“Power Struggle”- based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew

Here’s a little more information about meditation:

What is meditation exactly? It's a practice that's been passed down for an extremely long time. There must be a reason why people continue to practice it! Re...

From Dr. Nate’s waiting room:

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Welcome to Management Monday- where we introduce a concept to help manage a positive mental health.

Today's strategy: Meditation

To put it simply, Meditation is when you take time out of your day to simply focus on the now. When we think too much about the past or the future, it can cause anxiety and stress. And we all know what happens if there's too much of those things- our bodies and our brain begin to suffer.


There are many ways to meditate, and I believe there is no one correct way to do it. It all depends on what works for the individual. I mostly use an app that gives guided meditations. Another approach might be to take 5 minutes and focus on something in your surroundings. Take the time to touch it, smell it, involve all your senses. I've also heard of someone just looking out their window at a tree (or, if the weather is nice, lay down under said tree) and outline the tree in your mind.

Slowing things down and taking numerous breaks to meditate will guarantee a calmer, more present self.

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I came across this song today, and it made me cry. When one struggles with mental illness, it’s hard to believe that you’re important, that you matter to someone, that you’re loved. Trust me- there’s always someone.

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Posted by Daphne Willis
Daphne Willis

This song is for anyone who knows addiction, mental illness, homelessness, or all of the above. Let's start the conversation and stop the stigma! Pass it on! T...his video has 18 million views and over 450,000 shares ❤️❤️

Please stream it anytime you want on Spotify and save it to your song collection!

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Welcome to Management Monday!! Where we discuss a strategy on how to better handle your mental health.

Today's strategy: Good Nutrition

I think it's the silliest thing- what we do here in the Western World. Somehow, we've been able to completely separate our brains from our bodies- like they are two completely different entities.


But guess what? Our bodies are brains are connected- they're inseparable! Our brain needs the right types of food to function properly, just like our bodies do. So, time to make some small changes: Don't eat fast food too much, or sugar, or soda. Give yourself good proteins, lots of veggies, and yes, the body/brain connection even needs some carbs.

I'm still working on this one, but I think it's gonna stick this time. I want my body to be healthy- and that INCLUDES my brain. By giving it what it needs to function well (healthy meals and needed medicine), I'm giving them a better chance to be complete and thrive. Eating well makes everything feel better.

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This is one of my core beliefs when it comes to Bipolar. We can be stuck in victim and suffering mode, or we can take responsibility.

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Posted by NewYou

Will Smith explains how your happiness is your responsibility alone

One of the hardest things about having Bipolar is that every emotion we have is absolutely real to us- no matter how “obvious” it might be to everyone else that we’re “over-reacting”, or “being dramatic”. It becomes increasingly difficult to try to step out of ourselves and analyze whether or not what we’re feeling might be based in reality or personal perceptions.
I’m in one of those funks now. Si...

Dr. Nate’s waiting room:

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Confronting a false belief today. Cleansing tears are being shed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about thinking lately… kind of philosophical. I mean, I’ve known for a while that those who struggle with Bipolar also struggle daily with something called “Distorted Thought Patterns”. Maybe I’ll go into more detail about those later… but essentially, they are thoughts based in perception rather than reality and can have a huge negative affect on how a person feels and th...

Today’s strategy: get on a sleep schedule.

Sleep is intriguing. You close your eyes for some hours and your body and brain is cleaned out. But when we don’t sleep well, our bodies and brains get messed up. (See video I posted on Friday.)


As far as Bipolar is concerned, going to bed and getting up at the same time every day is recommended by the experts to reduce chances of having another episode. Apparently, if you slack off on sleep, you’re more likely to go manic.

On the flip side, not sleeping well could be a warning sign that you are already in an episode- manic or depressed- and to make the necessary changes, and do the necessary strategies to help keep you as stable as possible.

So I guess it’s a chicken/egg sort of question... but we know that sleep affects and is affected by your episodes. Getting as close to a sleep schedule as you can will help to minimize chances of having an episode.

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What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?

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Tech Insider

A sleep expert explains what happens to your body and brain if you don't get sleep.

Therapy is awesome- I don’t care who you are. I told my current therapist about my new life issues and thought patterns I’m struggling with and she gave me some homework to do to help me conquer my thoughts and self-esteem. I’ve had this homework before from other therapists, but never followed through with it. I think it scared me. It still does.
She wants me to do some serious self-reflection, an...

A few years ago, I was introduced to my new therapist. She was the first one to tell me that my illness and my life was still in my hands- and that with hard work, I could still live a fairly normal life.

The waiting room to her office was awesome. She had a lot of quotes and things posted on the wall. Some were funny, some were thought provoking. I took pictures of several of these quotes and have been collecting quotes ever since. I want to share them with you.

May I introduce “Dr Nate’s waiting room”...

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