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Nagi El Hachem
· October 4, 2017
Won't judge a whole co. for unprofessional mistakes but the following happened :
-arrived to beirut by bike
-showed my O.E.A. card (engineer card wich is recently issued as medical and formal card but... some dont know and it is normal)
-been refused cause its policy as said by the cashier
-transferred to another decision maker
-the decision maker with no answer asked back the cashier
-been refused
-got angry with not even talkin to 1 person beside my fiance
-called the customer number and explained the situation
-a very helpful and respectful answer by the owner who decided to fix it all
-still left the place and got another call from the owner saying we are offered an entry till end 2017
-refused cz not needed
-insist from the owner and sayin will call next day
-next day no call
-no problem cz again no need
-next week tryin to enter again under another engineer friend name ,avoiding probs with the crew who clearly showed that they can gather guys and hit u :)))
-guess what ,also not allowed
-contacting the owner ,no reply on whatsapp .
Calls n chat is recorded
Sorry for the inconvenience
Best regards
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Jennifer Sayah
· March 5, 2018
Great experience but they did not turn on the lights so it was all dark.
Britney Britney
· October 27, 2017
Best place ever .. very professional team .. wonderful idea .. thank u for creating a space for our families to bike and enjoy this simple activity
Rana Itani Lotfi
· February 4, 2018
Very organised. Having a Red Cross team permanently on site is highly recommended especially on Sundays and crowded days .
Soha Beaini
· January 1, 2017
I love the fact that they teach biking(for free!!).. my kids adore going there. Its safe and the staff are super friendly. For me, with two kids, its much better than buying the bikes with the hassle ...of carrying them around in the car. Whenever they feel like biking, we go to Beirut By Bike!! See More
Ahmad Ammash
· June 23, 2017
Superb service all-around and very helpful staff. Great treatment and especially the customers who buy a bike from there. �
Walid Abou Hamad
· April 12, 2015
Nothing different from any Other Deception in Lebanon...
I rent 5 bikes this afternoon from the corniche branch. Besides the extremely lousy shape of the bikes (lousy or no gear at all as an example......) , we had 10 min after rental a heavy rain that didn't stop ... We managed to go back under heavy rain , get the car , get the kids back in car ...upon arrival , guess what ? We had to pay extra time ... Having pointed out the situation , the answer was the usual Lebanese almost anthem of lack of professionalism And customer oriented services:"it 's not me ...I am an employee"
This attitude is not just unpleasant but stupid ... Rien n'est nouveau sous le soleil. Welcome to Lebanon . Cheers
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Omar Elazem
· May 3, 2017
that is very great and is better to use a bicycle in the city specially when are a lot off traffic
Joseph Al Masri
· April 2, 2017
A Super friendly place with great staff, very suitable for a large group looking for a fun activity
Mark Boustany
· August 23, 2014
Not only do you enjoy the bikes; but the treatment there is amazing, the staff and the amazing owner. Thank you for today. :)
Aline Semaan
· February 27, 2017
Everything is great except that there's no specific safe & a ligthen road in the night for the bicycles ...
Houssam Salameh
· March 6, 2017
Good management, verity of bikes are available and very suitable area for whole family
Maya Haidar
· December 21, 2016
A place full of positive vibes...
My favorite cycling club.
Maya Terro
· June 1, 2015
so much love and respect!!
keep doing what you guys are doing cause I believe that what you are doing is absolutely AMAZINGLY AWESOME! ♥
Jawad Sbeity, you and your BB team rock! ♥
Khaled Sukkarieh
· March 2, 2014
Beirut by bike is not only involved in renting Bikes but lately they organized so many events to support special causes and funds raising. Good job Jawad Sbeity and keep the good work up.
Lima Merheb
· October 9, 2016
service was okay when we first entered the � was good and while living to go and bike the guys that takes the ticket so we can go out where as if they hate there jo...b � just smile dude � See More
Walid Sayfeddin
· February 21, 2017
I loooooooove it. Wishing all the best Mr. Jawad sbeiti
Carolina Farhat
· February 27, 2017
Best monents we spend as family there, best luck.
Bader S. Masri
· October 24, 2013
For bicycles , tricycles and even segways... Here is the place to be in lebanon !
Bouchra Matny Abi Khalil
· May 8, 2017
We had so much fun . We are looking forward for the weekend to go there ��
Santa's Elves . Preparing for the Beirut waterfront Christmas 🎄 ride

أعلان هام
من شركة نادي بيروت للدراجات الهوائية ش.م.م.
Beirut by Bike cycling club S.A.R.L.

ان ركوب الدراجات الهوائية قد يؤدي الى اصابات جسدية بليغة وأحياناً خطيرة ان لم تتبع الارشادات اللازمة والضرورية لتأمين الحماية الجسدية خلال ممارسة ركوب الدراجات الهوائية لذلك فإنه يهم الشركة أن توضح للزبائن الكرام الآتي :


أولاً : ضرورة اعتماد الخوذة كوسيلة أمان أساسية لحماية الرأس وهي متوفرة مجاناً ونرجو عدم التردد في طلبها من فريق عمل الشركة عند استئجار الدراجة الهوائية .

ثانياً : لا تتحمل الشركة أي مسؤولية مهما كان نوعها سواءً مادية أو معنوية أو جسدية بعد استئجار الدراجات الهوائية وتسليمها من قبل فريق عمل الشركة .

ثالثاً : يتحمل الأهل كامل المسؤولية عن أي حادث يتعرض له أطفالهم أثناء ركوبهم واستخدامهم الدراجات الهوائية في الساحة المخصصة لركوب الدراجات الهوائية أو خارجها .

رابعاً: يتحمل مستأجر الدراجة الهوائية كامل المسؤولية عن حصول أي حادث بينه وبين الغير وكذلك يتحمل كامل المسؤولية عن أي ضرر يلحق به أو بالغير مهما كان نوعه مادي أو جسدي أو خلافه سواءً أكان هذا الغير من أولاده القاصرين أو أشخاص ثالثيين .

خامساً : ان الوصل الذي يتم تسليمه لمستأجر الدراجة الهوائية من العاملين على صندوق الشركة (cashier) هو بمثابة رفع مسؤولية عن الشركة عن أي حادث قد يتعرض له أي مستأجر أو مستخدم للدراجات الهوائية المستأجرة .

سادساً : ان هذا الاعلان والمنشور بمثابة تنبيه وتحذير ورفع أي مسؤولية سواءً مدنية أو جزائية عن شركة نادي بيروت للدراجات الهوائية ش.م.م.

سابعاً : أخيراً نرجو دائماً عدم التردد بطلب المساعدة والتوضيحات والاستفسارات اللازمة حول موضوع استخدام وقيادة الدراجات الهوائية ووسائل الحماية وطرق تجنب الحوادث وطرق القيادة الامنة للدراجات الهوائية من عمال ومستخدمي وموظفي الشركة حفاظاً على سلامتكم .


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