-- "The course can only help your students. The biblical allusions included on the AP English test make it worthwhile alone. Everything else is a bonus!" MS teacher
In late January, the South Dakota legislature approved resolution HRC 1004, which supports the academic study of the Bible in public schools. State Rep. Steve Hickey, the resolution's chief sponsor, said he hoped the courses would make students aware of the Bible's immense cultural influence. "I hav...

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A bill would require all schools to offer an elective course.

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The Bible Literacy Project is committed to producing quality educational materials about the Bible and its effect on society and culture suitable for use in any education setting.

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A critical study of the Bible as literature can prepare students with the thinking skills needed in the 21st century. As an all-time bestseller, the Bible has had a profound impact on history, literature, and culture. It remains a vital part of American life.
The majority of Britons do not realise familiar English phrases such "my brother’s keeper", "eat, drink and be merry" and "a drop in the bucket" come from the Bible, according to a new survey.

An article on the experience of the Chino Valley, CA school district.

CHINO - As the debate continues over the propriety of Bible literacy classes at public school districts, local students say their experience in the class has been useful to their English and history lessons.

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Bible courses are taught in more than 800 districts nationwide. TIME Magazine, along with numerous educators and First Amendment experts, call for public school Bible courses that are academic, not devotional. Participants will hear a school board member, an assistant superintendent for curriculum a...

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The average American can’t answer basic questions about world religion, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey, which prompted renewed calls for religious study in public schools. In many states, however, that education already exists.

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We hope Education Nation will not only address issues of educational processes - like tracking, school day length, and technology - but also educational CONTENT. Bible literacy is just one example of core information that students need to understand in order to approach the wider world of literature, historical events, and art in an informed way.

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Texas leads the nation in implementation of Bible literacy courses, with more than 100 schools now using the textbook, while Georgia boasts 51 schools. (See a map of your state's use of Bible literacy courses at

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