Our public school system is the economic engine for Wake County, so it's critical that we continue working together to meet the growing needs of our public schools.
Achieving excellence begins with setting high expectations.
The decisions that affect our quality of life and your child's education are made by your local school board.
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Jonathan Thomas
· March 12, 2018
Mr. Fletcher is a top pick for Wake County Schools School Board. He always puts students first and looks for ways to help the students and staff of WCPSS.

Interesting parent chat today. Everybody stayed home. Good, safe choice. Next chat Feb 1 at Cary Chamber at 1pm.

Factoid # 37: The State Board of Education submitted its ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) application to the US Dept of Education outlining how NC will utilize federal funds. Unfortunately, the application fails to propose changes to the existing testing regimen which measures the performance of less than half of our students on less than half of the curriculum- - and omits any evaluation of students’ ability to communicate, collaborate, to think critically and to exhibit creativity. A real missed opportunity!