I found a woodchuck burrow in Chapel Hill. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck? Zero! They don't have anything to do with wood--it's a corruption of the Native American name for the animal: wuchak,

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Leucistic young deer. (Location withheld to protect her) Took me many attempts investigating deer trails to find this very illusive deer. She's gorgeous! Perhaps I will be fortunate to get a less obstructed photo one day.

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Eagle catch

Pileated woodpeckers busy excavating a nesting cavity. Tis the season!

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Chilling out waiting for sunset. Barred Owl

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Love is in the air...and in the trees. Red shoulder hawk mating along Bolin Creek, Chapel Hill 2/1/18

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Barred owl had a bit of difficulty hunting in the snow cover.

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Snowy path in the woods. So peaceful!

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Pardon me kind human, but have you any nuts for a cold squirrel out in the snow?

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I see some weird things in nature sometimes....but a hawk eating a hawk? Yesterday I photographed a red-tailed hawk preying upon a red-shouldered hawk. Very unusual behavior! Research indicates such behavior is extremely rare and not well documented..speculation is the 'prey bird' may have been weak or injured & therefore prone to attack. I don't know what led up to this instance...would be interesting to know. I will refrain from posting detailed images here as it may be disturbing--interesting that I can't stand to watch the predatory scenes on wildlife shows on TV, yet I have no problem watching raptors pick apart prey in real life. Go figure.

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Incredible to watch this hunting barred owl who caught what appeared to be a meadow vole..still squeaking loudly as the owl carried it up to a branch to eat!

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Exciting news: My work is featured in the January/February edition of Chapel Hill Magazine. 9 photos included...see pages 30-34 if the print edition (32-36 on the pdf).

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No respect for rules. Belted kingfisher.

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"Tell me about the guy in the red suit again...."

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