Today I received an amazing message that I kindly asked if I could share it with you😀:

'Since I watched your manifest video I’ve been so excited cause I knew it was normal to be this way and the other parts felt wrong like, going to work, coming home, etc. and I just knew inside that I was looking for what you found.

You spoke about the money being such a bitch and hanging on … well I am so appreciate of your honest self in expressing these things. I went on to hear your videos, as you spoke to my heart I couldn't pass them up and now you helped me shift by your use of the tools you used.

Now I’m so vastly different inside, now all I want is to play creator and do it my way. It’s stopped me from looking for the answer as I now have it and looking for my joys and saying: ‘Hey Rach lets shift this’ and that in my life.. but without hearing Adamus or Abraham who I was listening to every day… it's a new page … it’s very quiet and I’m just being me now … it’s been a while since I have done yet it feels right to go forth and be…

You helped very much, Thank you!'

Grateful as I am to receive a message like this!

Maurice Kok

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Being in this tangled place and the only thing in your mind is this inner struggle. I've been there and it was driving me crazy. In this video I share what I did to move beyond this inner struggle.

Curious? By watching the video you will grain knowledge about how to get out of your deepest struggles.

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My wife just remind me at the time a year ago. I just finished my book and had no clue what would happen next, am I going to publish it or do I keep it on my own shelf and let it be. I had the question popping up again and again, do I think that someone would be interested in reading my life story? I really believed it was a normal story, what I all had experienced. If I am honest I just wrote my story to get it all out of my head and integrate it for once and for all.

The s...tories had been runing through my head like crazy, not just in linear time frame but one was linked to the other and again to another in a whole different time frame. This energies kept me awake at night and at the same time I was walking on the edge of crossing over or staying.

I had be in this state for a long time and I had no clue what would be next, am I ever going to function normal again?

I had to lay down for hours a day and every single day waves and waves of energy came along. This all with a pregnant wife who had to labor in a week or two.

We also had just stepped out of my birth house and after 2 months living with my mother in law, we finally found a place where the baby could come to earth. Knowing we just wanted to stay for him to grew up for a few weeks and than on the road and travel the world again.

As we are traveling for months in a row now, we believe we found the place where we would like to settle down and have a own house again. To be and to be more.

I found in the last year: before every big change I fall really deep into the nothingness, my old reality disappears and everything stops. It is like the stillness for the big storm.

Do you feel the stillness before the storm?

Much Love,

Maurice Kok

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Have you ever felt exhausted and all your life energies have been sucked out of you?

And you realize, this happens every time you meet or spent time with someone?

This used to happened to me a lot!


When I figured out what to do about it, I made a Free PDF file. You can go through the steps and make sure the next time you meet up with someone you can keep the energies clear and in your own space.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me

Much Love,

Maurice Kok

You can download the PDF file for free, click on the picture below.

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It is time to be here now. Back to self and out the turbulent energies of shooting video courses. It's so good to spent quality time with my daughter and be in the now🙏!

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** A Life story ** Manifest a Rolex in 2 hours **

You are going to laugh, when you hear where it manifested into this reality.

Really I thought when it showed up, are you kidding me here?


This is a story who I only shared in person and I mention it in my book.

You may have read the teaser in my book but now I am sharing the whole story open

If you feel like come and join me in this story♥

Much Love


Ps. Where do you think it came from?

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Manifest a Rolex in 2 hours - beyond the Law of attraction Online video course: Every time I tell this sto...
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After Julian asked me to join him in the show with the glow, I felt this would become fun and a lot value for you. We are opening this topic of Loving yourself is the key to joyful living.

From my perspective, Loving yourself is the number one way to shift the reality you find yourself in, the only way to move beyond this is emptiness. With this life energy of love, you will be open for experiencing Joy and you will be able to transformation this into the unconditional love... for Freedom.

We will hit this topic and we will ride on your energies, to give you the proper information you are seeking for in this now moment.

Feel free to join us in this Free webcast

Much love


Event information:

We will give this Live show on a special date, 11.11., Saturday, 20.00 CET, for the free live webcast SHOW WITH THE GLOW!

