Notstandskomitee performed a concert on March 2nd at the Astrastube in Hamburg. The complete concert inclusive encore was recorded on video and can be seen here:

A new release on vinyl is in preparation which includes an extended version of Maschinenangst which was originally released on the second Notstandskomitee CD Strom 1997.

Notstandskomitee concert with tracks from the new album The Golden Times at Teerpappe at Astrastube Hamburg, Germany, 2.March.2018 https://notstandskomitee.b...

Next week block 4 is going to release the fourth album of Elektronengehirn on Bandcamp. Many have heard Fjord already on which will be the opening track. The pieces on this album are made between 2004 and 2017.

Demo for the upcoming new 2018 album
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