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"Today's Website is Yesterdays Business Card"

First thing people do is look you up on internet. Your website gives you credibility, establishment and authority in your niche. Not having one can speak volumes.

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What are the key trends to watch in social in 2018? This infographic provides an overview of some of the key evolutions to watch.
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Kym Metcalf Buchanan
· April 27, 2017
As a small business owner I had to figure out how to get the biggest Bang for my Buck in Advertising and Marketing. Not usually are Small Business' blessed with a big marketing budget, so Marketing ...had to be very thoughtfully targeted. Social Media & Content Marketing are the greatest friend we have for that. My free webinars, Courses, Tips and Show me how's will help you see how you can use it to make your business grow way above your aspirations. See More
Brett McCullough
· April 26, 2017
Kym has been helping business owners for over 6 years now. As a small business owner herself, she saw the struggles of trying to juggle time, marketing, and money. Her marketing solutions are great! ...Easy to do and get results! See More
Love ❤️ having my own business. I sure don't mind working a Holiday when I'm working like this‼️

Whether you are a Newbie Blogger or Veteran this podcast hosted by longtime Favorite Influencer, #AmyPorterfield, you really need to listen to this AWESOME episode on her Podcast MARKETING MADE EASY.
This episode is packed with great suggestions, tools and food for thought. PLEASE PLEASE take a few minutes to listen. You won't be sorry!! Won't hurt to grab a pen to take notes. IT'S THAT GOOD!
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In preparation for an interview on writing great blog content, I jotted down some ‘quick tips’. While they are all short I hope that they might spark some ideas – enjoy! Tell your story – it is what makes your content unique Share how you feel – it will take ...more
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Ever wonder what it takes to succeed at blogging? Sure you have! Here are 9 successful blogger secrets you need to know, but probably don't.
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Do you want to start a WORK FROM HOME business?? Talk to Emily Colaianni she juggles being a wife, a full time employee and mother of two while running her own successful business.

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Emily Colaianni to 💋Lips With Emily💋

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What NOT to do with your SEO. If your want to get BANNED from Google follow Neil Patel tips that he shares in this video.

A great way to learn WHAT TO DO is to learn from others mistakes.

Here's what I learned from getting banned from Google.

First and foremost rule is you are NEVER EVER aloud to copy anything from your competitors or anyone else.
You can get inspiration, You can get ideas, but most importantly you can LEARN from their mistakes. Read this and article and comment your thoughts on the matter.

Taking notes from your competitors can be helpful, but it can also work against you if not done in a strategic way.

Keeping in line with our SEO February.. this article has a nice segment about the importance of SEO for Small Businesses. It also has a nice breakdown of SEO and how each aspect effects your rankings.

Is SEO dead? Let me start by making one thing clear: no. (Don’t worry, there’s also a “but”). SEO is not dead—even though people have been saying that “search is dead” since the 90s. This trope comes back every year, and is so predictable that one SEO guy bought the domain

Hey Food Bloggers and Direct Sales Reps - this one is for you

Voice searches, nofollow links, featured snippet mismatches, and on-page optimization with Casey Markee.

Check out these Instagram Accounts and see how you can implement their tactics into your strategies.

6 Instagram Accounts You Wouldn’t Expect to Be Awesome But Totally Are

Some brands have less "Instagrammable" products and services than others, but that doesn't mean they can't still be awesome.

Neil Patel shares more "Can't live without" info on SEO. This time he refers to Chrome Extensions that help get your Website to Number 1.

More than two billion people actively use Google Chrome. There are tons of features that make the browser so popular, but some of the Google Chrome extensions are arguably the most useful marketing features of all. Google Chrome extensions take up less space than traditional desktop apps, you can up...

This is a great Blog post on How to tell your potential clients How it benefits them EVEN IF they don't realize they need the help.

A lot of articles are written on "How to Solve your customers problems" but this article tells it from a different perspective than most of the other articles I read.

It's written in a way I use to teach when I had my Insurance Agency... make intangible benefits tangible...


"If you are selling Auto Insurance - crash them. Home Insurance- Burn it. Health- give them Cancer, and Life - kill them"

Paint the picture - describe it so they can feel themselves in that scenario.
Alyssa Martin does a great job explaining this process. A must read!! Thanks Addi Ganley for sharing this awesome article.

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Let’s say you’ve got your dream client interested – you’ve piqued her interest. But she’s a little confused about what precisely she’s going to get out of working with you. She’s interested, but not 100% convinced yet (which means she’s not ready to give you her money yet either). He...

How do you know if your efforts are worth repeating??
Tonka Kendrick, Solopreneur Diaries, shares how to measure and track your efforts.

Track social media success – from eyeballs to engagement to conversions - and see what a difference it can make to your marketing and product creation efforts.

I get this question alot... What is the difference of the social media platforms... here's a great article explaining them.

There are billions of videos uploaded to social media every day, but the best type of social media video content varies depending on your chosen platform.