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The Greens standing for your right to be heard in Council Vote 1 Greens this Saturday for Campbelltown City Council
One Thing I'd Change in Campbelltown

Cr Moroney said laws needed to be tightened to cap the number of guns owned by an individual.

“One gun owner in Campbelltown has 84 guns, another in Glenfield has 85 guns, another in Denham Court has 29,” he said.

“These gun owners are not collectors or arms dealers but private individuals who have been allowed to amass private arsenals.


“This is because a loophole in NSW’s gun laws allows private individuals to use the same reason to buy their first, 10th or 310th gun.”

Greens gun control spokesman David Shoebridge said more needed to be done to tighten the loophole.

“A 20-year review of gun laws enacted after the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996 did not even look at capping the number of guns that can be owned by one individual.

“Instead, it focused mainly on reducing red tape for the gun lobby."

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One Campbelltown resident owns 84 guns and a Glenfield resident 85. The Greens have called on the government to tighten gun laws to prevent the stockpiling of firearms.

Privatisation has never delivered economic benefits for anyone but the directors of big corporations. We need to take back our services and infrastructure, and take control of our economic destiny back from big business.

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Lee Rhiannon

Privatisations have failed. It’s time for [re]nationalisations and public enterprise.

The current crisis in our energy sector is the clearest example of the fai...lures of privatisation. All the promises of efficiency and price reductions have turned out to be false.

The failure of electricity privatisation is typical of a whole slew of privatisations.This booklet looks in detail at those failures.

Order your booklet here:

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One gun owner in Campbelltown has 84 guns, another in Glenfield has 85 guns, another in Denham Court has 29,’’

“There are now 100 individuals across the state who own more than 70 guns.

“These gun owners are not collectors or arms dealers but private individuals who have been allowed to amass private arsenals.


“This is because a loophole in NSW’s gun laws allows private individuals to use the same reason to buy their first, tenth or 310th gun.

“We need to close this loophole immediately, there is no good reason for a private individual to own hundreds of guns."

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Call for tighter controls: more than 7,000 guns in Campbelltown

Coalition party room has voted to dump the clean energy target, replacing it with... mandated subsidies for coal and gas generators.

You couldn't make this up.

The Coalition has agreed to dump the renewable energy target and replace it with the ‘national energy guarantee’. Follow all the day’s events from Canberra

How has our society gotten to the point where it accepts this level of ludicrous wealth as normal?

"Here’s the real crazy part: all this insanely indulgent spending, the $34,000 a month, still adds up to only $400,000 a year. This couple earn $1,250,000 a yea...r. You could buy tickets to Hawaii and Disneyland every week, and still only spend ⅓ of what these people actually earn. They live like monarchs, and yet most of their income still just gets tossed into their savings account. This, then, is what is truly extraordinary: these people could keep spending exactly as they presently do, and have $200,000 a year to put into their retirements savings, even if 50% of their income was taken from them in taxes. You can argue whether increased taxes on the wealthy will have useful consequences. What I don’t think you can argue is that increased taxation would deprive people in any serious way."

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One thing I have never been able to understand about those who make millions of dollars a year is what they could possibly ever need that kind of money for. Separate from debates over the effects of tax rates on productivity, or whether CEO compensation accurately reflects their value are simple que...

When you have a housing system that is built on creating profit rather than providing a social need, of course wealthy investors are going to take advantage of ...that.

The problem is big money, no matter which country it comes from – and a system that encourages housing for profit over people. The Greens are calling for #homesforall.

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Credit Suisse has crunched the numbers revealing the number of new homes being bought by foreigners

The Total Environment Centre are holding a forum on the future of Western Sydney's bushland, and what we can do to protect the remaining bushland in Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly.

Please register and come along!

"We're not "full." We're being failed."

Wise stuff from Jenny Leong here.

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Jenny Leong

We're not "full." We're being failed.

At the last census, the electorate of Newtown had the highest density of any electorate in NSW, but this is far from a bad... thing. Newtown, like much of Sydney, is a vibrant, bustling place and that’s what we love about it.

