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Jay Michele Grey
· February 14, 2018
Getting really tired of not being able to have a emergency contact after hours. Please tell me why i cant buy my sons medicine!!! Something wrong with my card or your system BUT there is no one to HELP!
Amy Meiers
· April 30, 2018
The employees here are very rude and slow. We waited an hour to speak with a banker. This is exactly why we switched to another financial institution.
Bill Watts
· June 14, 2017
Just wanted to thank Michael Hughes for all his hard work and assistance with getting us into our new home. What you probably think of as normal days at the office, far exceeded our expectations and m...eant the world to us. You know the mortgage process inside and out and made sure we were aware and prepared for anything that came our way. Even when surprises arose, we were prepared for it because of your vast experience and letting us know beforehand. You made sure we were aware of what may, can, will and won't happen. If we had a question after hours you never let us wait very long for an answer and setting our minds at ease around every turn. I know for a fact that this process would not have gone as well as it did without you overseeing it. We'll get you over to help us celebrate when we get settled. Thanks again. See More
Amy Smith
· November 29, 2017
I am so tired of rude employees. I have banked here for a very long time and am ready to leave.
Mauro Casillas
· December 16, 2017
I bank at 11th St. location and everyone there is super friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work.
Lisa Cushman Hasting
· February 1, 2017
My husband went cash a check that I wrote from my account for $15. They asked for two forms of identification, his occupation, his phone number, and his social security number. When he asked why they... needed the information they declined to answer. So I called to ask why they needed it, and was told they were "building a profile", so when he comes in to cash another check they have all the information. I told them I thought it was an invasion of his privacy, the check was written on my account and we have the same address, so why was he detained for 15 minutes for a $15 check? I was told that was their policy. I have been banking with Blackhawk Bank for 15 years, I will NOT be banking with them for 16 years. I will be closing my account this afternoon and taking my business elsewhere. I thought this was the United States of America! I guess they didn't get the memo.
Thank you for addressing this matter! ����
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Judy Compton
· November 4, 2017
I have been banking with Blackhawk for 10 years. An I have gotten nothing but respect every time I go to the bank to do any kind of business!
Francis Castro
· August 16, 2017
I love everything about this bank. I had another bank and dropped it after having issues with them, I have never had any bad experiences with Blackhawk Bank. The staff is always so nice, their persona...l bankers truly know what they are doing. I've had to go in there quite a few times, and Lloanna is always so nice and helpful. I know for sure if I ever need anything they are a call or email away. PS I also love their online banking. See More
Brian Suik
· February 5, 2018
Terrible customer service , tellers screw up more than they don’t
Crystal Holloway
· May 22, 2017
Worst bank ever. Im switching. Ive been with them for years. Signed up for the overdraft feature. I use it a lot and understand that they take their $30 fee. When it comes to wanting stuff for my acc...ount no can do. I asked for my daughter to have it. Nope. She doesnt have enough activity. I called to set up the remote deposit where you take a pic of check to deposit it. Was told over the phone since i had 5 overdrafts i need to go into branch and have it done in person. I live on west side of rockford. There are no close branches. I drive over to perryville branch to set it up in person and she says nope. Too many overdrafts. I wanted to set it up for my daughters account which im on. Nope. She needs to come in even though shes a minor. I try to purchase stuff online. Nope. Not an authorized state. So basically i deposit my money with you and im not allowed to do anything with it??? Im keeping you in business by you taking $30 an overdraft. A lot of business and i get turned down for everything??? Thats how you thank me as a customer??? And lie and say i can get something done in person, i go in person 20 min to the other side of rockford and still denied??? Looking into other banks tonight. Congrats Blackhawk. Lost another customer. See More

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