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This week's vote is a little different, as it's Ashley Month here at Big Sandy Superstore!

This is the next to last dining one! We'll put the winner of this one against the winner of the last vote next in the final!

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Bessie Good
· March 20, 2018
Warning!!!! Do not purchase anything from here! Big Sandy does not stand behind their products, and the extended warranty service is a joke. We purchased an LG (top of the line) refrigerator with exte...nded warranty for over $3200 three years ago from south ridge in WV. We've had nothing but problems with it. The main computer part went out within the 1st year we had it. The front panel board went out twice the second year. Service tried to blame it on us letting ice melt in the tray causing it, but we've never had it hooked up to the water. Now the compressor quit working. Immediate notified service, putting in an order with no call back, my husband left messages with no call back. Finally reached them almost a week later for someone to come out telling them I'm pretty sure it's the compressor. Service comes out a couple days later, confirms it is the compressor and tells me it's going to be a week for the part to come in. Now I am a working mother with a 2 month old that has to have a way to keep breastmilk cold. I had already lost a weeks worth of frozen milk from the fridge going out. I'm at my wits end. I called the store to get a loner fridge and the only way they would do it is if I put $500 on a credit card, which i dont have and find ridiculous!!! Really?!?! The point of a warranty is to cover your purchase, but they dont care. So all of the little food we have is in coolers on our porch (for the past 2 weeks) where we are continually buying ice to make sure my baby has his food! I get a call from service that the part is in now, but the soonest they can come out is going to be another week!!! And they refuse to let us talk to a manager. This is absolutely the worst customer service experience I have ever seen. Replace my fridge! It's obviously a piece of junk that continually breaks down. I am a customer that has bought multiple appliances and furniture from big sandy, but never again! See More
Mike Mickle
· March 7, 2018
Terrible experience, bought a sectional for my son spent over 2,500 dollars on it and bought the extended warranty. In 7 months the piece of junk fell apart. Took a month to get aa tech come and look it and was told it could not be repaired. After another week of waiting got a call that said we could exchange it for something else. Went and picked out replacement for it only to find out they would only replace a piece of the sectional when the entire thing is broke down and not be fixed. The Chillicothe store said we needed to call the service department again, which I did this morning. Was told that there was a problem on their end and I would get a call back to give me an update and everything would be taken care of. Got off the phone a few minutes ago being told we would have to start the process of a tech coming down to fix it again and the soonest they could get a tech to us would be three weeks. This leaves my son nothing to set on for over two months. Thought this was a respectable business but guess not. Would not and will not recommend anyone shopping here.���� See More
Norma Ward
· February 27, 2018
My husband and I went to the store in south point Ohio to purchase a washer/dryer. First turn off was the rude associate who took down our info for the purchase. He became aggravated with me when I po...litely corrected him for misspelling my name and putting in our address incorrectly. Second, during the actual transaction process, we swiped our card for the purchase and she stated it did not go through. I showed the checkout associate that it went through on our bank account on my phone. She stated that was just the pre-authorization and to swipe again. After that I checked our account again and now there were two charges from big sandy for the same amount. I showed her this and she dismissed it and handed us our receipt and informed us of our day for pickup. I checked our account the next day to discover a third withdrawal from big sandy for the third time for the same amount. I contacted the store manager and they stated their corporate office would get back with me. I have yet to receive a phone call from anyone and have made several attempts to speak with the store manager again and my calls are either dropped or I’m left on hold. So far no resolve has been made. See More
Brittany Stewart-Snodgrass
· 13 hours ago
I’ve made two separate purchases in the last two weeks and both experiences were exceptional! Both sales reps in Parkersburg WV did a phenomenal job making sure my transactions were smooth and that my... deliveries were quick and easy. Chris (appliance manager) was great to work with and was quick to fix a pricing differential for me, which was greatly appreciated! I would recommend him to anyone seeking new appliances!

Katie Stewart (furniture sales) was very responsive and has followed through with my order every step of the way! She is the definition of customer service and is a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend her to help with all of your furniture needs! She will be sure your experience is top of the line!
