This was only three years ago to the day! We are still so proud of Prairie Food Co-op cofounders Kathy and Jeremy Nash talking PFC on the Bill Moller show on WG...N Radio! We can't wait to go back to them when we reach 800 Owners and can sign our lease and announce our store location! Help us reach that goal by considering becoming an Owner today!`

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Bill Moller talks to Kathy and Jerry Nash, who are creating the Prairie Food Co-op.

Wanna learn how get a reality TV show picked by a network or cable station? Tomorrow on WGN Radio we'll get the inside story of making it in the realty tv biz. My guest has great stories of struggles & triumphs.

Show favorite Brian Tallerico is back to talk about the ever topsy-turvey world of television.

Also, I will talk with the head of the largest nonprofit arts and media college in the nation – right here in Chicago - about direction, mission and why this school matters....

Now THIS sounds boring…the music group Future Hits will tell us why it writes/performs educational music. Well, it's NOT boring. They have a great story to tell.

And Chicago's official Royal watcher, Fred Weintraub and his very different take of this past week's royal visit.

All of this and more tomorrow from noon to 3 o'clock on WGN Radio.

And hey…follow me on Twitter (@bmoller), I think you'll like most of the eclectic tuff I lie to tweet.


Bill Moller | Host | WGN Radio | 435 North Michigan Avenue | Chicago, Illinois 60611 | (312) 222-4764 |

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I'll be on WGN Radio tomorrow.

We'll talk about computers, investing and Brian Tallerico on television - and by the way, he wants to tell you about another must-see cable drama. That, and take your calls on the comings and goings of all your favorite shows.

And one more thing; at 1:35 I have a really cool story about some Northwestern students who've come up with a way to turn your walking, running and moving energy into electricity which you can use to keep your cell phone c...harged.

The idea's won them some significant awards (and money!).

The Bill Moller Show...noon to 2 tomorrow. No show next Saturday the 22nd...don't know yet about the 29th (depends on the kick-off time for the Northwestern game which hasn't been set).

Remember, I'd like you to be a Twitter follower of mine. I'm @bmoller.

If the picture below makes you wonder, " WGN Radio piano lessons??!" well, just give it a click and listen.

'til tomorrow,


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I'll be on WGN Radio tomorrow (Saturday) for a quick show.


Well, we start with your computer calls (I want to hear the tech guys talk about the new malware that's attacking Apple products)


Brian Tallerico and television talk

Joe LoPresti and this crazy stock market recovery (weren't investors down in the dumps over big losses a couple of weeks ago?)

And at 1:35, pianos. Yes, before the internet, television, before there was WGN Radio, the main form of entertainment was the piano. Every home had one. I'll talk with a couple that runs a piano store. They're making a good living but it's by doing more than just selling pianos.

Follow me on Twitter (@bmoller).

'til tomorrow from noon to 2,


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News Personality
Bill Moller
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Greetings oh loyal listener:

Late this morning Northwestern set the kick-off time for the football game to be 11 a.m. on Saturday November first. Therefore, I will not have a show that day. Other than the 15th when I'll be on from noon to 2, all other Saturdays in November will be week to week. Stay tuned for a Facebook update notice. If you'd like to receive my weekly notices in your in-box, send me your email address and I'll add it to my list.

There were some excellent con...versations on yesterday's show (the best men's hats in America are made in Chicago, the improbable story of 2 brothers who grew up in Nazi Germany, the architect who designs the latest buildings in the world) and you can listen to them here:

Would this interest you?
I do a lot of corporate training on how to make effective presentations and this Tuesday evening I'm doing a free 2-hour workshop at the Evergreen Park Public Library, 9400 S Troy Avenue
Evergreen Park.

It'll help you be better at making speeches, giving presentations and selling yourself.

You can register by calling 708-422-8522 or by going to the website (scroll down on the Events list on the right side and click on my name.

I'd love to see you. And's FREE!


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Domestic violence...a survivor's story. You'll hear it on my radio show tomorrow afternoon.

Jennifer and her children endured it for 8 years. At 2:30 she will discuss the horrors of those years and what finally pulled her out of drugs, homelessness and away from her abuser.

What would you do if you were given a check for $500? Earlier in the show, after the 2 o'clock news, the Chicago church that turned a windfall into an opportunity to bless after it handed out checks to eac...h of its members.

We'll also talk with Joe LoPresti from Arlington Capital Management about the frightful turn on Wall Street. The Micro Center tech guys will give you guidance in getting your computer running smoothly again.

