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This afternoon, Blairs Londontowne Pub in Edgewater, 2pm. Big D turns 60, and the boys and I are gonna do it up right! Come out, and do a little day drinking with us!

Black Cadillac is getting together again to celebrate Dallas' 60th birthday. Old tunes with old friends!

Sat 2:00 PM EDTBlair's Londontowne Pub and GrillEdgewater, MD
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Hey folks, I know it's been a while, but we're going to be getting the boys together for a reunion show to celebrate Dallas Jones' Big 6-0 this Saturday afternoon at Blairs Londontowne Pub in Edgewater (726 Londontowne Rd, 21037). The fun starts at 2pm, hope to see you there! - Spence

Hey, it's Spence... The boys from Sour Diesel and I are going to be rockin' the deck at Mangroves this Friday! Come see what the buzz is all about!

Fri 8:30 PM EDT
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Let's try this again... Spence here, and if you saw Black Caddy down at Mangroves and Jellyfish Joels, come out this Saturday night and check out my current band, Sour Diesel. We'll be rockin' the deck starting at 8:30pm, hope to see you there!!

Sat 8:30 PM EDT
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And then stay for this!! I'll be doubling down with my boys from Sour Diesel, and we're going to keep the beat rockin' with our heavy, bluesy classic sound. Hope to see you there!!

Sat 3:30 PM EDTPark Plaza 500 blk of Ritchie Highway, Severna Park, MD
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Hey guys, it's Spence... Jeff Hughes and I are going to be jammin' at the Shop Local Festival tomorrow with Chris Twigg and Trick Daddy! Rock out with us as we play some of your favorite classic rock tunes!! Hope you can all come out for this...

Sat 11:30 AMPark Plaza, Severna Park
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SINGLE: Mondo 49-C Tarzan Klein - all instruments Recorded: July 3rd 2014 Catonsville Recording Studio

Looking for a place to get out of the rain tonight? Come check out the open mic at the Woodstock Inn tonight... I'll be down there with the rest of the boys from Sour Diesel serving up some serious rock and roll! The fun starts at 8pm, hope to see y'all there!! --Spence

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Woodstock Inn
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Hey folks! We wanted to let y'all know that we're going to be out at the Ebb Tide- Annapolis, MD this Saturday night starting at 9pm!! This will likely be the last chance to see us for a while, as we are going to be taking a break after this gig. We appreciate all you who have been supportive of us over the past few years, and we hope you'll all come out and party with us BCad style!!

Here's a little more of the crazy night from Rams Head this past Saturday - enjoy!!!…/BlackCadillac_20130622-RamsHeadRoadhou…

Black Cadillac live at the Rams Head Roadhouse - 6/22/2013 ->Set 2

Hey folks, Spence again... If you want to be sure you're getting all the latest and greatest news and announcements from Black Caddy land, you have to do one more thing after you have liked our page. Take your mouse cursor and move it back over the button labeled "Liked", hover there, and then check "Get Notifications" when the pull down menu pops up.

Because evidently, clicking "Like" wasn't enough for FB to figure out you wanted to get notifications for this page... Anyway, thanks for playing, and this should keep you up to date on all the upcoming gigs and other happenings in our world! Thanks!

If you missed Black Cadillac this Saturday night at Rams Head Roadhouse - enjoy the insanity of set 1:…/BlackCadillac_20130622-RamsHeadRoadhou…

Black Cadillac live at the Rams Head Roadhouse - 6/22/2013 ->Set 1

Hey folks,

It's Spence, the lead singer and generally the biggest loudmouth in the band... I'm curious about something that came up in a recent comment and I wanted to get some feedback from those of you out there in Black Caddy Land... Are you seeing our promo posts for gigs? Are we getting them up soon enough? Is there something we could be doing better to promote our gigs? (BTW, even if you don't have an opinion, if you received this post, could you do us a favor and just take 2 seconds to post a quick "hi" in the comments so that we know you got it? I'm curious what our reach is on an average post, so I'm doing your general non-scientific researchish poll...) Thanks in advance for your help and your input!!

Tarzan is here... Early as usual.... See you at the Rams Head...