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Krystal Norman Grumm
· March 16, 2018
The girl who helped us out was great!!! But now that we are to the point where our couch is in and trying to get it delivered has been a horrible experience and the first girl I talked to that answere...d costumer service was so rude!!!!! I explained my situation that we needed it delivered on a Wednesday morning because we only go to our home one time a week because our son is critically ill in the hospital was told it wasn’t going to be a problem and now it’s a problem. Needless to say I’m about to just ask for my money back and go somewhere else. It’s a shame because our experience was great up until this point... See More
Hope Hand-Lang
· March 9, 2018
We visited your Polaris location on Valentine's Day walked around the whole store for about 15 minutes and no one spoke to us so we left. Came back less than a week later and bought two of your reclin...ers and paid for the warranty and free delivery. Originally I was told about 2 weeks max for delivery, I'm now at over three weeks and I'm still being told mid-march and not a day. I've spent over 5 grand on furniture in the last 4 years and I have had no problems up to entering your store. This is not the way to do business with a first-time customer. As of right now I will not be coming back. In fact if it takes much longer I will be looking into a full refund and not spending $0.01 with your company ever again. See More
Marilyn Ashleigh Martin
· March 21, 2018
Such an amazing experience! We walked in 30 minutes before closing time, but we were still treated and helped with such care and I felt like we were important! Bethany was fantastic and helped us out ...with everything, she wasn’t pushy or anything! She was exactly what I wanted and gave us an amazing deal! She made everything so simple for us so everything made sense and we knew what was going on! I will come back here for any furniture I ever buy! I don’t have great credit, but they were still able to get us what we wanted! See More
Peggy Caldwell Mullins
· March 17, 2018
I went in the South Point location knowing I wanted the LG 4 piece kitchen set. Mike Napier, our salesman, was extremely helpful. He didn’t try to sell me anything I didn’t want. He gave me the inform...ation I needed on the appliances, answered all my questions and led us through a quick and easy purchase. After we left, he called to let me know that during our purchase they’d upgraded my appliance package and so he took the liberty of upgrading my microwave for no extra cost. I’ve had bad experiences in the past with Big Sandy, however this visit went smoothly with Mike’s help. Thank you!! See More
Kristen Whitlatch
· February 26, 2018
I’d like to start this by saying I’m not one to do reviews but I am so disappointed in my experience with Big Sandy I feel compelled to warn other people. I originally visited the store to find a TV c...onsole and was given a coupon for $100 off a purchase of $400 or more. The sales woman told me I “could use the coupon anytime”. I found a console I liked and told the sales woman I would be back to buy it later in the week to order it. I came back and ordered the console and a matching end table. When I tried to use the coupon with a different sales person she said she would have to check with her manager who would not let me use the coupon because she said it was only valid the first time I came in. Not what the original sales woman had told me and my mother. When I came to pick up my console the man who helped me load it into my car said this exact phrase “good luck putting this hunk of junk together” and “they’re cheap for a reason”. I noted that the outside of the box was pretty damaged with multiple holes and scrapes but I still lugged it home with me. I’m honestly shocked they gave me something in that condition to begin with. I took one piece of the console out a little later that evening and there was a HUGE chunk of wood missing from the top corner of the console. Absolutely unacceptable condition and with the damage on the outside of the box, I should have known. I returned it the next day and cancelled my order for the end table as it was coming in later in the week. The return was easy but the associate who did the return for me warned me that if I “cancelled an order again, there would be a non refundable 30% charge of the items total”. I’m sorry I didn’t want to spend my money on damaged items? I will not return to Big Sandy and I have made a point to warn my friends and family of the poor quality and mediocre service. See More
Tessa Smith
· February 28, 2018
Stopped in to the south point location last week & a few other places shopping around. I didn’t love anything, so we stopped back in to big sandy. We spoke with Melissa the first time & Eunice yesterd...ay. They were both great. We have our delivery set for Saturday, so hopefully all goes smooth with that ! See More
Quilann Lewis
· March 15, 2018
Me and my girlfriend visited the store in Heath, Ohio and had a great visit. Someone greeted us within the first 10 seconds (Bill Fonte) and ironically took us right to the couch we ended up getting. ...The only bad part is if you go through Acceptance you have to pay the full amount in 3 months if you want to pay same as cash. If not it’s basically rent a center and you spend a bunch of money. See More
James Corbin
· March 13, 2018
