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Lovely Feud article from Stately Play - this is our first piece of press coverage for Feud which is super exciting!

iOS, Android, PC/Mac/Linux • Regardless of how theme-heavy you like your games, I think everyone, deep down, has a soft spot for abstract games. Something about the simplicity, beauty, and nostalgi…

Hello bear cubs - we've got a brand new shiny trailer for Feud! Have a lil watch if you want, and if you share it we'll owe you the biggest bear hug out. x

Feud is Bearwaves' upcoming strategy game, coming soon to mobile and PC!

So Wiwa made some improvements to our AI and now I can't beat it on Hard mode. Thanks for nothing, Wiwa.

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We've got ourselves a website. Ooh, so legitimate. Pretty basic but have a look if you fancy it.

Thought this might be interesting - this is the first mockup of Feud that Dave sent us, way back when. Some things have changed quite a bit but the fundamentals of the game are pretty much the same!

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Aaaand it's out there! If you signed up for our Alpha, check your email!

Hey baby bears! Our game, Feud, is nearly ready for early testing. Want to be a part of it? You can sign up here:

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We wanted to show you a brief sneak peek of our new AI opponent select screen. Still in development but beginning to take shape - we've now got four different AI "personalities" you can play against (two shown in this video), along with two difficulty settings for each.

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Hi everyone! Progress on the game is going quite well - the single player and local multiplayer are pretty much done, and we're now building things like a tutorial mode and nicer menus.

To keep you happy until we have a playable demo, here's a sneak peek of some of the game's music, from our very own William Watson.

Please do give this a share if you like it! Cheers.

This is a piece of music I wrote for the upcoming game Feud, which comes from the combined talents of Bearwaves and Dave Cordell. The theme of the game is somewhat outside my normal style, and I've ha

HELLO. Long time no see.

We've been working away at something for a few months now, but didn't want to say anything too early. However, we're now super duper excited to announce FEUD, a game we're making in collaboration with soon-to-be-legendary board game designer Dave Cordell! We made a trailer! You can watch it! Exclamation mark!

Feud is a turn-based strategy game coming to iOS and Android. It's going to be free, as well. Ain't we good to you? There'll be single-player, a...s well as local and online multiplayer, with an optional story mode coming a bit later on. We're going to be doing some playtesting really soon, so if you'd like to be involved with that, give us a like on Facebook and keep an ear out!

For now, if you could share this about, that'd be super neat. We're really excited. We think it's going to be really fun.

Bearwaves x

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Bearwaves updated their cover photo.
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We've made Uplift open-source! Have a look at our GitHub if you're interested.

Uplift - Bearwaves' first game, a multi-platform, sci-fi action RPG.
Bearwaves updated their cover photo.
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J and W have been working on something this weekend. Paws off ears. x

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Hello, everyone! Sorry we've been so quiet for so long.
We're working on something quite cool at the minute, and as a consequence we're looking for a few more Bears to join the team. Yeah, that's right - we're hiring!

We're looking for people who love games, love making things with other people, and are just really damn cool. If you have expertise particularly in any of the following areas and would like to get involved, please shoot us a message, either here on the page or a...t!

- *Digital graphics generally, but especially pixel art.* (Animation is a big plus too.)
- Web app development in Django, Angular.js or similar.
- Backend development in frameworks like Node.js.
- LibGDX

We're not looking for massive amounts of experience - just talent and a drive to create. If this isn't for you, you could help us out by sharing this post!

Love and Bear Hugs,
The Bear Cave x

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