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Fred Ungar
· June 27, 2017
Sure am missing my favorite chocolate shop. Been a staple since my youth. Molasses Paddles, Butter Creams, Coconut Creams, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, Molasses Sponges, Almond Butter Crunch to nam...e just a few. Hope Phil is doing well but we sure do miss you and your candies See More
Joanne Behm
· March 4, 2015
The chocolate here is the best I have ever tasted. The butter creams are to die for. The creamist I have ever had. Every time we'd go there I spend a lot. There prices are good and selection for Easte...r is amazing. All made in the factory there. They are only open about 6 months out of the year due to the heat in summer months. This is one of the reasons I am writing about them.
Last year Mayor Nutter tried to get the pay taxes on the months they were not open and of course the city did this right before Easter. Now they are at it again. The owner said he might have to close and we would be deprived of all the delicious chocolate they make. They are located on Venango Street in Kensington. I know the section isn't the greatest but you won't regret going there. Let the city go after half the people in Kensington who reneg on their taxes and leave this institution pay the taxes for the time they are actually open. Please share this on your Facebook page if you agree.
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Jerry Whitworth
· March 9, 2014
Use to live around the corner from Blasius and it's the best handmade chocolate I ever had. We go here every year for our Easter candy. Blasius is famous for their chocolate (with every variety from hollow to cream filled to covered in a variety of shapes and sizes) and the best selection of Peeps variety I've ever seen. It's Philadelphia's best kept secret that the locals are completely addicted to. See More
Susan Gallagher
· March 4, 2015
I'm 66 years old and my mom started going there since my brothers and I were kids. I still go there for our children and now, grandchildren. It's the best chocolate ever. Melts in your mouth!
Thomas Ohanlon
· May 3, 2017
Best candy anywhere. A piece of Philly history and culture! I recently visited Philly from Las Vegas. And while I was there one of the places I went to was Blasius. Only to find it...closed.
Christina Beerhalter
· March 15, 2017
i miss this place! best buttercreams, choc easter bunnies and choc covered marshmallows around!
Carol Hall
· February 8, 2016
I've gone here for years. They have the best chocolates in the world, especially their double dipped ones.
Aimee Komada-Donahue
· September 29, 2015
The best place for Easter candy. It's a fun place to go a tradition of ours for years
Grace Perez
· February 12, 2016
love the candy and give to friends and family every year,,,,shop there you wont be disappointed!!
Jaime Jablonowski-Erdman
· March 19, 2015
This s place is a family tradition beginning with my mothers family as she was a young child! Mouthwatering candy that takes me back! My knees buckle when I walk in & take a big whiff! Lol!
Janis Gaghan Siravo
· February 6, 2015
simply the BEST Buttercreams you will ever eat! Chocolate is freshest You will ever taste.
Melanie Eyrich
· March 9, 2016
The best chocolate ever! I have been going there since I was a child!
Lisa Heenan Ritzheimer
· March 10, 2015
All chocolate is so good. I never know what to buy.
H. L. Smith II
· February 26, 2014
They have a whole lotta "DARK"!!!
You know I Love the place!!!
Debbie McDonald-Pacifico
· November 8, 2015
Really neat old chocolate factory. Will visit again
Nadine Everly Santiago
· April 13, 2014
Ooo i miss this place so much since I moved to Florida :(
Kathryn Smiley White
· April 17, 2014
Best butter creams in the Delaware Valley!
Gerri Capobianco
· March 7, 2014
Best chocolate I ever had!!
Meg Threasea
· March 11, 2015
Best chocolate ever!!!
June Plummer
· November 20, 2014
I love there a Dark Chocolate!!
Gloria packing the solid chocolate pieces!

We are happy to inform you that our good friend at Bergin's Chocolate on Morris Road in North Wales/West Point PA is now making our butter cream formula for your enjoymen. Their phone number is 215-699-3420