Their customer service is crap to say the least. I’ve had an ongoing service issue with a dishwasher for over two months now. They’ve been here 4 separate times and haven’t yet to fix the issue. ...The “technician” that has came every time has been the same one. Each time not one diagnostic was done. Literally came in. Opened the door and said yup. This part is what’s bad then would order it. So finally gets here yesterday 3/12/18 and takes my whole kitchen apart to install a wiring harness (that it didn’t need) and then finds that the power Cord has burnt and tells me that I need to go buy the power cord and put it on and it may or may not fix the issue. Which I’m then lead to believe that it is not the cause of the issue and that there is most likely something wrong with a pump or motor of some sort or possible even some other piece. So now 24 hours later. I have a dishwasher they have left in the middle of my kitchen, my drains to my sink are disconnected and my whole kitchen is left a mess. To top all that off. They keep giving me the run around and avoiding me in every which way possible. Now I have an appliance I paid for and can’t use, a kitchen I can’t use because they’ve left in pieces. All for them to continue to give me the run around

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Shannon Tahyi
· March 18, 2018
We were greeted as we entered the store. We had two great salesman help us out with our visit as well. We ended up purchasing new furniture. We also recieved extra discounts as well as bonus cash for ...our visit. I have visited both Zanesville and the Heath store. I had a much better experience with the Heath store!! See More
Scott Oyer
· March 6, 2018
Delivered Bed and instead of rails they sent a dresser. Was told it would be 4 days until the exchange. Called local store and got the floor model rails just to have a place to sleep. Rails have scratches and didn’t work with the new support posts. Back to the store to pick up floor model posts. Something so simple as delivering what you ordered. Should of sent it all back on the truck!! See More
Jaime Summers
· March 2, 2018
Purchased living room furniture the beginning of February 2018. The following week our furniture was delivered with a torn sofa. We requested a new couch and added to our order 2 recliners which we cash for all. It was to be delivered that week. The delivery ppl came within 75 yards of our house and said they couldn’t make it any further, then left with our furniture. (The same house they delivered to the week prior.) They told us at costumer service they would send a special delivery the next day and would give us $100 gift card . They came and both recliners were torn. Customer service said they’d give us $200 gift card and would bring them that week. Never heard from them. Called and said they’d deliver the following Friday, which is today and 1 month later. We got a call saying they couldn’t make it here and are giving us $100 gift card and will deliver tomorrow. #1. Why would I want a gift card to spend at your store when all I’ve ever had since purchase is trouble? I still don’t have my living room furniture. The worst business ever! See More
Jennifer Winegardner
· March 15, 2018
Horrible customer service!!! Jerked me around about delivery and tried to blame me for their ignorance. In customer service you need to make sure you follow up with your customers. Even more then they... gave you a chance over a very reputable place. I would never recommend anyone to come buy anything here! See More
Kim Berry-Watkins
· March 15, 2018
I have NEVER experience such professional, knowledgeable, warm and inviting spirit from a sales person EVER as my husband and I received from Robert Johnson at the Polaris location. We told him in the door we just looking and will not be making any purchase. He said ok, then he asked us had we been there before we said yes, he said ok so you have been explained Big Sandy pricing system? We had not, this young man open our knowledge to how to read the tickets and why they place furniture under Gold, Silver , and Plantium. I was AMAZED . There was no sales pressure.. I was very sad that we was not there to purchase a big ticket. I dont know if he gets paid commission or not but I felt bad that we didn't buy anything. When we do decide to buy we will look for him. I would like to nominate him for for having AMAZING customer service skills. See More
Josh Richards
· March 17, 2018
Friend of mine bought her daughter a new bed for 700, she got home n started putting it together n all the stuff she needed wasn’t in the box! She called n said there was nothing they could do. Put th...e part she needs on back order n won’t get it for a month!! Crazy people spend all this money for furniture made in Mexico!!! See More
Matt Johnson
· March 15, 2018
Sales representative in Lancaster ohio gave false information regarding delivery when we made a recliner purchase. We called today to check since the delivery never came and they didn't even have it i...n the warehouse after 15 days. We cancelled order and got a refund. First and last time dealing with Big Sandy. See More
Jenifer Tesnear
· February 24, 2018
Had a great experience today. We purchased a king size beautyrest mattress set. Got a great deal on a cooling mattress cover and a bed frame. Luke was awesome! Very friendly staff and helpful. They le...t us walk around until we had a question. See More
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