Please go to
and like the page. This is one of the young men who helped start this page. He shoots trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand and more.
He is an SCTP and NSCA member and is trying to raise money (and looking for sponsors) to attend a district and nationals competition in Savannag, Ga and Ohio.
We have 2 raffles going on that can be found on his page....
Thank you!

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It's been a while since I have updated this page but wanted to let everyone know what's going on. At this time we will no longer be accepting donations. Unfortunately we just don't have a lot of time to spend on this like we had before.
We will still be doing our part as a family and handing out bags with items we have purchased.
The boys have grown up. One is now 20 and has moved out and working and doing his own thing. The other son is 17 and doing his own thing. I run a ...self-employed business and raise my granddaughter so my time is limited.
It doesn't mean we won't be doing our part- just not on a large scale like this.
We appreciate ALL the help we have gotten in the past 5-6 years. We all have helped so many people. Y'all have been so generous with your giving!! And we can never repay you all.
During the holidays we delivered a truck bed load of items to the shelter. We had boxes of personal hygiene items, blankets, clothes, toys, etc. They were very appreciative. We will still carry our blessing bags in the car and hand them out when we see someone in need.
I will leave this page up and will update when I can.
Please continue to do your part and help when you can when you see someone in need. If things change in the future to where we can take donations and have the time to make the bags, we will let you know.
Again, we thank you very much!
God bless you all.
The Roberts Family

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How wonderful. God bless him.

Moorie Boogart has been knitting for more than 15 years and isn't letting his failing health stop him from knitting winter caps for the homeless.

Boogart calls learning to knit one of the best things that has ever happened to him and adds that the only time he's not knitting is when he's sleeping.

God bless this man. What he is doing is a great thing.

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✂️ Meet Josh Coombes, hairdresser for the homeless. Learn more: #DoSomethingForNothing

We are in desperate need of socks. Please donate if you can.
We have plenty of other items but socks are always requested.
Thank you!

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As these hooded figures demonstrate, being homeless isn't a choice for many young people. (via Bellefaire JCB)

It is cold in Florida. It will be in the high 20's tonight......that is something we are not used to in the south.
Can you imagine having to sleep outside?
These are just 2 of our many friends we helped tonight. These are real people we helped....not images from Google.
We only had 9 blankets to hand out. They went quick. But what they wanted more than the blankets were the socks. We handed out about 30+ pair. We just didn't have enough. I hated leaving some without socks.
...Socks are very important to the homeless!! One gentleman was in the construction business (yes a lot of homeless people have jobs) and socks are very important to him he said. "You have to keep your feet dry and warm" he said.
If you have a Dollar Tree near you they sell 3 pack socks for only $1!!
Please consider donating! You can purchase and mail them to us or send a gift card to a Wal Mart or Dollar Tree and I can purchase them and you will save on shipping.
Also the fleece blankets can be purchased at Wal-Mart for around $5 and sometimes cheaper.
ANYTHING you can help with is associated!! Even if all you can do is share our page that id's something and We thank you!
God bless and stay warm wherever you are and say a little payer for our friends.

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It has been unbelievably cold here in Florida the past few nights/mornings. High 20's.
This afternoon we're going out to give out a few blankets we have and a bag of socks. And other things they may need.
Here's a few pictures of what we have in stock. One day I'm hoping my husband will build me shelves in the shed.
We could use socks and feminine products for ladies. If you find it in your heart to donate we would appreciate it as would our
Thank you to everyone who donates and shares our page.

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DO NOT SPAM our page with business links/referrals!!
You will immediately be removed!
Thank you.

Happy new year to everyone. If you're out, please be safe.
We delivered some bags during Christmas and will be delivering some more in the next few days.
I will post an update.
Thank you to everyone who has made this possible!!

Look at this BLESSING we were given today. A friend of mine does couponing and she gave us a large amount of stuff today.
We will use some of this to put in our Thanksgiving basket we will be giving to a needy family, we will give the snacks to the homeless in their blessing bags, and the rest we will donate to The Saint Frances House.
We are very thankful for this donation.
Thank you, friend!

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