Small preview of a Stinger Transition I made for OBS in the event that I possibly return to streaming. Also a "new" prestream scene (which is really made to be less abrasive over plugging all of my social media before a stream.) I made a small sort of "guide" for Stinger Transitions in OBS a while back, which you can read here if you'd like:
New video out tomorrow at 1 PM EST. We "played" Evolve.
To kick this page off, here's a repost from twitter and tumblr for the new Two Idiots Play that will be going up in the next few days @ Stay tuned! Viscera Cleanup Detail YouTube #video #letsplay #videogames

Very happy to see Alpha-5 of Power Rangers fame make his first appearence in the Star Wars universe. With a few upgrades, of course.…/very-happy-to-see-alpha-5-of…

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starwars: Leia stands amidst scum, villainy, and Lando in this Noriyoshi Ohrai poster for The Empire Strikes Back.…/starwars-leia-stands-amidst-…

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