As a standard question people usually ask "so what is it you do?

"When I tell them I teach people how to change their brain they usually go on to ask, " so is that like... Psychology, Councelling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy.. etc.And even though I am skilled in all these areas the only answer I can give is, "No, it's nothing like anything else, in fact it's the total opposite".

Changing your brain, the way you think, feel and respond is so easy.


So that's what I do. I teach people a very simple process that literally wipes out the negative thinking that creates unhappiness - Permanently.

Annie Moyes

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We all ‘What If’ everything, it is immediate and unconscious. Our ‘Prediction Brain’ is wired to put a ‘future ending’ on everything. We can’t help it!

“What if I go out with this guy and he turns out to be a pervert?” “What if I apply for that job and get turned down?” “What if I get on that plane and it crashes?” ‘What if I arrive at the church and my fiancé stands me up?” “What if my partner leaves me and I am left alone with the children?”

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Anique Brazeau-Johnston
· March 26, 2014
My work with Annie is helping me become the person I've always wanted to be. I used to pretend to be self confident in all areas of my life- now it's no longer an act!
Annie Moyes
· April 2, 2014
We have worked with hundreds of people whose life has been totally transformed by learning our unique 'Emmote' process.