I am looking for a logo for the eKaulitz cryptotoken. I am not rich, but the winner would get $50. I thought about a logo which is a simple flat coin, with a mixture of the new Tokio Hotel symbol and the letter "K". Who wants to design it?


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Found this comment from originally Reddit, people were asked about strange room mates in college or university:

Cat fishing and cat hair.

I was friends with a girl a year behind me, her freshman year she was randomly matched with a girl who:


1) Was convinced she was in a relationship with the lead singer of Tokyo Hotel, and had been for several years, but it was obviously some catfisher on the internet. They would Skype where only he could see her, his video would be blank for "security reasons" and he told her they could never meet in person because of the media.

And since he was always 'on tour' she would Skype with him at all hours of the night to make up for the time zone differences. It was actually kinda sad/scary. Several people I know tried to explain to her that she was being taken advantage of, but she could/would not listen.

2) Brought multiple bags from home stuffed full of her cat's hair, and knitted tiny clothes/figurines/whatever out of it. My friend was of course very allergic to cat hair.


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Is anyone going to the new concerts? There are no ones in Zurich or other Switzerland, so a nope for me.

Geht irgendjemand an die neuen Konzerte von Tokio Hotel? In der Schweiz ist ja nichts, also für mich nein. Ist auch ein teurer, recht anstrengender Spass. Und ich war schon so sieben, acht Mal.

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Zurich 2017

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Just uploaded:

First three songs, more was not allowed to be shot. Sorry for the shaky footage and the girl holding up the sign all the time in front of Bill, the condition...

If you are looking for recent Tokio Hotel coverage in public German TV:

Zurich Volkshaus, Switzerland, 27.03.2017. Who will be there?