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Keesha Kimbrow Edwards
· September 30, 2016
Best thing for people looking to know and grow!!..its right there next to The King Himself sitting you down in a lil circle and speaking Himself!!!!..dont sleep yall..Torah!
Shira Whitner
April 19, 2013
Could you please post Torah questions on this page, since FB and I are deciding the fate of our relationship?
Kent Whitecotton HebrewFoundations
June 8, 2014
What are the times of your services? Where are you located?

Beit Tikkun Congregation Seder will be held at All Occasions Banquet Center in St. Charles, MO and begins at 6pm sharp on Friday, March 30. A kosher for Passover meal will be served.

If you would like to join us in celebrating the feast of Passover, tickets are $30.00 each.

The Passover Seder is a convenantial meal and should not be entered into lightly. If you intend to celebrate Easter, you should not participate in the Seder.


Please read the scriptures below regarding the Passover and decide if you should participate.
Exodus 12:24-27 & 12:43
1Corinthians 11:27-29
Ezekiel 36:16-19
Isaiah 10:20-21
Ephesians 2:12-13

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Shalom, if you have requested that a seat at the Beit Tikkun Passover Seder be reserved, but have not paid, you need to do so after Shabbat. We cannot continue to hold unpaid seats. We have limited seats and people are still requesting. We don't want to turn people away due to held seats and then those people decide not to come. Please use paypal,, or contact us for other options. Paid seats are guaranteed seats. At this point, we have to go with this option due to seating limitations. Thank you.


Please consider helping this family. They are a beautiful Torah observant family in need of help. This mom is single with a disabled child. WWYD? He would take care of those in need. Now what will you do?

BS"D G-d is good. And His righteous one's, faithful... But this world isn't, usually - but people can make such difference in making it a better place than we left it, and this Texas mama hopes to raise that difference with my campaign! Here's what's going on...I am a single parent of 3 children,...
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Andy Runt is with Trenton Doss.

2017 SUKKOT!! (feast of tabernacles) Please check out all the speakers! We have some amazing minds and scholars coming to not only teach but fellowship! Thank you Jackson's for hosting!!! I cannot wait!!!

Did you realize that the desire to not ask for help when you need it is a form of pride? No, neither did I. Our family has been struggling for some time and we have done so in silence. We have given until it hurts, literally. It was so easy to petition for help for others, but not for ourselves. We are supposed to be the helpers not the ones in need. To be in need now is so painful and it feels like failure. I have watched my husband literally beg for help for widows, orphans..., people he will never meet. Now I watch him in anguish because he can't help his own family. Pray for us. I know that Yahweh has a plan. It's just hard, as a wife, to watch a man who gives so freely feel what my husband is feeling right now. This is a hard post to type but maybe someone else is in our position and is allowing pride to keep them from seeking prayer or help. Maybe, someone else needs to know that they aren't alone in their trials. Maybe someone needs to know that pride hides in many forms. I don't know why Abba put it on my heart to post here today. I know that you all love Yahweh and I know that He hears the cries of His people. So, I humbly ask that you cry out for my family. We need the power of the prayers of the righteous.


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Julian Jackson

Attention all we will be doing a collaborate Passover with freedom Hill. The cost is as follows $20.00 for singles, $40.00 for couples, Family of 3 is $50.00 Fa...mily of 4 is $65.00, family of 5 $80.00 family of 6 is $90.00 and family of 7 is $100.00. The Seder will start at sunset Monday April 10th at 6pm-11pm. There are two ways you can go about registering and paying for it. Either you can pay directly through Beit Tikkuns Paypal wich is or you can go through the freedom hill registration site posted below. Either way please inbox both me and Pastor David Robinson so we can keep an accurate head count. The final payments need to be in no later than Sunday April the 9th as Passover is a Sabbaton so we will not be selling tickets at the door. We have reserved seating for 60 people but if we go over we will need to pay difference to the venue before the event so it is very important that those who wish to attend pay as soon as you can. The menu for the meal is on the link on freedom hills page below. Again if you are interested please inbox both me and Pastor Robinson or Me and David Wilber so we can keep an accurate head count. The meal is also self serve in honoring the Shabbat. It will be a time of great healing, deep teaching and a celebration of Hashems mighty works to deliver his people. Don't miss out Baruch Hashem Adonai.

