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Official Statement from Black Lives Matter NYC (BLMNYC)
January 5, 2018

There are and always have been multiple paths to continue the work of Black liberation. It has been an incredible journey these last three years as we have built connections with Black people in New York City, the country, and the world. Black Lives Matter NYC’s participation in the Global BLM Network has taught us many lessons and important insights. The evolution of our journey has brought us to... a new space where we feel it is best to take on a new direction independent of the Global BLM Network.

Following the Black Life Matters Ride to Ferguson, Missouri, the New York City Chapter of the then emerging Global BLM Network formed in the Fall of 2014. The uprising of the Greater St. Louis community served as a catalyst for a national Black-led movement to form. The instrumental contributions of Black Trans Women and hundreds of Black people gathering and organizing formed the basis for what would become the Global BLM Network. Our collective, like many across the nation, has worked together across various areas of activism and community building in the years following Ferguson. Locally, we have provided support for families of victims of state-sanctioned violence, organized community gatherings and rallies, as well as launched work with impact beyond our chapter.

Black Lives Matter NYC, along with many of the other ride attendees, intentionally formed the decentralized network that exists today. Our chapter played an active and pivotal role in building the Global Network in various capacities that ranged from website/digital development, artistic production, national chapter capacity-building, substantial financial support, major campaign formulation amongst other contributions.

The best way for us to move our Black liberation work forward is to be autonomous from the global network. We will take time to build a collective that can realize our power, be accountable to our community, and transformative in our politics. We see this as a continuation of the radical Black liberation and the Black power struggle that has spanned centuries around the world. We believe in the right to self-govern and our need to become ungovernable to institutions that do not serve our interest of freedom, autonomy, and liberation. We view the struggle for Black liberation as a human rights struggle. Black liberation is necessary and imperative for global liberation and the liberation of all people.

Though we will no longer identify as Black Lives Matter NYC or have any direct affiliation with the Global BLM Network, we will continue to do our work as Black liberation fighters. We remain committed to the projects that we have launched individually and collectively and to fostering the relationships we have built.

We want to build the worlds we seek now.

Always in solidarity and with love.

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