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Today Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17127 for PC to insiders in the fast ring. Like the previous build, they continue to iron out issues with Windows Mixed Reality, but also includes improvements to Cortana.
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UK authorities will seek a warrant to probe the computer systems of Cambridge Analytica, the company blamed for covertly siphoning the data of over 50 million Facebook users.
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Using old dusty hardware being sold on eBay, hardware hackers can transform them into modern devices that perform tasks that they were never intended. Such is the case when hardware hacker Trammel Hudson discovered some Motorola MDT-9100T Mobile Data Terminals being sold on eBay that looked straigh...
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If you are concerned about the lack of privacy on the Internet, then this Windscribe VPN Pro Lifetime subscription deal may be something that will interest you. Windscribe Pro is normally priced at $90 per year, but as part of this deal you can get a lifetime subscription for $49.
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Microsoft said on Friday that the upcoming Windows 10 major feature upgrade —dubbed the Spring Creators Update— will take around 30 minutes to install, unlike previous variants that took between one and two hours to complete.
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A report released today by UK threat intelligence firm Armor shines a light on the prices practiced on Dark Web markets for a wide range of cybercrime-related services.
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Mozilla Foundation engineers announced plans over the weekend to test the "DNS over HTTPS" (DoH) fledgling security standard in Firefox Nightly distributions.
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An Uber self-driving car has struck and killed a woman pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, the company has revealed today.
Chinese authorities plan to use the country's mysterious "social credit" database to ban people guilty of past unruly behavior from purchasing plane and train tickets for up to a year.
Google Chrome is typically a reliable and quick browser, but like anything else, it can slow down over time. When it does, the resultant experience can cause frustration and limit your productivity. By trying a few simple tips, though, you can boost the speed and make your internet experiences pleas...
Today, IBM will be showing off the world's smallest computer at its Think 2018 conference. This computer is the size of a grain of salt, contains a million transistors, and only costs .10 to manufacture.
As part of a settlement between Google and Getty Images, Google has agreed to remove the popular "View Image" button when viewing an image in Google Images. This is a very popular feature that has upset many people who routinely use the Google Images service.
One of every 200 Google search autocomplete suggestions are poisoned and are used to drive traffic to misleading sites, to malware, or other malicious content, a team of academics from three US universities has discovered.
The Linux Foundation announced a new project called ACRN (pronounced "acorn") that will provide generic code for the creation of hypervisors for IoT devices.
Facebook has confirmed over the weekend reports that an app made by a team of academics had collected vasts amounts of user data, who then shared this information with Cambridge Analytica —a commercial data analytics firm that allegedly used this info to target US voters in the 2016 Presidential e...
For at past nine years, Mozilla has been using an insufficiently strong encryption mechanism for the "master password" feature.
Polish law enforcement announced on Friday the arrest of Tomasz T., a well-known cyber-criminal believed to be the author of the Polski, Vortex, and Flotera ransomware strains.