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Shira Marie Romo Llenos
· February 13, 2017
Thank you BPER - EMS Rescue Team. Very fast, neat and reliable.
Two thumbs up!
Dhudz Molde
· July 27, 2015
Helping others is not a profession
It is a hand of obligation
Maremet Saavedra Llega
· July 8, 2015
dbest like iru and other ambulances we are d best!! tnx mayor mike
Regi Bokz added 30 new photos to the album: BPER: Mixed Nuts BPERmates — with Dave Tumulak and 2 others.

the pioneering team that started it all... BPER

#humblebeginnings thru the efforts of the then Barangay Chairman of Basak Pardo now Cebu City Councilor Hon. Dav...e Tumulak... he founded Basak Pardo Emergency Response Team aka BPER way back December 28, 2007... BPER provided free pre-hospital care services to the people of Basak Pardo and its neighboring barangays, making Basak Pardo the first barangay in Cebu providing such ambulance service...

On April 1, 2013, a month before he won a seat in City Council, he founded Cebu City Emergency Medical Services... BPER automatically became the sole pioneer team... (thus making Cebu City EMS fondly called formerly BPER)

On June 1, 2013, with ERTs from Pit-os, Inayawan and Labangon joining the circle of emergency responders, Cebu City Emergency Medical Services was officially launched as Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office's (CCDRRMO) ambulance services arm...

Today, under the current administration and new headship, with a new branding as City of Cebu Ambulance Services... Dave Tumulak and BPER's legacy continues to live on...

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TESDA EMS NCII Certification is not equivalent to EMT-Basic level competency per 2013 revision. It is intended for not medically trained people who wants to get into EMS as Medical First Responder aka First-Aider aka Ambulance Care Assistant.

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Erick Shih to Filipino EMS (Emergency Medical Service)

Clarification for TESDA EMS NCII which is not an equivalent of EMT basic level competency anymore as per 2013 revision, it's now intended for Medical First Responder, First-Aider, and Ambulance Care Assistant levels.

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Cebu City Emergency Medical Services - EMS

The Cebu City Emergency Medical Services joins the celebration of the Nurses' Week... Happy Nurses' Week to us Care Experts and Life Savers....

#80 #angNARS #is...angpirmanalang

Please read:

To my fellow nurses, ug kamo uban dinha nga naay mga nurse sa kaugalingong mga pamilya o panimalay...

Usa lang gyud atong iboto nga partylist ha... #80 ANG NARS

If dili ta musuporta, kinsa pa diay lain dinha para murepresent nato didto sa kaulohan nga kita mismo permi man lang ta nagpakahilom? Maypa gani mga maestra gamay'ng rally kurog na ang gobyerno... until when ta mubarog against exploitation of nurses?

We deserve to be heard once again in the next congress...

Ug kadtong uban dinha nga ingon walay nabuhat ang NARS partylist... be updated oi! Don't be ignorant... Nasugdan na uh! Ato pa ni biyaan? It took decades before our profession is being represented...

So unsa na ang NABUHAT sa Ang NARS sa unang tulo ka tuig sa Kongreso?

**Starting salary of P26,000 for Nurses in Gov' & PRIVATE institutions, not specifically hospitals but as long as you are hired as a Nurse
**HARSHER punishment for False Volunteerism and False Trainings, Contractual, Job order, etc = Fine of up to P500,000 ; 6 YEARS imprisonment; and revocation of hospital license.
**Hiring for Nurses in every Barangay, every School, every Company
**Institutionalization of Advanced Practice Nursing
**Free Hospitalization for Nurses and their dependents

---DOBLE NA ang Philhealth coverage ng Dialysis, ngayon 90 sessions na---

---Nilabanan natin ang pagpapatanggal ng PHILIPPINE CHILDREN'S MEDICAL CENTER---

---Tinutulan natin ang PRIVATIZATION ng mga pampublikong ospital---

---Mayroon nang GRAPHIC HEALTH WARNINGS ang mga pakete ng sigarilyo---

---Pinaglalaban natin ang trabaho ng bawat HEALTH WORKER-----

---Maaari na magpalakad ng BIRTHING CLINICS ang mga Nars---

RA 10643 - Graphic Health Warning Law
RA 10645 - Mandatory Philhealth Coverage for Senior Citizens
RA 10647 - Ladderized Learning Act
RA 10648 - Iskolar ng Bayan Act
RA 10650 - Open Distance Learning Act

