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Is your computer not running as fast as it used to? Do you hate waiting for programs to load? Most people needlessly drudge along for years with a PC that could be much faster. And the only way they eventually fix the problem is by A) Buying a new computer -or- B) Taking it to a computer repair shop. Either way you're wasting a ton of money. How would you like for me to show you 10 simple and easy ways you can speed up your computer today? No opt-in or purchase required. It's completely free to you.

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Who here wants to learn how to make a website? My colleague Victor just gave me a coupon for 60% off his 235-lecture, 41-hour "Become a Web Developer from Scratch" course.

Normally $199, you can have it for $79 today because you're a friend of mine and Be Your Own IT. Here it is:

Learn the basics like HTML, CSS, JS as well as more advanced JSON, AJAX, jQuery, and MySQL. You'll learn everything you need to build a functional, feature-filled website!

Learn all the programming languages needed to become a Web Developer from scratch including the new HTML5 and CSS3!

Exclusive Offer for our FB Fans: Here is a coupon to take our How to Build a Computer Course on for Free. Yep, it's a 100% off coupon. This is a limited-time offer so get it while you can.…

Learn which parts you need, the features to look for, where to buy them, and the step-by-step process of building it.

I just posted the How to Build a Computer Course on If you're not familiar with Udemy, it's an online learning marketplace.

Anyway, would anyone be interested in a free coupon? It's normally an $87 course. Let me know in the comments.

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Computer and tech jobs will continue to be in high demand:…/computer-support-jobs-will-in…/

I recently read an article about the status of computer jobs in America. The article highlights the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study that says computer

We have successfully migrated to a new web host and server.

I've been wanting to do this for a while now anyway, and the recent server problems our old web host had combined with their lack of helpful support encouraged me to move immediately.

Thank you everyone for your patience.


Please let us know at if you discover anything that doesn't seem to be working correctly.


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Alright, the website is back up. From our web host...

"Despite replacing the drives and rebuilding the array, the server keeps switching to read-only mode. We have taken the decision to stop all troubleshooting attempts. We have two stand by servers that we will be moving all VPS's from s28 onto."

This is Ty Price. If you've watched our videos you've probably seen or heard my name. I recently became the sole owner of Be Your Own IT. I want you to let you know you are exactly right about the forum and the website for the past year. It wasn't managed very well at all.

Will and I (and others) worked for a company and one of their web properties was I have a background in computers and internet marketing, and I needed a computer genius so I hired Will. In...

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Our website is temporarily down due to technical problems our web hosting company is having. Our site and a bunch of others went down yesterday, and the web host is struggling to fix the issue. We're hoping it will be fixed shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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