“Power Struggle”- based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew

Any time a celebrity shares their bipolar diagnosis, I feel an added measure of strength and gratitude. Stigma is going down!

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Mariah Carey revealed her struggle with mental illness and will undoubtedly help so many with her bravery. (via AJ+)

Welcome to Management Monday! The day of the week where we talk about yet another strategy to use to better manage our mental health.

Today's Strategy: Have a Clean Environment

Ever heard the saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"? I don't hear it much anymore, but I heard it a lot as a child- probably when my parents wanted me to clean my room. I never believed it... that is, until adulthood.


I married a man who knows how to clean and tidy, and motivate me to do the same. I started realizing that when I left piles and projects everywhere and didn't clean up for several days or even weeks, my brain was also cluttered, scattered, and left my emotions all over the map as well. So, I started an experiment and really noticed how my thoughts/feelings changed from anxious with the piles to a peaceful and clear mind and calm feelings after the place was cleaned up.

I'm amazed at how something so simple and totally external can have such a grand impact on my mind and emotions. I challenge everyone to try my experiment- clean something even more than you think it needs cleaning, and document your internal reaction.

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