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John Jaworski
· February 25, 2018
Unless it is something that benefits city hall and the commissioners, nothing will be done for the residents of bay city. Notified the city about a drain needing to be cleaned out over a week ago and... still waiting. This drain, by the looks of it, has never seen any maintenance. But if it involves around city hall they redid their employee parking lot, installed a fancy crosswalk, and continue to get new vehicles. And now the roads will not be fixed due to the bridges becoming an emergency. See More
Elliot Hubbard
· February 7, 2018
Pay some of the highest taxes in Bay City, yet our road is always left untouched. Our road very rarely is plowed, and when it is, it's half ass. Our road is full of pot holes, cold patch, heaved and drains that cause the road to flood in a heavy rain. I'll gladly take a refund on my taxes Bay City since you continue to not fix issues brought to you. See More
Summer Bogaert
· January 12, 2018
I am in total awe as to how the snow and ice is being handled this winter. It has NOT been this bad in the past. The bridges were always treated heavily, the rds were scraped and salted curb to curb. ...Instead of getting it started early enough to keep the slipperiness under control, once it starts. We counted them out at least 4-5 times for holiday pay. Rather absurd if you ask me when the elderly folks are trying to get to church services or families to celebrations. I rarely have seen/heard the salters/plows out this year. Please keep our community safe. Its not about how much workers can rake in. I seen today an accident on corner of Wenona and Midland St, a big box truck barely could make it up Vets bridge. Get extra hands, put supervisors to work and have mechanics keep your heavy duty equipment running. This year has been a bit ridiculous, are you waiting on a fatality? Before running this dept properly. It's embarrassing for all ... employees, management, commissioners and residents. Get it together Street Dept SOON please!! See More
Kiel Reinshuttle
· February 5, 2018
I would love to know when they plan on fixing wenona st ,it is absoluty tore up and it’s really rough on people’s cars ,there is so much traffic on that street ,,fix the roads already!!!!!!!!!
Lisa Ray
· July 25, 2017
The City understands your opinion but you do not count unless they need something from you like money. They butchered and raped our trees to the point where they can become diseased because of the wou...nds inflicted on them from trimming. We have a Global warming crisis which the trees can fix with the oxygen they produce. Wild life lives in the trees. I was told the trim was to keep the through ways clear(sidewalks and streets) and the power lines. Funny there was no trimming around the power lines. But the really important things that need to be fixed like the streets is not being done. The condition of the streets is horrible and they are worried about trees and bridges but not the streets. See More
Mike Erdody
· February 9, 2018
Just watched six plow trucks all in a line going down North Henry to clear one lane! but yet I can never seem to get my street plowed! What a waste of taxpayers money!
Ron Smith
· August 3, 2017
Bay City is a great city. But there are some bad decisions being made. Like the new mooring posts in Wenonah park. How useful are the wheelchair ramps going into the water??? They were built too low.... How much did that mistake cost the city. Now they want to put up a pavilion?? In a park that's too small. They will tell you ice skate rental in the winter will pay for it?? Bay City has a ice skating rink. It doesn't make money. I bet it loses money. If it is going to cost the city millions. The tax payers should have a vote!! All of this while they talk about closing. Or privatizing 2 bridge's. I have never heard. Do remember that quaint town. We had to pay that bridge toll to cross the river?? If you get 2 blocks in any direction the city is falling apart. What about all of the people that have lived their entire life??? That is like the costs of electric. They should close the electric company. Sell the equipment to Consumer's. And without the costs of wages. And equipment and operating costs. They could save enough there to fix the bridges. And the rates would drop. It is called privatizing a lot of cities do it. Think about it. See More
Nathaniel Breznau
· September 12, 2017
Absolutely absurd I have to smell those sugar beats. Smells terrible absolutely sickening makes me not want to work in Bay City!
Gloria Muchler
· June 28, 2015
I love what is going on in Bay City.. I have been gone 6 years.. every year I come back to Bay City and I see such wonderful, sweeping new changes to this fine city.. I love this place and am proud of... all that I see.. I do not live here except for 2 months of the year as a renter..from Texas..I do see much to be proud of and happy with.. Keep on doing what you are doing ... of course there are some areas that need to be addressed... I hope those will be addressed with as much gusto as has been given to other projects... I always had a good experience with the Bay City government and enjoyed watching the city meetings and seeing how things were proposed and worked upon as expeditiously as any city was doing as at the time we experienced a huge loss in the economy and a down turn in all cities nearly devastated many cities.. and I see that Bay City is recovering slowly but surely and is seeming to be doing well for the most part and I am sure that as is possible, Bay City will be stronger and more beautiful than ever be more.. Congratulations to the Residents and to the government of Bay City..You are to be commended and you have done very well.. I just love to come here and see all that is being done and all that has already been done.. Thank you for allowing me to speak up about what I have observed in Bay City today..June 28, 2015.. Gloria Muchler.. past resident of Bay City, Michigan.. moved to Texas only because of the weather and my age..2008..May God Bless this lovely city and her people.. See More
Ron Putnam
· March 15, 2015
I wish I could give a 0 have lived in Bay City almost my entire life, but my wife and I are Fed up with the high water and sewer rates and the non stop increases. We bought a house out of the city and... are looking forward to getting out of the city A.S.A.P. The commissioners and the Mayor are running this great city into the ground with their wishy washy decisions. See More
Derreck Biskner
· November 1, 2016
I live here but the water bills keep going up roads are getting worse. Only good thing is the fireworks and the river roar
Jeremy Hickmott
· May 11, 2017
I can never get over how Amazing this Building Is.
Neil Fisher
· August 31, 2016
The Bay City Rollers mural has gone!Disgraceful!...........
Mark M Jacobs
· September 2, 2016
I like bay city Michigan alot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!¡¡!!!!!
Gerald Robert Johnroe
· April 22, 2017
Video of the demolition of the electric tower on the east side of the river on the Uptown Site.
We had a special visitor this morning singing to staff. This is what it is all about! Merry Christmas!
Video of the demolition of the electric tower on the east side of the river on the Uptown Site.

Hewitt Park playground experienced a serious amount of damage that has compromised the engineering of the play structure. The playground is closed until further notice. Questions may be directed to our Parks Department 894-8314.

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