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Join us as we celebrate this amazing Biblical festival! You will be amazed at the depth of God’s Word as you learn how every detail of this ancient Festival points us to our Messiah.
Julian Jackson

Attention everyone. Tonight a family that is very dear to our congregation suffered a home break in. This family is very faithful in the house of G-d and we rea...lly need your help. Please read the campaign and if you are led to give give. It is a mother and son and the son is going to be married soon and is very active in helping the homeless. He is faithful in everything he does in G-ds house and no matter what job or tasks i have asked of him he never complains and does everything with 100% effort even cleaning the bathrooms at events. The mother likewise has helped and given and went above and beyond for the L-rd and asks for nothing in return. Their home has damages due to the break in and many personal items were taken. they do not have homeowners insurance and so without your help very little can be done to help them. Above all else they need your prayers and support spiritually as well.

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Hello we have a family in our congregation that is very faithful in G-ds house. It is a mother and son. The son is wholly devoted to homeless outreach and has dedicated his life to helping those less fortunate. He is always giving and as a pastor i have never had any issues with him. Any task i g...
Hello My ame is Pastor Julian Jackson. I am raising money for a new teaching center that will teach Torah (Biblical concepts from a Jewish Perspective) This will be a collaborative effort with myself, Rabbi Avi Rubenfield of Chabad and the local Jewish Community. It will be a place where anyone c...
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Kisa Emmanuel Amos

Taken today at the orphanage!! I thank the Lord for all the people who are helping this ministry! None of it is wasted

Seek Hashem when he is accessible, call him when he is near ( isaiah 55:6).....when does this apply even to an individual? Rabbah bar Avuhah said: These are the 10 days between Rosh Ha Shannah and Yom Kippur (Rosh Ha Shannah 18a)

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Beit Tikkun House of Healing and Repair

Registration for our 2015 Sukkot celebration is now open!!! If you wish to attend, please contact us at the email on the flier below for an application and all ...pertinent information. Please consider joining us in Grafton, IL for 8 days of praising our Father during His Feast of Tabernacle through prayer, praise, Hebraic teaching, Davidic dance, activities for all ages and so much more.

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Beit Tikkun House of Healing and Repair

Registration for our 2015 Sukkot celebration is now open!!! If you wish to attend, please contact us at the email on the flier below for an application and all ...pertinent information. Please consider joining us in Grafton, IL for 8 days of praising our Father during His Feast of Tabernacle through prayer, praise, Hebraic teaching, Davidic dance, activities for all ages and so much more.

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Shalom Mishpacha. I am coming to believe that Yahweh has decided to use this ministry as a bridge between those in need and those believers willing to help. Thank you for always being there when there is a need. Yahweh is providing an opportunity for us to be the Torah through action of love and giving to a believer in immediate need. She is a woman of faith who has devoted her talents to working for Yahweh. She has a business that is Torah based. That is her sole source of i...ncome and sales have been down. She is 2 months behind in her rent to the amount of $1150. (If you would like to purchase from her business as a form of donation, inbox either myself or Julian Jackson for the link to her business. We will not be posting that here. It is our heart to help and heal, not to bring shame to anyone). That seems like a large amount for one woman who is struggling to survive in the calling that Yahweh has given her but the body of Messiah is LARGE and many carrying a burden makes it a very light burden. She is a very humble woman and would never make this plea. That's why I am making it for her. We need to learn to walk Torah out and every time we get to help a brother or sister, we are doing just that. Please, please, please help this daughter of Yahweh sleep in shalom in her home knowing that she is not in danger of being homeless. Please keep her in prayer and do what you can to help meet the need of this daughter of Yahweh. If you would like to make a donation, it can be made through paypal to Blessings to you all and again, thank you for helping us help others.

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Rico Cortes

Shalom L'kulam

These are songs that are sung during the time of repentance the month of Elul and all over the world the people of the book read them, sings them together getting their hearts ready for the day of Atonement.