email Forms

We're at #thirstboston at The Boston Shaker popup tempting people's tastebuds. Later this week we'll be sending out a newsletter with all the info for this year's release!

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Barker & Mills cherries making a surprise visit to #thirstboston at The Boston Shaker popup. Come by for a sample!

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Big congrats to Hadi, one of our favorite bartenders!

Hadi Ktiri, Brad Smith and Chris Shortall join the tiki bar.

Our favorite shop is profiled in the latest Edible Boston...check it out!

Adam Lantheaume’s go-to cocktail is a Manhattan. It’s the drink he orders when he goes to a bar he’s not familiar with because he knows there’s a good chance it will be pretty drinkable. It’s also the drink he orders at his preferred watering holes because he appreciates their innovative riffs on th...

Happy Repeal Day!

The official website of Repeal Day, which celebrates the repeal of Prohibition on December 5, 1933.

Hey everybody! we dropped off our limited supply of cherries to The Boston Shaker, so make sure you are on this list if you want yours! they're limiting this year to 2 jars/person...

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Prohibition Bootlegger Chasers @jjmidnight moon

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Some killer Killer Po-Boys before heading home #totc

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Argentinian Fernet vs. European Fernet tasting at the Charles Baker in South America Seminar #totc #cocktailgeeks

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Napoleon says: "Please tip generously. It prevents revolts." #totc

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Mama Daiquiri & Baby Daiquiri #totc

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