And - MAJOR ALERT - Brian Tallerico is back and boy, he has a lot to talk about in the roiling landscape of television.

It all begins at noon on WGN, 720 AM. We'll talk...tomorrow.

Bill Moller | Host | WGN Radio | 435 North Michigan Avenue | Chicago, Illinois 60611 | (312) 222-4764 |

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1 hour from now we're back for a full show.

Births, birthdays bad behavior. At 2 o'clock Fred Weintraub, Chicago's best known Royal watcher (he's a nut for this stuff) will gush forth about Princes Harry, William and George, Kate's next baby and all things Royal.

More passionate conversation will follow at 2:30 when Brian Tallerico joins me. He got home last night from the Toronto International Film Festival and he's all giddy about what he saw and can't wait to tell you ab...out the must-see movies coming to a screen near us.

We begin at noon with a varied line up of experts to help you with computers, trees and investments.

So at 12 o'clock flip on the radio, the smartphone app or cuddle up next to your computer speakers and join me for 3 hours of fine radio entertainment.

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WGN America ups its game with the quality series Manh(a)ttan. ANOTHER cable channel clamoring for our attention and time?!

Brian Tallerico (yay...he's back) and I and YOU will discuss at the opening of my show tomorrow afternoon at 12:10.


Also tomorrow - computer help from the Micro Center guys, investing help from Joe LoPresti at Arlington Capital Management and keeping your business dream alive even as the recession tries to bury it.

We then wrap it up at 2.

We'll also give you a shot at winning some prizes too. show Sunday and a short show tomorrow.

In your home or in your car - don't forget to include WGN.


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Bill Moller Saturdays 12 - 3 p.m. Sundays 1 - 3 p.m. Bill’s links to Chicago stretch back to 1851 when his great, great, grandfather Col. Nicholas P. Iglehart, a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, moved to Chicago and began to invest in

Is your life a miracle of achievement?

I have 3 and a half hours on the air tomorrow (Saturday 7/19) and I've packed my radio show with a lot of good content.

The claim is that if you grow up in an environment of are condemned to a life of hopelessness. I don't believe that and I have examples that shred that stereotype. Maybe your life is one of obstacles overcome by determination. I'd like to hear that story. I'll be talking about this from 1:30 to 2 o'cl...ock.

We begin at noon with a woman whose campaign to be mayor of Chicago might seem to you to be a case of hopeless expectations. She will have none of that and is determined to win.

Just after the 12:30 news the topic is healthcare for your trees.

1:00 the topic is great lives from hard beginnings.

Around half past 1, how someone in the arts can also be an entrepreneur.

At 2 o'clock - singlehood. There are more than 100 million singles in the US. Many are content but Bela Gandhi and I will talk about what to do if you don't want to be part of that statistic.

A friend of mine will be in the Allstate Showcase Studio at half past 2. Joe Segal who opened his first Chicago jazz club in the late 1940's. Boy does he have some stories to tell about America's indigenous musical art form.

My 3 o'clock guest is Hazel Espinar. Her new children's book is getting a lot of attention.

I also have a Sunday show this week from 1 to 2:30. I'll first talk with a man who may have solved the still officially unsolved case of the murder of former US Senator Charles Percy's daughter Valerie. That'll be followed by Tech Talk and at 2, Steve Dale is back with me.

I invite you to follow me on Twitter @bmoller is my handle.

Hope to have you join me on the air this weekend. Remember, I have prizes to give away.


Bill Moller | Host | WGN Radio | 435 North Michigan Avenue | Chicago, Illinois 60611 | (312) 222-4764 |

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What the tech world can learn from Door County.
On my WGN Radio show tomorrow, I'll share my experience in Door County this week where I witnessed the basics of good business. Something I think many super savvy tech business owners don't yet get. That'll be at 1:35.
Brian Tallerico is away, so we begin at noon talking with the Micro Center tech guys about viruses, malware and rooting out other bad stuff from your computer
Around half past noon the topic turns to pests, blight... and rooting out other bad stuff from your trees. Skeet from The Davey Tree Expert company will be in the Allstate Showcase Studio.
And after the 1 o'clock news Joe LoPresti will educate us on best practices for smart investors.
And around 1:45, we'll hear about the Kane County Fair - the perfect antidote for kids who can't stop fidgeting with their tiny screens.
Join me noon to 2 on 720 WGN...or give our smartphone app a try. Find it here:
'til tomorrow,
Bill Moller | Host | WGN Radio | 435 North Michigan Avenue | Chicago, Illinois 60611 | (312) 222-4764 |

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Listen to WGN radio online right now (will open in a new browser window) Listen on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device. Search for WGN Radio in the App Store or Android's Google Play or click here for iPhone/iPad, click here for

No show tomorrow...but I will be on Sunday afternoon between 1 and 3 and we begin with a visit from The Bag Lady. She's young and smart and designs bags you see all over Chicagoland (and in countries around the world).

