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Slow Roll to Scott Park: 5-19-16

While Erie is hoping to build a stronger network of bicycle paths, there are organizations across the US that are building a network of trails throughout the nation and in regional clusters. Learn more about the US Bicycle Route System and the work of Adventure Cycling here.

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Adventure Cycling Association
16 hrs

From 1981 to 2017 - the U.S. Bicycle Route System has come a long way in 36 years. Adventure Cycling Association is the only organization dedicated to development of this national network, and we couldn't do it without our many local and state partners, as well as American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). Thanks to all our partners and supporters!

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SAVE THE DATES: The Erie Downtown Partnership held its annual meeting this morning, and announced the dates and locations for this summer's block parties. New this year: the block parties will take place in our downtown parks, where the City and other partners have invested heavily in outdoor improvements. Local establishments will still serve as block party hosts. Note that the August 10 date coincides with the Lake Erie CycleFest weekend, and our special Slow Roll ride with an emphasis on Erie's cultural assets. That ride will end in Perry Square for the block party!

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Who says the coolest gadget out there is a fidget-spinner? Not when you have gear like this!


Got a flat tire? Need to get going again quickly? Check out our Co2 cartridge instructional video! #techtuesday #weridecb

PACIFIC HANDCYCLE FOR SALE (asking $950) 7-speed internal hub and a 250 pound weight limit with 3 new puncture resistant tires. Great for riding in flat areas such as Presque Isle State Park, the Ernst Trail, Oil Creek Trail, and Allegheny River Trail. This bike is for people with limited or no use of their legs, complete with seatbelt and ankle straps. Contact Heather Laskos.

Want to support BikeErie and have a great day out at Presque Isle? The Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community will take place on Saturday, June 3rd, and your participation can raise money for one of several local non-profits including BikeErie! Register below

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Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community
February 17

The Highmark Walk broke the 1 million dollar mark in 2012 and we haven't looked back since , raising $1, 397,000 in 2016. Help us break the $1.4 million mark in 2017 by supporting your favorite paricipating charity. Register today @

Training tips to stay strong and stretched:

Your tightest muscles may be keeping other ones from performing their best. Here’s how to balance them out for a super strong—and comfortable—pedal stroke.

SNEAK PREVIEW: You know that crazy clown car gag--the one where more and more people get out of a tiny vehicle than you ever thought possible? One of the group rides during the Aug. 10-13 Lake Erie CycleFest weekend will feature a uniquely Erie variation of this, but on bicycles and without the creepy clown costumes. Stay tuned to learn how you can participate!

Bungles the Clown performs a classic clown car routine starring several other performers from Advanced Studies 2008.

NOT ONE, BUT TWO features in today's Erie Times-News about cycling--the front of the Living Section on infrastructure advocacy, and the Sports section's profile of upcoming events. Thanks to writer, Pat Bywater & photographer, Greg Wohlford for their efforts.

Organizers expect both multi-day bicycling events to became annual destination rides that will draw cyclists from outside of the region.

SUNDAY ESSAY: Erie made it onto this map, and much of this article describes us to a tee--and describes why we are particularly ripe for more bicycle infrastructure. "The largest share of bicycle commuters is found in smaller and medium-sized metros, mainly college towns."

More Americans are riding to work—but they are still deeply outnumbered.|By Richard Florida

A little inspiration for an indoor kid to try a little more of the outdoor life.

We don’t watch much television in our house. In fact, by the time you read this, our daughter Kaya will be 2 years old [now 13!], and I can say with confidence that she’s probably watched a total of one hour of television since the day she was born. Instead of filling her head with the latest Disney...

Looking for something to do today? You can still register for Bike Around the Bay this morning at the Cookhouse Pavilion at Presque Isle, from 7:30-9:00 a.m. The weather will be perfect for riding: partly sunny, high '50's, and you'll support the work of a terrific organization, Environment Erie.

Bike Around the Bay is Environment Erie's signature fundraiser for the year, and takes place on Presque Isle State Park. All Riders will begin and end the ride from the Cookhouse pavilion, and Lunch will take place at the Rotary Pavilion all at the waterworks area of the park. We hope to see you the...

It's National Bike to Work Day! Let's show Erie what a greener, healthier commute can look like.

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Slow Roll Erie

The weather is great, so Slow Roll is on tonight @ 6 PM. Meet at the usual spot in Perry Square. Optional social gathering afterwards. Hope to see you shortly!.

Bike to Work Day is this Friday, May 19. Have you scoped out a place for storing your bike?

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Glad to see someone took our advice! Polls open for another 2 hours. Ride on down to "exercise" your right to vote!

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It's Election Day in Erie. What's the best way to get to the polls? By bicycle of course! PA voting hours are 7am-8pm.