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My salute to the funniest physicist we knew. Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Comedy

With all due respect to Stephen Hawking's triumph over his limitation, what’s really amazing was his ability to make an audience laugh without moving

על ההזדמנויות החדשות ליצרני התוכן בעידן שאחרי הכבלים והלווין

ההתרסקות של ספינות המדיה המסורתית על קרחון ה-OTT היא כבר עובדה מוגמרת. הפלטפורמות והגופים המשדרים מגלים שהממזרים שינו את החוקים וחייבים להשתנות מהר בשביל לחזור להיות...

איך התאהבתי באפליקציה הכי אידיוטית באייטיונז...

Have you heard on Gudak Cam - 구닥? It has become very popular in South Korea and Japan, especially among high sch...ool girls. It is meant to simulate the look and feel of using a Kodak disposable camera from the late 80's and it is more addictive than you'd expect.

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My grandmother used to say that if everyone runs in one direction - running in the opposite direction is not necessarily a mistake. I am saying this

Great story

On 31 October 1992, Britain's BBC TV aired a 90-minute documentary called Ghostwatch. The program was advertised as a live investigation into reports of supernatural activity at a council house in North London. The show was anchored by a group of well-known television reporters: Michael Parkinson, S...


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AXN Asia

Only the first episode and already a Golden Buzzer!?! You just *know* they're gonna be special. 🛎

ADEM DANCE CREW not only received a Golden Buzzer, they also earned themselves a trip to Europe, proudly presented by Traveloka!

#AXNAsia #AsiasGotTalent #GoldenBuzzer #JayPark

An article I wrote on the changes in the Israeli TV market for C21Media

The Israeli TV industry has never had it so good – or so bad. Ananey Communications’ content chief warns that the industry cannot endlessly offer more for less.
Subscribe fore more videos here : BRET RAY FRASER: Naked Painter ! Crazy ! Crazy !!!! France's Got Talent 03 November 2015 Watch more a...

As you all probably know, my hobby and profession are one and the same - original insights about media. I'm picking my all-time favorite inspiring talks and articles about TV and sharing them on a FB page.

Now my question is - If you needed to pick a lecture, panel, article, meme or infographic that made you a better TV person - what would it be?

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The Revolution is Televised
Get to know our competitive beauty queen Ashleigh and her grandma Mary as they get set to take on Cancun! Don't miss all new Spring Break With Grandad, starting Monday 6th February at 10pm - only on MTV!

I worked on a Chinese dating show and I lived to tell the tale. My post on The Huffington Post about love and Chinese TV

לכל מי שתהה מה עשיתי שבועיים בסין...

The immigration officer turned my passport upside down, and turned it back up. Puzzled, he called over a colleague who could actually string a sentence i...