Mga INIHAING batas:
HB 149 - Peoples Freedom of Information Act (FOI)
HB 150 - Whistleblower Act
HB 151 - Comprehensive Nursing Law
HB 152 - Security of Tenure Act
HB 153 - Civil Service Code of the Philippines
HB 2740 - Picture-based health Warning Law
HB 3511 - Plastic bag Regulation Act
HB 3925 - Community Health Workers & Services Reform Act
HB 4352 - GMO Labeling & Regulation Act
HB 4724 - Anti Discrimination in Employment Act
HB 4975 - Health Promotion Act
HB 5321 - National Cancer Care, Research & Development Authority
HB 5589 - Inter-Agency Committe Tobacco
HB 5673 - Communication and Information Accessibility for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

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Nurses in Ambulances?... what’s new?... the use of registered nurses (RNs) in the pre-hospital setting is very common in many countries like U.K., France, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden to name a few… mostly European countries...

nurses work in their ambulances, doing advance life support which parallels to that of the paramedic level... they may work under direct supervision of a medical director/physicians or may work independently and supervise paramedics/em...ts...

in the Netherlands and Sweden, all ambulances are staffed with at least one registered nurse...

it is because those mentioned 1st world European countries have greatly recognized the importance of nurses in the EMS system…. nag.o-onboard pa nga ang physicians sa Estonia…

in the U.S. most air ambulances are manned by nurses…

of course, nurses are highly trained professionals and they have this reputation of versatility and flexibility in terms of changing roles in the whole healthcare system and that is to include pre-hospital settings... history tells us that they are among of the frontliners in the emergency scenes in the far past during the world wars...

on the other side, medics/emrs/emts/paramedics and other ems practitioners are struggling to get recognized as legit healthcare providers in the pre-hospital setting like roadside, wilderness or combat scenes with this emerging rescue-EMS practice and systems... and yes, they are trained to respond to the uncontrollable scenes outside the boundaries of the hospitals...

these two great healthcare providers often clash with each other and question each other's scope, practices and professional legitimacy in the ems-rescue world... wag tayo papaapekto sa NURSE vs. MEDICS love-hate relationship dun sa U.S.… kaya nga issue talaga sa kanila yan… ewan ko ba sa kanila… baka nga may insecurity issues siguro dun…

Clearly, nurses are significant emergency care providers... there's nothing that can stop this growing trend of nurses-in-the-ambulances or nurses-to-the-rescue genesis because the world needs nurses...

It's true that most nursing education curriculum doesn't include the ambulance setting (and focuses more in a more controlled environment like hospitals), even though there’s emergency nursing in their higher years... but hey, they already have the knowledge and skills, and like any other professionals, nurses just need the EMS exposure or experience and further trainings in the said uncontrollable settings to kickstart their EMS ADRENALINE…...

AND of course we'll never go wrong under the caring nature of a nurse....

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The specially-equipped ambulance is outfitted with supplies found in an urgent care center, and a nurse will treat non-urgent medical calls that would otherwise result in a hospital transport
Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients present a significant challenge to document the multiple interventions, personnel involved, and treatment impacts
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EMSWorld (EMS - EMT - Paramedic - Emergency Medical Services)

From the EMS World Archives: Recognition of the signs and symptoms associated with increased ICP is necessary to both initiate proper prehospital care and ensur...e rapid transport to an appropriate facility. This article explores the pertinent anatomy and physiology of the brain and the pathophysiology of increased ICP to help improve its prehospital management.

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Your understanding of standard operating procedure may evolve from rulebook to guidebook
Learn to accurately auscultate blood pressure quickly and easily

this could happen...

Do you train for scenarios where you can't put hands on patient during assessment and treatment?
Family members may not be allowed in the back of the rig, but when the infant you’re doing CPR on probably won’t regain a pulse, will you deny the people who love her the chance to be by her side?
Adopt, train, and follow these best practices for field to hospital and interfacility transports of psychiatric patients
EMS1 Columnist Kip Tietsort explains the benefits of thinking through potential violent scenarios
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(AMRO) All-Terrain Medical Relief Organization

Now looking at the 5th super typhoon for the year 2015 with a Category 5 status (so many 5s, what a coincidence!) No landfall expected but may intensify the mon...soon rains. #Typhoon #weatherupdate #weatheralert #TyphoonSoudelor #Hanna #SuperTyphoon #Cat5 #habagat

MTSAT Imagery taken from: Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)

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The patient care report needs to clearly and consistently demonstrate that patients received good patient care