Guineas are loud, and here is the video to prove it...

Family photo of the Elliotts, at the Kansas farm prior to our move. This is the photo that ran in the Kansas newspaper about our move, and our participation in the show. Photo credit TwoFour and TLC.

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Celebrated my 45th birthday this week. Many of you know that I study herbal medicine, and am working toward a degree for the same. So excited, I got a microscope!!!!!! Also a capsule maker, which will make making pain fighting herb capsules easier. Turmeric and cayenne for pain, and calcium pills (I powder the eggshells from my chickens), for arthritis and osteoporosis.

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Ok, back to the world. The show was a big disappointment, we were edited to make us look like we got nothing done, and here is the big did not get picked up for another season. Pretty much because it was boring, I would imagine. SO, we will go back to writing and chronicling our homesteading adventures. We may even start a youtube channel so those who are interested can watch our activitay. Will keep you posted when we choose a new farm name and start a new website!!!! At some point I will write about what REALLY happened, as well as what they DIDN'T show you.

The show premiers on November 18th! Risking It All on TLC. Weird. Of course YOU all know it takes years to set up a homestead!!…/risking…/videos/extended-sneak-peek.htm

In this Risking It All video, watch three families leave all modern-day conveniences to build new lives off the grid. Watch Risking It All on TLC.

And so we begin again...our first Oregon chicks. Been busy revamping old abandoned gardens and have bought my first herbs...not enough time to start my own seeds this year.

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We still have two male puppies for sale if any of you are interested. DOB 4/12/14, mom is pure Anatolian, dad is 3/4 Anatolian 1/4 Great Pyrenees. They grew up around goats and poultry, but we don't currently have any, so keeping them for an additional month won't be a learning experience for them. $250.00, available any time.

Oregon is just dreamy! We have been so busy trying to get out heads around everything that needs to be done, haven't even had a minute to turn on my computer. Getting gardens up and running and trying to locate goats, chickens, a truck, fencing, etc. A ton of work, but the weather is glorious to work in. So happy!

I'm in Oregon!! One more night on the road, and to the property tomorrow.

Estate sale is over, and the movers will be here this morning. A neighbor brought me some baby fruit vines and bushes to take with me, to plant when I get to Oregon. So sweet! Goodbye, Kansas!

Chickens, ducks and kitties have new homes, last two goats leave this week. It's empty around here. SEVEN DAY COUNTDOWN!! Time to panic.

Moving truck will be loaded on Friday, and we are Oregon bound on June 2nd! Film crew gets here on the 31st to make the drive out with us. Four vehicles, nine people, eight dogs, nine rabbits, and two parakeets. Wish us luck!

Our place is for sale, in Kansas just south of Wichita. If interested, send me a message and I'll send you information and photos. 1300 sq ft house, full front porch and two level back deck, granite in kitchen, knotty pine floors, wood stove, laundry/pantry room, barn with refinished two bedroom apartment above it, shop with 220 and built in cabinets, solar chicken coop, broody house, garden shed with electric, ponds, fruit, garden, asparagus beds, perfect homestead place. Private, house cannot be seen from the road.

Just got back last night from Oregon, going over the property we are buying. There are beehives there from a previous owner! I am so excited! We will be on out way June 1st.

98 degrees here today. 61 in Eugene. I'm just sayin. Sheesh.

Welcome to our new little Netherland Dwarf bunnies!! So sweet and tiny. More great fertlilizer for the gardens.

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