Sepp Blatter's favourite colours in primary school were Green, Orange and Gold. Two out of the three ain't bad.

-Brendan Ashcroft

The last time we played the 2014 world champions Germany, we won 2-1 therefore, we are better than the current world champions.

-Anthony Clissold


Australia were the ONLY team to score TWO goals against Netherlands. That is MORE than any other team that had played them in the World Cup.

-Nathan Mackenzie

Australia scored more goals than England in the 2014 World Cup. (Australia 3, England 2)

Brazil conceded 5 goals in one half against Germany. The most Australia conceded was 3 in a full game. Therefore, the Socceroos are better than Brazil.

-Nathan Su

Brazil lost to Germany 7-1 in 2014 whereas Australia lost to Germany 4-0 in 2010. Therefore, Australia is better than Brazil

-Jackson Worsley

Australia have conceded 9 goals in this World Cup whereas Brazil have conceded 11 goals. Therefore defensively, Australia are better than Brazil.

Ronaldo (Brazil) rated Tim Cahill's goal against Netherlands the best of the tournament so far.

Tim Cahill has scored TWO goals in TWO matches in this World Cup whereas Cristiano Ronaldo has scored only ONE goal in THREE matches. Therefore, Tim Cahill is BETTER than Cristiano Ronaldo.

-Ramon Chica

Australian referee Ben Williams has officiated 3 games and has issued 2 reds and 15 yellow cards. That is 1 more red and 5 more yellows than any other referee at the World Cup. Therefore, Australia knows the rules of football better than any other nation.

-Leo Patterson Ross

Australia are so far the only nation in the world to have scored twice against the Netherlands during this world cup

Tim Cahill has scored more goals than Ronaldo and Rooney COMBINED in World Cups.

-Matt George

Australia have not conceded a goal against Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard, Neymar, Karim Benzema or James Rodriguez ever in this year's FIFA World Cup.

-Sumeet Charan

Australia beat Costa Rica in November last year. Greece lost to Costa Rica therefore, we are BETTER than Greece.

Tim Cahill scored TWO goals this World Cup and Cristiano Ronaldo only scored ONE. Therefore Cahill is BETTER than Ronaldo.

-Ramon Chica

Australia have scored more goals than Greece, Cameroon, Japan, Italy, England, Honduras and Russia in this World Cup.

-Sean Hewes