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About Keith
  • CoChise Pronounced (Co-Cheast) is 6 ft 7 and the truth. His style and delivery is not like anything in the game right now. He's a thowback to what hiphop was and should be. Growing up between 170 Street and 158 Street in the BX. As a teenager his life was engulfed with basketball and the streets. As his cousin was putting in work in the streets, he encouraged Keith to become a part of it. Having already made a name for himself playing basketball, his reputation preceded him and everybody knew Keith Bow for his skills and talent on the court. At nineteen years of age, he took $ he had saved up and paid his own way to attend preparatory school. Keith knew and felt that if he did not leave the streets, he would be killed or end up in prison. Excelling at his basketball game While still having to run around and collect money, and grinding like he was only living for today, rumors began to spread about rival crews planning to kidnap him to seek revenge against his cousin. It was not until Keith's junior year of college did the threats cease after his cousin got "bagged" in route to another well known that point, only basketball was Keith's life. After college graduation, Keith was selected to the US Select Team. Shortly thereafter, he was given an offer to play basketball in France, which he accepted. Unfortunately, injuries continued to plague him, and in 2001 he broke his foot ending his basketball career.That was not the career he was supposed to have". Music is Keith's destiny. Keith didn't start writing music until 2003 when he traveling back and forth from Florida to nyc. Keith Bow, the former basketball player, has now transformed to the lyrically beast that needs too be heard.He's has established a reputation on the East Coast and is saluted to as "Cochise". While the offers of record and clothing deals continue to come in.


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