So let’s get real about the reason it feels "full" – it is not because of all the amazing people who live in our community, it’s because successive state governments have failed to invest in the services and infrastructure we need for our international city to thrive.

YES, our trains are crowded and our roads congested. YES, our classrooms are full and our hospital waiting lists dismal. YES, our green spaces are shrinking and we need more recreational playing spaces. But this doesn't mean we're full. It means we're being failed by Gladys Berejiklian and the state governments before her who have let property developers make Sydney their playground.

I have been to countless community consultations since I was elected – and not once have I heard someone say ‘we are full’. The overwhelming call is always for an integrated urban planning approach that recognises that we can’t continue to add new dwellings to our wonderful city without also investing in more public transport, more schools, more childcare, more public spaces, more healthcare and community amenities.

Let's seize this moment to call out the real culprits here – the Liberal Government and their failure to put our community needs first. This is not about closing Sydney's "borders" and deciding who should and shouldn't live here.

Let’s start working on solutions for a connected city that's liveable for everyone.

We're not full. We're growing and we need to make sure the infrastructure of our city can keep up.

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Signed, sealed, delivered. Post your ballot by the 25th!

Posted by Lee Rhiannon
Lee Rhiannon

Marriage equality survey cop is on the beat. #PostYourYes!

Greens councillor Ben Moroney wants Campbelltown Council to encourage further participation in the survey to ensure the vote is as accurate as possible.

Cr Moroney will lodge his proposal at next Tuesday’s council meeting, asking that Campbelltown Council use various advertising means to encourage people to vote before October 27.

The ABS survey form which asks whether the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry....
Cr Moroney said that while he was a strong supporter of the ‘Yes’ campaign, his proposal was not about encouraging people to vote either way, but to simply cast their vote.

“If I were trying to get council to push a ‘Yes’ vote then I would have said that in the notice of motion,” he said.

“If I did, I don’t think it would get supported.

“What we have at the moment is a survey that could be skewed by demographics, people having poor literacy skills, time in the day to post and a whole lot of other reasons.

“It’s important that to get a true reflection of the community’s view, we get as close to 100 per cent of people voting as possible.”

Cr Moroney believes it is appropriate for Campbelltown Council to advertise the survey due to its role as a civic leader.

“One of the functions of council is to provide civic leadership and guidance,” he said.

“This is not a survey that the ABS was prepared for ... I think council has a duty to the citizens to provide leadership and keep them informed of important processes such as this.”

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Poll: A councillor wants Campbelltown Council to launch an advertising campaign encouraging more people to vote in the same-sex marriage survey. What do you think of the idea?

Enjoying the long weekend? Thank a unionist

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Lee Rhiannon

Long shifts for unfair pay was the norm before workers came together and demanded better in the early 20th Century. The eight hour standard has been enjoyed by ...millions since.

But we know some of those gains have been lost with casualisation and flat wages. As we celebrate this Labour Day, we must also continue the fight.

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Make sure to get in touch with the ABS if you haven't gotten your ballot!

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Adam Bandt is with Sam Crozier and 4 others.




(BTW: We love our posties! They didn't ask for this stupid survey and they're doing a great job distributing ballots. If you haven't received your ballot there's only one person who is responsible: Malcolm Turnbull)

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Western Sydney University students standing against this government's grotesque refugee policies!

We are a group of students from Western Sydney University raising awareness to end the immigration detention of children.

THE GOVERNMENT: We don't have enough money to properly resource public schools

ALSO THE GOVERNMENT: *hires 21 million dollars worth of senior level executives to make more work for principals*

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Imagine being as petty as this government.

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David Shoebridge
September 18

This afternoon the government objected to us wearing a Marriage Equality pin in Parliament, get yours here!

Campbelltown is getting its forms today. Don't put it off - fill it out and send it back ASAP.

My wife and I are voting yes. Everyone has the right to what we have.

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