Gravity Guy 2 Windows Phone Game Review

Gravity Guy 2 was probably one of the big games that got released on Windows Phone first , usually we have to wait years for big publishers to get their titles on to Windows Phone ( hello.. Temple Run one … Continue reading →

Temple Run on Windows Phone .. needs more work

The Indiana Jones doppelganger has run all the way from iPhone in 2011 to Windows Phone in 2013, this is one of the high profile games that was released recently on our beloved platform. In this endless runner you are … Continue reading →

Windows Phone App Deals and Price Drops for 28/03/2013

Looking for cool deals on Windows Phone Apps ? We are going to get you covered on this , this new segment called Windows Phone App Deals will showcase some
Browse or download THE SIMS MEDIEVAL, certified for Windows Phone.
Browse or download Shark Dash, certified for Windows Phone.
Browse or download The Dark Knight Rises, certified for Windows Phone.

Archer : what Green Arrow plays on his Lumia

Archer Windows Phone Game is all about skill of taking aim and hitting the target dead center with bow and arrows. The name pretty much sums up the game, if you are in to archery then this game is for … Continue reading →
Second Chance for Windows Phone will [badge bg_color="green"]test your reflexes[/badge], this game is a collection of multiple mini games. The controls are quite simple , you have to tap, swipe on the screen or use the accelerometer to tilt the … Continue…

Drift Mania Championship 2 for Windows Phone by @ratrodstudio

Time to rev your engines Drift Mania Championship 2 has just been pushed live on to the Windows Phone Store. From what we can see this popular game from the iPhone and Android platform has no trial option of a … Continue reading →
ThinkInvisible is a new game for Windows Phone another that gets its inspiration from the Logos Quiz genre. I have to admit I was not a big fan when I first heard the concept but decided to pick it up for review and I am happy that I did. According tot he developers they have [...]

Picnic Wars Windows Phone | xBox Live

Picnic Wars is a castle assault game where you take the role of either fruits or veggies and try to destroy the fortresses of the other to put an end to the long feud between veggies and fruits. You do this by …

SPY mouse Windows Phone | xBox Live

SPY mouse from Firemint has just been released for Windows Phone, we have seen a few line drawing games on Windows Phone like harbor master, satalaunch and so on and to day Windows Phone gamers ( well not all of …

JumpWheel Windows Phone Game Review

JumpWheel is an exciting 3d arcade game for Windows Phone that brings great graphics , music and gameplay all packed in to a neat little game. The game is apparently MaxPirat’s first game and it’s hard to believe …

Guns 4 Hire Squad Based Shooter for Windows Phone and Windows 8

Are you against ruthless dictators, warlords and terrorists ? Would you like to be in charge of 4 elite soldiers and take the fight to the enemy ? Like blowing things up ? If you answer …

Flow Free Windows Phone and Windows 8 Game Review

Most of the times you will find that a simple idea will turn out to be an excellent game, that you will enjoy for many hours. I would like to think Flow Free by Big Duck Games LLC is one such puzzle game. The main idea behind the game is connect the identical coloured dots [...]

Car Unblock Windows Phone Game Review

Car Unblock Windows Phone Game is available on the windows phone store for FREE and is developed by SlickDroid. The game revolves around the idea that most people park like cars like crazy people and you are tasked with the puzzling task of getting the red car out of the parking lot. As luck would [...]

Big Buck Hunter Pro – Windows Phone Gameplay video

A fairly successful arcade title Big Buck Hunter is now available on Windows Phone. The game allow users to compete through various treks and bonus stages where they have to successfully hunt and shoot down wild buck. The instructiosn to the game are pretty straight forward shoot the bucks avoid the doe and get any [...]