The topic is Loving yourself is the key to joyful living.

You can sign up for free here:

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All online seminars are 3-4 hour events, where the safe place is being created, in order to deepen and expand consciousness / awareness. During the whole experience a great amount of energy is being...

Free Ebook: From your Prison into your Dream Life in 10 steps!

After feeling the inspiration of making something else than a video this came out of my knowledge. In this free ebook I share 10 steps from an 'prison' or called life your feeling stuck in. Into the live you want to be in. I used my wisdom from the road I walked and made it a 10 step guide with steps as clear and simple as possible.

You can download this free ebook here:

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Feeling the freedom of owning an island, we paddled all the way to this island to have a swim and do you know what, I think I am going to buy my own private one.

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Sharing a quick peek into the video course Conscious Relationship and we are throwing a big discount in for the next 24 hours.
>>> <<<

I just want to share with all of you that making the decision to share all we have experienced and all the wisdom we have, is one of the best things I have done in a long long time..
Sharing my passion for shooting videos and sharing our story with my sweetheart. We open ourselves and share ...the depths and highs, the break up points and the path we have walked to become free.

If you feel like you can take a look at the video below and because we are so proud of what we accomplished, we will give a big discount if you come over and join us in the course, 24 hours to get access

Much love and hope we see you inside

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Conscious Relationship insides - with Susan Kok To learn more: We would like to share with you some inside...

*** FREE Live Event: Living In Freedom! ***
SYDNEY January 5th "18

One full day to gather in a safe space, to feel into your life, your holding backs and the to realize what is between you and living in freedom. ♠️


This day is all about
💎 Clarity
👁️ Connection
⚜️ Limitless

So you can move beyond the human prison into your Freedom.

If you feel like you can join me in this one day, Free, event in Sydney. And if you are not able to visit in person, I have an option for you too, so you still can receive the energies ♥️

You must have a ticket to join us and the. location in Sydney will be announced through the email you give up.

Tickets available here:…/

You will see me on January 5th in Sydney, Do I see you too? 👑

Much Love,


Sharing is appreciated

🌎PS. Stay tuned as I am moving around the world andI will give at least 11 more live events, If you would like to know where I am going to next take a look here:

More information about the event can you find here:…/

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Posted by Maurice Kok
Fri 9:00 AM UTC+11Sydney, NSW, Australia
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October 20

I have thought about this topic for a while and as I have shared before about living in abundance. I felt that it is just a way of perspective the difference of being broke or living in abundance. I always looked at my life as living in abundance and I have alway everything in the now moment. I travel the world and everything we need is here now. However the last days I shifted my vision to being broke for almost 2 years. What did I learned if I look at it from this angle. B...eing broke or living in abundance - Glass half empty or half full.... Btw in this video I share the 5 things I learned over the past 2 years of being broke.

and what do you think,, How do you see your life, half full or half empty.... broke or abundance?

Much love


5 things I learned from being broke for almost 2 years!

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5 things I learned from being broke for almost 2 years! If you like to know more about the deep and intense Online Courses you can check them out here: https...

People are often asking me how I can be so clear and of full knowledge about more than one dimension at once. (feeling into multiple places at once) In this video I explain what I did to and how I do sense multiple dimensions. So if you like check it out.

How to sense multiple dimensions If you like to know more about me and my work check this out: People are often asking me how I ca...
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October 13

After making serval online courses and went forth and back in time with the attendees, I had the feeling of sharing my way of time traveling. I use this a lot to go through the blocks and releasing the stuck energy. If you are curious how I travel through time, feel free to watch the tutorial

How to time travel | going forth and back in time If you like to know more about the deep and intense Online Courses you can check them out here: https://www...
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September 21

As you may have seen I have announced two new courses, you can find them down the page. And me and my wife are bussy making the conscious relationship course, as this is a lot of fun. My wife really surprised me with her presents, knowledge and ease she records. And this all for the first time she is in front of the camera. ( you should have seen my first video's

As my business and me are expending really fast these days I feel it is time to move beyond the online course...

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