Our public school system is the economic engine for Wake County, so it's critical that we continue working together to meet the growing needs of our public schools.
Achieving excellence begins with setting high expectations.
The decisions that affect our quality of life and your child's education are made by your local school board.
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Jonathan Thomas
· March 12, 2018
Mr. Fletcher is a top pick for Wake County Schools School Board. He always puts students first and looks for ways to help the students and staff of WCPSS.

Interesting parent chat today. Everybody stayed home. Good, safe choice. Next chat Feb 1 at Cary Chamber at 1pm.

Factoid # 37: The State Board of Education submitted its ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) application to the US Dept of Education outlining how NC will utilize federal funds. Unfortunately, the application fails to propose changes to the existing testing regimen which measures the performance of less than half of our students on less than half of the curriculum- - and omits any evaluation of students’ ability to communicate, collaborate, to think critically and to exhibit creativity. A real missed opportunity!


More than half of all high school students participate in a competitive sport. For many, participation in sports is as important as academics, music, art and other co-curricular activities such as school clubs. Athletes have better attendance and grades, and fewer discipline referrals, than do non-athletes.

APPLY in January! Explore School Choice for 2018-19!
• Magnet programs in January
• Multi-track / year round program in January
• Other parent choices in February

Over the years by action of different boards with different perspectives and agendas, numerous families have found that their elementary and middle school calendars do not match. To partially undo the confusion, for the 2018-19 school year, families may apply to attend a multitrack/year-round school in January. Multitrack will be treated like magnets in terms of accepting students and filling the schools. Apply in January 2018.

Reduced classs sizes in kindergarten through third grade is still the law of the land. This year – a max of 20 students per classroom; next year – a max of 17 students per class. Efforts continue behind the scenes to inform legislators of the negative impact this mandate is having on students and school communities. Numerous community organizations are planning to welcome legislators back to town January 9. You can be involved, too. Contact:

What qualities would you like to see in our next superintendent. Please provide your input here!

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The average tenure of a public schools superintendent across the country is two years and 3 months. We've had Dr. Merrill for almost five years. His vision will continue!

Superintendent James Merrill is Retiring.
Dr. Merrill has decided to resign from Wake County Public Schools and retire as of February 1, 2018. Dr. Merrill has provided strong, steady leadership during his five years at the helm of our public schools. He continuously empowered staff to develop and use their talents and gifts for the benefit of our students. He will be greatly missed.

Why do some children seem distracted in school or choose not to become learners? Explore possible answers in this powerful look into children's lives! Order FREE tickets today. Seating is limited.

Wake County PTA Council, Taylor Family YMCA and Town of Cary present "Resilience," a film about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their significant impact on health, well-being, economics and education. Research shows ACEs are common, they affect all income levels and their impact on health a...

Magnet Fair this Saturday at SE Raleigh High, 9AM to noon! Explore different educational opportunities at nationally recognized magnet schools. Also learn about Wake's new Year-Round.Multi-Track calendar options.

Factoid # 35: State budget writers heard our plea and allocated additional funding for bus drivers. With $2.2MM in state funding, Wake raised starting driver pay to $13.11/hour. Drivers will now reach the $15/hour rate within 7 years as opposed to 13 years previously. It’s a good step and more is needed. Kudos to Rep Nelson Dollar for his support. BTW: We still need more bus drivers! Apply here!

The WCPSS Magnet Fair is November 4, 9:00 AM to noon, at Southeast Raleigh High School. Come and explore challenging and differentiated program opportunities for students of all ages. Explore the options for multi-track (year round) education, International Baccalaureate Programme, gifted and talented, AIG, STEM, Engineering, Creative Arts & Sciences, Covey/Leadership, career & technical options, early colleges and more.

To implement the state-mandated maximums of 18, 16, 17, 17 students for grades K, 1, 2, 3, Wake’s 113 elementary principals are collaborating on strategies to redefine the use of existing spaces: converting art and music to “art/music on a cart”, changing instructional strategies for academically gifted students and students just learning English, and organizing some students in different grades into combination classes. Each classroom conversion compromises instructional delivery. Each school will have a unique solution. No one solution will work in all 113 schools.