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Karly White
· April 27, 2017
My husband and I truly cannot say enough amazing things about JoLynda and Ellee. As we sat on the couch reveling in our one week old little girl last night he said of all the books we read, advice we ...took, and preparations we did for labor and delivery, hiring Birth and Soul Doulas was far and away our very best decision that we would recommend to anyone preparing for childbirth. I admittedly didn't know what a Doula did before I came across the title in a couple blogs, but I couldn't imagine not having their experience and expertise as we embarked on the journey of becoming parents. They provided incredible advice and support and gave us confidence to trust my instincts while I labored at home for a couple hours. When it became more intense, JoLynda met us at the hospital (Ellee was already there with another laboring woman and gave us a big hug at check in). Then JoLynda didn't leave our side - suggesting different positions, ensuring I always had water, encouraged me to eat, brought warm blankets and cool towels, had incredibly encouraging words, massaged sore muscles, the list keeps going and going. No need to ask as she just knew what would make us most comfortable in each moment. Because of her support and evidence based education, we were able to stick to our natural birth plan without medical interventions. But don't get me wrong, even if our plan was to take advantage of the pain mitigation offerings like an epidural, we would still hire them without question. She made our birth experience such a calm, supportive one that gave us confidence that we could do it. She set us up for such a great start as new parents and there isn't much more you can hope for than that :) Thank you Ladies!!! �� See More
Angie Bonnell
· October 18, 2016
Choosing Ellee as our doula was one of the best decisions we made during the whole pregnancy. She put us at ease right away. We asked her tons of questions and she was knowledgeable, respectful, funny... and very personable right from the very beginning to the end. During my labor she gave me tips and positions to try and when she joined us at our home, her encouragement is what kept me there longer - resting and waiting before going to the birth center. When I was exhausted she was kind and complimenting - it was exactly what I needed to hear. She helped me center and relax, and gently pushed me to try things I would not have done on my own. I was sad when our last visit was over. She's the kind of gal that you wish was your friend or an auntie. Thanks Ellee, we will tell our little Indra all about you one day. xo See More
Christine Ann Ryan
· January 13, 2017
Having JoLynda as our doula was by far the hidden miracle of our birth experience. JoLynda is extremely accepting of every woman, no matter their birth plan. She believes every woman should have acces...s to an empowering birth experience. This was my husband and my first birth experience and there is no other person we would want by our side for our labor journey in the future. With her guidance and support, both my husband and I felt at ease and empowered to make the right decisions for our birth. JoLynda is able to use her knowledge to work with each couple to provide a unique value to their experience. Her knowledge, expertise, and amazing attitude helped us have a wonderful birth experience! See More
Catherine Ragozzino
· October 5, 2016
My husband and I can't say enough good things about our birth experience with Ellee. She helped us organize our thoughts before the birth and then was a rockstar when it came time for the actual deliv...ery. With her assistance and wisdom of laboring positions, we were able to get my son repositioned and 'flip', saving this mama the pain of back labor. Hire her! This is one of the most (if not the most) important moment of your life - have someone in the room that you know, trust, and has the experience to advocate for you when you're too busy pushing a baby out to think clearly! See More
Kristen Hancock
· October 30, 2016
As a first time parent, having JoLynda at our birth was incredibly beneficial. She helped my husband and I navigate medical decision making and asked fantastic questions when I was not in the mindfram...e to do so. She got along well with medical staff and was respectful of our space as a couple. She also kept my husband and I well fed and hydrated. Not only that, but she helped us find humor when we needed it most. I cannot recommend her highly enough. See More
Aja Sue Jones
· October 1, 2015
JoLynda was an amazing asset to my birth and neither my husband nor I can imagine what our birth experience would have been like had she not been there. I truly believe that JoLynda's attention toward...s the end of my pregnancy is the reason I didn't develop preeclampsia and had a healthy baby- we had been corresponding regularly via text for about 2-weeks before the birth so she was on the ball when I mentioned some symptoms I was having and urged me to go in to L&D, even driving me there herself so my husband could stay at home with our son for what I was sure would be a quick check-up (I dismissed my symptoms as standard late term aches and pains). Needless to say, having her there with me when my husband wasn't and then being my advocate to make sure my wishes for [what I thought was] the unlikely possibility of cesarean birth were met. My husband was able to make the birth and she supported both of us in the OR as well as during, due to the nature of the delivery, the difficult first few hours after. JoLynda's presence at our birth made what could have been an extremely stressful event the most beautiful and enjoyable birth I could have imagined. Trust me, you want JoLynda as your doula, regardless of the type of birth you are planning. See More
Tamar Grimm
· May 23, 2017
The best decision I made in preparing for my little one's birth was hiring JoLynda and Ellee. They were both amazing in helping me understand what to expect and JoLynda was incredible throughout the ...labor - even helping the nurses understand what was happening! She made a slightly complicated labor feel like an incredible triumph and I couldn't have done it without her! See More
April Pedersen Lipkie
· July 15, 2016
When I got pregnant, my husband and I didn't know much about what doulas do, but when we learned more about it we decided it would probably be a worthwhile investment. We were right and we are SO GLA...D we chose JoLynda to be a part of our pregnancy and birth experience. From our initial interview with her onwards, we felt very comfortable talking to her and felt so well supported. JoLynda is extremely compassionate, understanding, calm, and laid-back. She is very knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth which made us feel comfortable that we had all the information that we needed to make well-informed decisions. We chose to pursue a non-medicated birth, but JoLynda made it very clear that she was happy to support any type of birth we chose. My husband appreciated that she helped him to feel more confident and competent in his role during labor and delivery. When I had questions about how to turn a breech baby, breastfeeding, and other areas, she had great online resources and videos to share.

I would HIGHLY recommend Birth and Soul to anyone who is looking for a doula! She was definitely a wonderful asset to our pregnancy and birth experience.
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Dena Lassi
· February 8, 2016
JoLynda was such a sweet and clam presence during my birth. Not to mention, she was able to snap a few great pics for me too! I loved having her there to advocate for me when the words weren't there, ...and she was so sweet with my baby. Having a doula is an awesome experience that took some of the worry and stress off my husband and myself :D Love you Jo! See More
Kaitlin Lytle
· January 12, 2017
These ladies were fantastic during the entire birth process! We always felt at ease with them and they offered a wealth of knowledge. We highly recommend using Birth and Soul and will use them again the future. Do yourself a favor and hire them, you won't regret it. See More
Melissa Beth
· July 26, 2016
Oh my goodness, JoLynda is amazing. She knows her stuff and was able to put my birth wishes into words for me during my labor. Her presence and expertise brought ease to the different transitions that... took place in my labor. Loved it! See More
Kristyn Blocher
· February 23, 2017
I know that Minneapolis has a lot of options for doula support. Do yourself a favor and check out this one first!

Immunologists at Queen Mary University are working to find early markers for preeclampsia.

Placenta slices (from mice) are helping to show clues of the cardiovascular correlation and immune system.

Did preeclampsia impact your pregnancy or birth?


Photo credit: Neil Dufton

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