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Have a safe Memorial Day 2017.

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Before you get #hyaluronicacid Injections in your knees for relief, Get #Hydroflexx to relubricate your joints. Guaranteed to work for you!

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It's about Consistency - Not about being the Strongest. #getprimed #health #fitness #supplements #wellness #intelligentnutrition #gym #fit

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The ONLY powder-to-gel Joint product that lubricates your synovial fluid to restore mobility and strength. Also is great for your skin from the inside out. Do not use any other liquid Hyaluronan product as they start degrading when mixed at the factory, sitting in inventory or shelves, and by the time you actually get it, has already degraded into the inflammatory smaller molecular weight hyaluronan. You want to activate it when you are ready so that you have the full 3-month window to use it at its peak strength.

Patented Formula.

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C-Tech, Real Targeted Vitamin C for Active Bodies. #health #fitness #foodfusion #health #targetednutrition #healthylifestyle

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FoodFusion™ is real Targeted Nutrition for your body.

Protein carriers and food factors guide the nutrients to where they are needed. Highly efficient, low dosage to boost your recovery and maintain a high level of health.

Synthetic isolated nutrients from regular supplements that you find at Wal-Mart or GNC only succeed in depositing mega-doses of synthetics all over the body where they can actually cause more harm than good.


Your body craves real food - Not Isolates! FoodFusion™ nutrients are treated as Real Food by your system.

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The market's First Powder-to-Gel Hyaluronic Acid supplement. Highest bioavailability and freshness. You activate with water when you are ready to use it. Lubricate your joints, restore mobility, reduce discomfort and start moving again, Pain-Free!

Easy to use - Relief in days, Not months.

Available in the Bioprime Store.

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HydroFlexx is the next generation health product engineered to restore healthy joints.

Foundational Strength - Pure FoodFusion™ Multi - for Active People. Get it now. #supplements #vitamins

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