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Ellyn George
· March 28, 2018
We have only lived here since January 22nd. However, we constantly comment on how we love our choice after having collectively lived in numerous places over the years. We also were very impressed the Chief of Police and the mayor take time each month for one or the other to have coffee with the residents. This is the first place we have lived that ever opened up that option. We are in retirement years.

We have learned over the years through working on both the State of New Mexico level and property maintenance inspector for the Village of Memomonee Falls, WI, as well as hubby with the military, that most often any communications with any authorities (sworn or otherwise) is sometimes difficult for citizens because, as the saying goes, they have not walked a day in the shoes of those they feel aren't doing their jobs. It isn't easy being a public servant.

We are personally very grateful for the PD here and felt very comfortable when we had coffee with the chief. As we age it is important to feel that our officers are diligent and we also pray for their safety each and every day.
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Wenell Erickson
· October 15, 2016
I really enjoy having a cottage on Big Lake. It will be a great place to retire. I have been so intrigued with these neighborhoods where we can walk to many places. I am a huge fan of Ross Chapin who... is designing pocket neighborhoods for the aging community So I hope Big Lake continues to add more great things like the Farmers Market, music in the park, movie night and maybe an ice cream shop or great restaurant on the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Hwy 10. You are on the right track Big Lake. � so please no more gas stations. Thank you See More
Cindy Kumpula Lemm
· August 13, 2016
We are very lucky in Big Lake to have the staff and involved city council and committees we have! I enjoyed "Coffee with the Mayor" this morning; and find this to be an excellent place to discuss your... individual OR community problems with someone who cares and will get results rather than putting a blast out on one of the forums. Let's all pull together and show everyone what a loving community we are. And if you don't like the way something is going, step up and volunteer to help change it yourself! BE the change. See More
Mark Fritz
· June 26, 2016
In my opinion, this city is just not a well run city. Always have a very high water bill, the school system isn't good, and the city police department isn't responsive. It took them over a year to sto...p the drug dealers the resided next to us. I've also had property stolen from my garage and cars multiple times and when I reported it, I was basically told it was my fault for not locking everything down. I've emailed the Mayor two or three times, and NEVER get a response, and in my overall opinion, if you didn't grow up here, your not wanted here. See More
Brian Weinzetl
· July 21, 2017
We have lived her for a year and love it. I have sold many homes to residents in Big Lake and have had mostly positive feedback from those clients about living in Big Lake.


Let's work together to make your home a showcase!

Your City is offering the Small Cities Development Program. We have funding available for eligible households. To be eligible for the program you must own your home, meet annual household income limits, and reside in the target area....
Funding is provided as a 0%, deferred, forgivable loan with a seven year term. Loans can be up to $21,000, and the loan balance is forgiven I/7th per year of the loan. Owner match funds are also a requirement to complete projects.

To date, three homeowners are currently taking advantage of this incredible program to upgrade their homes.

Funding is limited, and once it is allocated, it will not be available again.

Eligible Repairs:
• Roofing, Siding, Windows & Doors • Furnace Replacement
• Electrical & Plumbing
• Energy efficiency + MORE

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If you are interested in the program, please contact
Ed Zimny at (320) 258-0673.

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Please join us for an open house to learn about the proposed Comprehensive Plan for the City of Big Lake.

This document, which updates a plan that was developed in 1999, will function as the master plan for the next 20 years of City growth and lays out our goals for land use, transportation, parks and trails, housing, and several other important topics.

Your City has been developing the new plan over the last year and a half with input from a citizen’s advisory group along... with substantial public engagement.

We are hosting two open houses at Big Lake City Hall: Saturday April 28th from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Tuesday May 1st from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

For more information please visit the City’s website:

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City Staff and a consultant team from Weber Community Planning are working with a task force of 28 community members to update the City's long range comprehensive plan.