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Diego Martinez
· April 20, 2017
Science fiction is the most motivating subject in the fields of math and science. Battlefield Earth and other science fiction books have been my secret weapon i...n public education. It's been my go-to tool for motivating the disenfranchised and straight A students as well. I've helped students win many awards against student scientist all over the world. When a person is looking for a unique science fair project turn to Mr. Hubbard or some of the other great sci-fi writers for inspiration. Ask anyone from NASA the role Sci-fi has played in their career and we wonder why it's not required reading for anyone with their eyes on the stars. I couldn't recommend this book enough from one teacher to another. This book helped me become the Colorado Lockheed Martin teacher of the year for scientific research. See More
Arnold Huber
· July 13, 2017
I've read the first Edition hardcover when Battlefield Earth was originally published. Awesome story. I lost sleep over it, couldn't put the book down ...
Then ...I read it again when paperback was published. Then in kindle format recently. I still was thrilled with the book! Now I've listened to the Audio version. Best ever! They really captured the spirit of the book and the sound effects are awesome. I listened to it in my car on my commute and would take the long way home so I could listen longer... See More
Cleveland Davis
· April 6, 2017
This is old classic L. Ron Hubbard before Christian Science.
This is science fiction and a damn good read. I read this about 30 years ago, I was so disappointe...d with what John Travolta did with it. I wish somebody would do it again today with the use of CGI, this would be a film to talk about, in a good way.
If you like science fiction then read this, you won't be disappointed!
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Tom Smith
· June 3, 2017
One of the Top Ten SF books of all time! L Ron Hubbard is an absolutely amazing writer. My copy sits on the top shelf next to my Bible. Battlefield Earth explores the entire range of human - alien interaction and leaves no doubt about what human potential can achieve.
Chase Wilson
· April 28, 2017
I have the audio book and I have a hard time getting out of my car now. I usually ride a motorcycle because I live in LA and it's nice to avoid the traffic. But... when I have my Battlefield Earth lectures in my car, I don't mind sitting in traffic. I've never said this about any music or other audio book. I'm actually getting tools from the book that apply to situations in my life. Never expected that. See More
Pal Lucas
· May 8, 2017
great film I would give it ten out of ten stars, First rate acting. awesome cinematography, if not a very very very far fetched idea this could not and never will happen.
Bill 'Slider' Evans
· July 18, 2017
Taking a road trip with my teen aged son, listening to Battlefield Earth Book on CD. He loves it and it makes the miles go by fast!
Stephen Forney
· June 7, 2017
I listened to the audio book, I've been a fan of SiFi for years and rate this among the top 3 of all the books I've read.
Random Butler
· October 22, 2016
Truly epic sci-fi! I picked up the audiobook version and was blown away by the superlative voice acting and awesome sound effects which really made the entire e...xperience come alive. This epic story is chock-full of action and intrigue which keeps you on the edge of your seat and always leaves you wanting more!

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 is one of the very few audiobooks that I've listened to *twice* and I expect that my third encounter will be coming in the near future! If you enjoy thought-provoking science fiction or even if you just appreciate great writing which spins a kick-butt yarn then you definitely won't want to miss this one
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Cathy Caccavella
· April 17, 2017
This book has everything, and I think it is the finest of L. Ron Hubbard's books. He solves space travel, international finance, and creates a mathematics that will change forever how you think about that subject. Just a brilliant book.
Roy Jones
· May 31, 2017
This was one of the worst movies that I have ever seen. The script was rotten and the acting putrid. The special effects were made of garbage. Only Scientologists could find enjoyment from this stinker.
Kevin Taylor
· January 7, 2017
I read Battlefield Earth when it first came out and a couple of times since. And this year I got the audio-book for Christmas. The audio-book is absolutely stunning in quality, sound effects and the story... it all comes alive while I drive. Great job.
Will Simpson
· April 20, 2017
Amazing book! Action all the way through with a great wrap up. Good for anyone who likes science fiction.
Tyler Bizzell
· July 29, 2016
As an avid audiobook fan, my initial reaction to the full production was one of uncertainty. I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not but after about 20mins I wa...s immersed. What an absolutely fantastic production and portrayal of the characters. This has really brought one of my favourite stories to life and I'm only disappointed by the fact that it is over. Great job to all involved!! See More
Michael van Vuuren
· March 24, 2017
tedious, weird math, awful character names, the most interesting stuff is ignored.
Louie Rodriguez
· May 18, 2017
The movie totally destroyed the impetus this book had. One of the best reads ever.
Scott Clark
· August 31, 2016
One of the best books of all time. Engaging, believable characters and a plot that is unique. I recommend this book to everyone who can read above a fourth gr...ade level. High adventure and insights throughout this book make it a work that can be enjoyed many times. If you have read it once, you need to read it again. See More
Chet Mohr
· June 26, 2017
Awesome book. Have read several times.
Michael Romanowski
· February 18, 2017
Horrible novel. Badly written. L. Ron Hubbard is a hack.
Tawûsê L. Melek
· September 15, 2016
I'm a huge fan of this book. An epic science fiction saga. The movie was awful but the book is amazing. It has so much in it. The intergalactic bank is my favourite part of the book.
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Battlefield Earth audiobook won the highest honor bestowed in the audiobook industry - the Audie Award. So we decided to celebrate!

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Battlefield Earth audiobook won the highest honor bestowed in the audiobook industry - the Audie Award. So we decided to celebrate!