"Health to the Company" August 3, 2014 pub sing
Oliver was a power house today, knocking Sir Tyler off his horse! No worries- Tyler got up and managed to beat the snot out of Sir Gyles for while!
What let a little rain ruin or day! Come out and share in the funwith Ric Roc!
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Heather Ann
· July 17, 2017
We went for the first time and had a great time. Authentic experience and hugely friendly actors/vendors. Our son had a tearful reaction to his sister being "jailed" and several of the female actors a...ttempted to console him and help him have a great time. That was truely lovely of them and endearing to us that they would take time out of their day to help a small boy.. Thanks to all who do this. We will definitely be back. See More
Bill Winters
· July 17, 2017
I liked the day as a whole, but there was an issue at the security gate. No one is allowed to bring in outside food, which most events have for health code reasons. However, people with diet restrict...ions, such as people with diabetes, need food at the ready if their blood sugar drops. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with certain afflictions, and BlackRock violates these laws every day. See More
John T Reynolds
· July 8, 2017
As the festival is nice and small so as not to be over crowded like other larger festivals. It seams the food venders don't know how to plan for it. As the last 2 years that me and my family have visi...ted the festival the food venders have run out of food with in the first 3 - 4 hours of the day. So go for the festival but don't plan on eating. See More
Shawn Burns
· August 6, 2017
Completely amazing medieval festival! All the live action shows are well done, and the games and attractions are fun and exciting. Tons of stuff to do for the kids, very family friendly. Very fr...iendly staff, always happy to help. Highly recommended, definitely going back! See More
Emily Jacobson
· July 8, 2017
Had a wonderful time! This was my first time ever going to a medieval festival, and it was great! Small enough to not feel overwhelmed by everything, but still had plenty of things to do and see! Ever...yone was extremely friendly. Only downside would be the lack of food vendors. But I can't wait to go back again! See More
Hannah John Ahler
· July 25, 2017
We drove over two hours to find out our favorite food vendor was not there! Please bring back Hickory Hut! The food was amazing and the staff were always soo kind! I don't think we will be back a seco...nd time this year. � See More
Madolyn Leckie
· July 10, 2017
This first time there had alot of fun people was very friendly great with the kids my first time being a food vender with cold drinks we loved it will be there next. Week. Thank you to the peop...le for put it on. See More
Marc Cahill
· July 16, 2017
For the size of this event it was okay....
It wasn't crowded. The sword battle was the highlight of the day..... I truly wonder if anyone was hurt. It was very realist. The jousting area is too small but the performers did the best they could with what they had. Finally, the first thing I saw when I got there was a 20 something year old male dressed in black battle dress uniform (like SWAT) wearing a shoulder holster with a huge revolver hanging out of it. I'm a Police Officer (and I did not identify myself to him but had chosen not to attend with my weapon before I left home). He riffled through our bags & GF's purse looking for who knows what. Keep in mind there are people with swords daggers & antique musket pistols all over. As we traversed the event, I noticed more of these "shock troops" moving around throughout the grounds. I don't know who they were but they made me uncomfortable. Perhaps they will consider a less militant appearance next year but I sure won't be going. See More
Shannon Saum
· July 26, 2017
A truly wonderful event with amazing people! I highly recommend this to anyone new to Rein Fares or those that are seasoned veterans! It is great fun for youngsters or those young at heart alike!
Amanda Reigns
· May 30, 2017
It's funny, I see these 1 star reviews from people that either can't read, don't think rules apply to them or are too selfish to respect or even care about all the hard work and dedication that it mus...t take to put an event like this together. I'm not going to say that there couldn't be some improvements as nothing is perfect, but this place and the majority of the people that care enough to do what it takes to give us such a gift like this place that we can get away from our everyday lives, even if just a couple of days a year, deserve much better than these 1 star reviews, and more than likely outright lies! I see the rules, follow the rules and have never had anything but a great time at any of the festivals I've been to there, don't listen to the negativity, those of you that are putting your all into this place are doing a great job, thank you for giving us a place to have a fun day! See More

A VERY Happy Birthday to this lovely critter! We love you Magda!

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Can't wait to see what Faolan has in store for us this year! From what we've heard - his wood sprites have moved in to the Faerie glen at The Olde World Village! Looks like Scathach, God of the Underworld will have some competition for minions!

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Are you a gifted tarot reader? Do you know someone who is? Blackrock Medieval Fest is currently seeking an outstanding medium for the 5 week run of this family favorite festival! For more information on how YOU can bring your talents to The Olde World Village, email!

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Yesterday, our favorite little tank baby Ada Jane of the Viking World had her tonsils out! Today she's back to her rambunctious wild-child self and healing nicely! Much love to you, tiny tyrant! We love you and can't wait to see how much you've grown this summer!

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Asking for a friend...

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Are you an exceptional Henna Artist? Do you know someone who IS? Blackrock Medieval Fest is looking for henna tattoo artists for the 5 week festival in Augusta, Michigan at The Olde World Village this summer! For a vendor packet, please email!

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Get your armor ready! It's almost faire season!

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You don't want to miss what we've got up our sleeves this year!

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Are you an amazing face painter? If so, then we want YOU to come be our exclusive face painter for Blackrock Medieval Fest! for a vendor packet, please email!

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Prepare yourselves for a barbarian invasion! Looks like The Hoarde will be claiming some space at Blackrock Medieval Fest 2018! Hide your wives and shiny objects!

The Hoarde's photo.
The Hoarde
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Blackrock Medieval Fest is with Emily Alfdis Fitch.

Happy Birthday to one of our favorite wee fae! (Hey, that rhymes)

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Happy Birthday to this amazing Viking Badass!!!!

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Back by popular demand (and because WE love them!) Bell Book and Canto will be performing for you at Blackrock Medieval Fest 2018! If you haven't had a chance to see these fantastic musicians, check out their page for some video clips of their magical shenanigans!

Primarily an a capella vocal group, Bell Book and Canto is a vivacious group of women with the yearning to sing. They are proud to call the majority of the music in their performances "theirs," with shows composed of a number of originals, as well as traditional and classical covers. They perform music from a slew of different genres, ranging from folk to sacred and Pagan, along with classical and contemporary. The girls also have a lot of fun writing and performing women's bawdy tunes and drinking songs -- because they can't let the boys have all the fun -- for renaissance faires and festivals. Sprinkled throughout their Pagan and sacred shows, you will find beautiful harmonies and complex dynamics, as well as lilting tunes, and refrains that ring of yesteryear. In the end, music is how Bell Book and Canto celebrate their respective paths, worldviews, and spiritualities -- and they love sharing those passions with their audience.

A very Happy Birthday to this cutie patootie!

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WOOHOOOO!!!! SOV is coming to Blackrock Medieval Fest for 2018!

Great news, the Swords of Valour now have a Patreon page! We have started small with some cool incentives for that that are so inclined to tip out the virtual hat.

Even if you are not able too, please share and spread the word.

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