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BLAZE YOU OUT is available nationwide today! If you want it now go to Amazon, Redbox, Walmart or Target. Much love to our fans for supporting us all the way. Here's a little behind the scenes with Veronica Diaz Carranza and Melissa Cordero.
So many questions about the cave! Here is some behind the scenes footage of the artist - Ra Paulette - as he explains.

Big props go out to Omar Paz Trujillo ,"Jesse Bonez" from Blaze You Out, on his LEAD ROLE in in "Dances with Werewolves" premiering tonight at the Jean Cocteau Cinema at 9:00pm in Santa Fe, NM. Looking forward to the experience and all the heat it brings! Way to REPRESENT! For ticket information check

Omar Paz Trujillo

Just wanted to share this with you guys as well as send a BIG "THANK YOU!" to Adrian Gomez for this excellent article! Really appreciate you taking the time to share my story! 👊

Omar Paz Trujillo's life in movies is one that moves at a fast pace

"Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders, smooth as ravens' claws" -Jim Morrison


Blaze You Out Fans - you can now rent the DVD of the movie on NETFLIX! Tell your friends. Leave a Review. You can also rent it in the UK - so hit your friends up over the pond.

En Memoria de Elizabeth Peña
Ms. Peña brought ultimate passion and an unrelenting charisma to all that she did. In the time we got to spend with her, she was so ultra vivacious. She lived without regret and flung herself full fledged into her character. She was dynamic in her own skin and comfortable in who she was. She was an amazing storyteller, not only as an actor but in her everyday life... Her personality was dramatic and larger then life. She had a burning in her belly for living and living according to her own terms... She performed as if there were no tomorrow. Elizabeth acted with a reckless abandon and could deliver more with a look, then a million words could ever say. Her stories will live on forever and her mastery is immortalized through her body of work. She was the epitome of unique and her presence was undeniable. I still have a message that she left me as we were shooting for my birthday... She sung to me... in the tune of Marilyn Monroe and after my birthday song she wished me "Feliz Cumpleaños, Mr. Director". I saved it so I could always hear that sultry voice.
Tonight I prayed a Rosario for our beloved Elizabeth and for our dearly departed. Doña Sebastiana has come for her...
May the angels guide her.
Por favor Dios, limpia la Alma de la unica, Elizabeth Peña.


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Miss Peña was fire. Larger than life, with a uniquely visceral and refined talent that could changed the temprature of a room. More importantly she had a heart of gold. She taught me a whole lot about the big show. When she accepted the role we were overwhelmed with emotion. When she showed up the first day, we knew we had made it. "Hey Diego, Rosie's here" Forever greatful to have worked with her. May the angels guide her and God be with her familia.


We lost part of our Blaze Family today. You were and will continue to be our inspiration. A.L.F.…/actress-elizabeth-pena-d…

Actress Elizabeth Pena, who recently completed work on El Rey Network's Matador, has died. She was 55. Her nephew, writer Mario-Francisco Robles ...…

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Friday, June 6th at KIMO Theater in Albuquerque, NM at 2:00pm for Albuquerque Film and Media Experience.

Come and see BLAZE YOU OUT on the Big Screen! Please feel free to invite Friends that would enjoy the opportunity to see the thrilling film!

Albuquerque Film and Media Experience Presents:

An unyielding young woman ventures into the ruthless underworld of the town’s heroin trade in order to save her younger sister’s life. AFME brings back Blaze You Out as part of Taylor’s Calling Heroin Awareness and Education programming.

AJK Films
Written & Directed by Mateo Frazier & Diego Joaquin Lopez

Produced by Alicia Keyes Touche

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Don't miss Friday night in Santa Fe! Buy your tickets early.

(USA, 2013) Written and directed by Mateo Frazier and Diego Joaquin Lopez. Cast: Veronica Diaz-Carranza, Melissa Cordero, Mark Adair-Rios, Elizabeth Pena, Q’Orianka Kilcher. 98 min
Entrevista con Melissa Cordero, actriz de Blaze You Out. Antonela Pina y Claudia Vivar te traen Foro 55 todos los Viernes a las 4:30 de la tarde. El programa...

Oh Yeah! That's our girl! Check out Melissa Cordero in Blaze You Out.…/…/Melissa_Cordero

How We Picked The Semifinalists: We solicited nominations through, plus we threw in our own candidates. After looking through hundreds of nominations, and interviewing dozens of women, D Magazine editors narrowed the pool down to 20 semifinalists.
BLAZE YOU OUT is with Diego Joaquin Lopez and Mark A Rios.

Guess who's coming from LA on Friday the 13th...Jean Cocteau Theatre in Santa Fe...6:30pm...Don't miss it!

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BLAZE Fans - BLAZE YOU OUT will be at George Martin's Jean Cocteau Theatre in Santa Fe on September 13 at 6:30pm with select cast and crew for a Q&A. It will then screen again on September 14th&15th at 4:15pm. Tickets can be purchased at the box office.

We watched BLAZE YOU OUT this weekend, Diego. It is definitely an artistic triumph. Like the weavers in your family, you used the warp of history and geography and the weave of modern portrayals of good and evil to give us a story as rich as tapestry. Like the sculptors in your family, you cut away all that was unneeded in the story line and the filming and gave us the essential essence of your work and vision so that we got caught up in its scope and beauty. Like the painter...s in your family, you laid out a canvas of the familiar, but sprinkled the wondrous here and there to arrest the eyes and hearts of your viewers. Like the silversmiths in your family, you crafted something for us that was pure, native, and unmistakably true to the cultural heritage of Northern New Mexico. Muy bien hecho, señor. Ciertamente muy bien hecho!

-Charles "Chick" Todd

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Rage Against the Machine

We want to give a big shout out to the incredible musical artists involved with BLAZE YOU OUT. We've listed all the source cues in the "About" section of the page. We will not be doing a sound track - so please support these crazy talented people and buy their music.

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