No secrets here! Just simple, Fresh, and quality ingredients with high grade olive oil 🙂 Simplicity at it's finest!

Visit us today in Mercato Eastwood city beside breadtalk or Mercato Centrale BGC just follow that Peppery and Savory roast beef smell!

#mercato #taramercatotayo

Eastwood city! did you miss the beef barn? hop on over at Building 1880 Mercato Levante is here 🙂 we are located beside breadtalk 🙂 we'll be here until 2:00am or until supplies last 😉 also visit Mercato Centrale BGC 7th street 🙂 see you!

#mercato #mercatobgc #bgc #eastwoodcity #eastwood

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Cristina Lim
· July 20, 2016
We ate here 2 weeks ago, I was expecting to get a melts in your mouth roast beef as I've seen good reviews and considering that the owner is a placer from master chef. We were so disappointed. We ord...ered 2 orders of bb3:

Roast beef - (served cold, tough, bland) ❌❌❌
String Beans - ( served cold ) ❌
Baby Potatoes - (served cold) ❌
Tuyo Pasta - ( served cold, didn't taste gourmet ness of it, more of taste like tinapa ) ❌❌❌
Carbonara - (its more of a soggy noodles with bechamel sauce) ❌❌❌
Unlimited Juice - Apple Juice is okay though.
Customer Service - The only saving grace. Staffs are attentive and courteous.

I wish management can look in to this because they have a nice place and concept. They just need to be consistent and improve. Food are precooked and is exposed so it might be the reason why food turns out like that.
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Greggy Sayam Marañon
· January 26, 2016
What a great customer service experience. I just gave my feedback about the pesto I had, and the crew responded in a most awesome way. "Thank you so much Sir! We really appreciate your feedback, we ne...ed it." With a smile. Then the other crew apologized as well.

my feedback: "Hi! Can I get the other side dish (corn)? I think it was not serve together with my meal. The pesto is a bit salty though, but the beef is amazing!"

I'm just sad I wasn't able to get the name of those crews. Way to go for y'all! I will certainly recommend you guys to my friends.

Transaction stamp: 1/27/2016 12:15 am

Disclaimer: I didn't submit this feedback because I got to taste the marble potatoes (honey mustard potatoes) for free. :) it was just really a great experience to share!
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Jamie Jamir
· September 26, 2016
I've heard a lot about this page in different blogs and food sites. That much hype isn't always good as it raises your expectations a bit much. We got the beef which was their best seller. Sadly it s...eemed a little too dry for me. I'm sure that had it been more moist and tender, it would've been fantastic. The tuyo pasta was quite refreshing since it's not your regular pasta. Just the right amount of saltiness and not too overpowering.
Price is fair, you get a decent meal below 200 with great ambience and excellent service. I love how the owner personally checks on you to see how you are doing. I didn't have the heart to tell her about the dryness of the beef then but I'm sure she would've done something about it.
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Crina Mihaela Lazar
· March 13, 2016
Great place to have happy time & happy tummy !!!
Very delicious, flavored and tasty set meals , different kinds of drinks, very friendly personal and awesome atmosphere!!! They have the real Angus r...oast beef what is just melting in the mouth,delicious smoked bacon, tasty chiken, crispy fish filet and much more ... in one word "Yamiiiii"
So if you want a good food and a nice place just go to #thebeefbarn you will don't regret!
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Francis Javier M. Allanigue
· December 30, 2015
One freshly opened restaurant in Eastwood Citywalk 2, Libis, Quezon city is The Beef Barn. They specialize in serving US Angus Roast Beef, Smoked Bacon, or Chicken to be paired with your favorite side... dish and/or a large serving of rice and/or pasta depending on the meal you are ordering. The place is well lighted and spacious. Furnishings are very comfortable and has a "cowboy" appeal to it. It is mall based hence parking shouldn't be much of a problem. Tables have lighted unscented tea candles that add a bit of romance to your usual fast food dining experience without competing with the aroma of your food. Chef Ivory, the culinary expert behind the restaurant, is very much hands on and will greet customers as they come in (this personal touch is hard to come by). Serving time is fast since you get what you want ASAP as you select and order. We ordered the Bacon meal and the Roast Beef meal which seems to be the house specialty.

Lets get down to the meal first, and then the meat. The meal comes in 3 varieties. BB1 is pegged at P160 and consists of you choice of meat + XL rice, BB2 = meat + side dish + XL rice for P210, BB3 = meat + 2 side dishes + XL rice for P250. Side dishes can range from you buttered corn and carrots to a selection of pasta dishes like carbonara.

And now the meat. Roast beef has a tendency to be chewy or gummy when not cooked properly. The Beef Barn offers a moist, tender, well seasoned roast beef. Poured on top of the meat is a gravy sauce that compliments and enhances the flavor of the beef. I guess potatoes and/or buttered carrots and corn would go well with this. But us flilipinos just love rice... and an XL serving of rice is there to complete the meal.

The Bacon is to die for!!! I love bacon in all its forms and manner of cooking. Their bacon is tender and evenly smoked. The smoky and salty taste that I look for in bacon is present. In addition there is a sweet pineapple sauce, somewhat like a "hamonado" sauce, that goes well with it. My motto is anything with bacon is love... and The Beef Barn nailed it!!!