At half past one, The Micro Center tech guys will help you figure out what's wrong with your computer.

The 2 o'clock hour begins with this idea - exercise through fantasy sports. Huh? As you'll hear, it's something they're working on at IIT.


Steve Dale will join me for that conversation which, after the 2:30 news, turns to his favorite topic - your pets.

Also we have prizes you can win for food and golf.

So, make it a date - you and me, let's talk Sunday afternoon between 1 to 3 on the mighty 720 AM, WGN.

Right now I'm heading to the station for the WGN Radio Walk of Fame induction ceremony later this morning. Maybe I'll see you???


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Part of year-long 90th anniversary celebrations CHICAGO, May 12, 2014— This year, WGN Radio celebrates 90 years of growing up in Chicago. On June 1, 1924, the Chicago Tribune converted the operations that had formerly been WDAP to WGN, with

This weekend as you keep WGN Radio on in the car and at home I hope you'll cast an ear my way. Tomorrow between noon and 3 the highlights are:

First up, Brian Tallerico. He'll reveal his must-sees on TV including Sunday night's HBO special. He'll also take your calls on anything television.

The Davey Tree experts are back in the Allstate Showcase Studio. At 12:35 you can ask the certified arborist anything that's bothering you about your trees.


My regular 1 o'clock guest, Joe LoPresti gives his take on the week on the Street...Wall Street that is, through the lens of Proactive Investing.

Dr. Amy is back with good new information about skin and sun. That'll be just past the 2 o'clock news.

And at 2:35 the question is why can't teens and young professionals talk properly? In fact, we could all use a talk tune-up and we'll get it from an expert from Dale Carnegie.

And on my show Sunday between 1 and 2:30 our topics are divorce, Tech Talk with the Micro Center experts and at 2, Steve Dale and pets.

Hope you can make WGN part of your weekend. We'll talk tomorrow.


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Bill Moller Saturdays 12 - 3 p.m. Sundays 1 - 3 p.m. Bill’s links to Chicago stretch back to 1851 when his great, great, grandfather Col. Nicholas P. Iglehart, a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, moved to Chicago and began to invest in

Summer garden to manage stress...a chat with the Here's all you need to know about my radio show tomorrow:

Summer garden to manage stress...a chat with the youngest female CEO in to be a smarter investor with Arlington Capital Management...the Micro Center guys and the film festival you MUST attend!...all on the Bill Moller Show Saturday noon to 3. And we have prizes to give away too. Find me at WGN Radio 720 AM, Chicago!

Bill Moller Saturdays 12 - 3 p.m. Sundays 1 - 3 p.m. Bill’s links to Chicago stretch back to 1851 when his great, great, grandfather Col. Nicholas P. Iglehart, a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, moved to Chicago and began to invest in

My regular Saturday headliner Brian Tallerico was just named Editor of

This is really big news. I'm so proud of the boy!

We love the
Status shots of the Moller Mega Bathroom re-do. Tile's in, vanities are in & ready for the sinks, walls are painted and the shower is ready for Swanstone installation. And look at how they protect the stairs from scuffing (and kitty paws). The day-by-day progress is exciting to watch.


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An open conversation about suicide. Not a common topic you hear on the radio but a critically important one. At 2:10 this afternoon we'll hear first person accounts of the devastation suicide can cause to surviving family members. Dr. Michelle Epstein will join me.

An hour earlier one of the country's leading experts on the influence of media on adolescents will be my guest.

And just past the noon news, we begin with Brian Tallerico with news about returning and debuting television shows.

On Sunday, Steve Dale and I will offer up expert Joe Roznai to help answer your tax filing questions.

And Chicago Women in Publishing is hosting a Negotiation Strategies workshop featuring my friend Lauren Milligan. Here's the registration link:

Tune noon to 2:30 and Sunday 1 to 3.


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8:30 to 9:00 a.m. – Registration and networking9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. – Workshop12:00 to 12:30 p.m. – Post-workshop networking

Listen to some interviews from the weekend at

Bill Moller Saturdays 12 - 3 p.m. Sundays 1 - 3 p.m. Bill’s links to Chicago stretch back to 1851 when his great, great, grandfather Col. Nicholas P. Iglehart, a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln, moved to Chicago and began to invest in