If you feel like being a carnivore while in Eastwood... try The Beef Barn and sink your fangs into some beefy and/or bacon goodness!!!
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MC Vinterez
· May 27, 2016
not a good experience.. we dined in here kc bagong bukas lng non.. food is so cold kc lahat ng dish luto na and nka display na sa counter.. ipapainit lng sa microwave which is not good. please don't t...ell me na u have problems with the AC system or because of the rainy wether kc nung kumain kme jan is around April.. See More
Christian Mark Reyes
· February 14, 2016
We tried coffeejelly, and my date and i loved it at first bite this is really a must—try dessert. I had smoked bacon and liked it with pineapple sauce and onions. I love the taste of each of them around my tastebuds. We'll definitely go back for more! See More
Bernie De Leon
· February 7, 2016
Really need to take time to give a good review of this place..i had roast beef and smoked bacon tuyo pasta and pumpkin mash..and boy 'twas very good..and the customer service need some mentioning as w...ell..thanks for a great experience See More
Ivy Ledesma Tan
· August 14, 2016
Superb roast beef experience! Ivory's roast beef is absolutely the best! The restaurant is nice, cozy and has a homy ambiance. Met owners Ivory and Nir who are very accommodating to us customers. They... gave us free desserts too! Wow! I can't wait until our next visit to Beef Barn!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ See More
Abie Maravilla-Aruelo
· September 1, 2016
It was worth the money that we paid for.. Crews are accommodating even the owner is very warm.. Food is amazing! I love all the side dishes and the beef.. It's so tender yummy! Must try! Babalikan ko to! :)
Brylle Estigoy
· September 12, 2016
My wife insisted eating here though it was her first time, so I gave in, we tried it and here's my verdict:

Price: ����������...

Taste: ����������
�Roast Beef was served cold, and HARD, taste was so-so, nothing special or extraordinary.
�Mac n' Cheese tasted like hell, synthetic rubber
�Pasta Carbonara tasted like food served in eateries, and knowing the price you pay for here, you expect something more

Something ok but food is what we came for

Will never come back
Date: 09/13/2016
Time: 01:30AM
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Vernon Braña
· December 11, 2016
Roast Beef was good as roast beef should be and the mashed pumpkin was nice but the plate I got, out of about 8 slices, had Three Whole Slices of just Pure FAT. The guy who was serving them intentiona...lly cut from that chunk of fat and the rest from the leaner ones. Grrrr!! See More
Jonathan Rosos
· November 14, 2016
The Beef Barn. It has a beautiful interior design. It is big and spacious. Very comfortable!

I ordered their set meal - roasted beef + unlimited rice + 2 side for 250Php. I took advantage of their B...eef Up Double Up where they double the serving of the meat (roast beef or smoked bacon). Just an additional 100Php. I was also offered a bottomless iced for an additional 20Php. It's hard to say no to someone who's very nice and accommodating. Total bill of 370Php.

2 sides. Pasta with Marinara Sauce and Baked Potato. These sides are the best! The flavor is just amazing.

Roasted Beef. Loved it! I think this is the best roasted beef I ever had. Super sarap niya!

This is an overly satisfying meal. Had 2 cups of rice and 3 refills of iced tea. I will be back to try their smoked bacon. I am excited!

Ambience �����
Value for Money �����
Service �����
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Avegail Songco
· February 25, 2017
The food is just right. Nothing too fancy about the roast beef, though its a little bit on the dry side. At least its not that pricey as well. The staff have good customer service.
RG Guillermo
· August 27, 2016
The menu is simple yet delectable. Tender US angus beef. Try their tuyo pasta, very tasty. Prices are affordable. The place is clean. Crew is attentive. The owner, very hands-on and friendly to her pa...trons. I will be back for sure. See More
Jenki Galindo-Fernando
· February 21, 2016
Finally id get to have my roast beef fix!!! The beef barn is home to one of manila's best roast beef! And its super budget friendly! Busog both the tummy and wallet! ❤️❤️❤️
Angelica Smith Peralta
· December 31, 2016
Pasta and Side dishes were good. The beef was salty and fatty. I have experienced the worst service I've ever had. The food was still bearable, but the service was horrendous. To my own surprise, i she was even the store manager. A store manager is supposed to lead the fellow co-worker by example, and not show an example of how not to perform in the service industry. Such unprofessional behaviour by the store manager himself is intolerable and appropriate action should be taken. Based on this experience, I cannot recommend this place anymore. See More
Marvin Muriel
· September 2, 2016
Salty chewy roasted beef, cold pasta and rice and a luke warm lemon tea (iced tea). Sa makakabasa nito try nyo chef resty's. Mas affordable and malayo ang sarap! Naniniwala na ako sa hype is real.
Jam Pong
· August 21, 2016
I love their food even though the serve it cold, I hope they will serve it a bit hot next time and add more beef hahaha, can't wait for the Friday and Saturday banchetto in up Ayala land technohub , b...eeeeeeffff lovers See More
Leonee Pangan Miranda
· June 27, 2016
We've been here two weeks ago with my three children and two apos... I asked my children if we could try the food at "The Beef Barn"... We all have expectation when we try something out and base on th...e outcome of my expectation it was not very good... :( Sorry but would not recommend and would not go back there... I'm quite disappointed with the quality (taste) of the food... :( See More
#trending via Celebrate FRI'YAY! At THE BEEF BARN! New flavour buster menu awaits you and your friends! We serve beers too so check us out!
#trending via Celebrate FRI'YAY! At THE BEEF BARN! New flavour buster menu awaits you and your friends! We serve beers too so check us out!
Eastwood city! did you miss the beef barn? hop on over at Building 1880 Mercato Levante is here 🙂 we are located beside breadtalk 🙂 we'll be here until 2:00am or until supplies last 😉 also visit Mercato Centrale BGC 7th street 🙂 see you! #mercato #mercatobgc #bgc #eastwoodcity #eastwood