Here is a short video on some of the research that I have undertaken on my novel, The Talisman Concept.

Finished the first draft of The Talisman Concept on the weekend. Pitched to Harper Voyager and was asked to submit my manuscript. Fingers crossed.

I've just written the 60000th word on my novel. On track for having a first draft completed by GenreCon in early October.


I went to Steamfest 2013 at Ipswich on the weekend. Awesome event. Tea duelling. Abney Park. Unwoman. Corsets. Lots of brass.

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In a win for commonsense, the advertising watchdog has cleared a billboard with the theme 'any child can be born homosexual'.
Any discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is just as bad as sexism, racism or ageism.
Good work to GOA for donating $60000 worth of advertising space across Brisbane.

BILLBOARDS showing a pregnant woman "having a lesbian'' has been cleared by the advertising watchdog after complaints that it "sexualised children''.
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August 2, 2013

Abney Park played a great set at Steamfest Australia 2013

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August 2, 2013

I attended the first Steamfest in Australia, at Ipswich, on the weekend. 'Twas a rather jolly affair. Tally ho!

I've just signed up for the Spartan Beast in Sydney. 21km and obstacles to boot. Let's hope that the trail marking is better than the Spartan Super in Brisbane last month. Bring on the trifecta!

Spartan Race is on a mission to get you running through woods, getting dirty, and facing physical and mental challenges as part of everyday life - reminds us of who we are and what we're capable of.

I have just entered the Bridge to Brisbane 10km run to support a friend. I am aiming to get her across the line in 65 minutes.

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The Talisman Concept continues to take shape. I've now written 47000 words, 33 scenes, and 12 chapters as things currently stand.

I'm aiming to have the first draft written by GenreCon 2013 which starts 01 Oct. The whip is cracking!

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The Spartan Super at McCrossin was a fair workout. Check out details of my workout.
Despite poor organisation and trail marking, the event was great fun. About 20 obstacles (most of which I actually found during the course - missed some due to the poor markings) over about 14 km (some of which I ran twice, and some of which I missed, again due to poor trail markings) made it fairly challenging.
I'm still contemplating the Spartan Beast (21km) in Sydney in November. Happy to do it if I can find the money...

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Recently I went to Byron Bay. It's changed, but then, so have I...

I can’t remember exactly when I was last in Byron, but I am reasonably sure that was as a kid. 25 years ago? Suffice to say that much has changed.

Check out my post on middle class poverty. I'm poor. Deal with it.

My partner and I both had months of leave at half pay. Brisbane is where my children live, and it meant that I’d get to see them more regularly, and finally sort out a settlement with my ex-wife. I’d been accepted into a wirting program at the University of Queensland. It was where both my family, a...

Just signed up for Genre Con 2013. Looking forward to having a chance to promote The Talisman Concept.

A three-day convention for writers of fantasy, romance, crime, science fiction, thrillers, and more

Quantum computing is The Next Big Thing. With the power of computing magnified, many of the unanswerable questions that faced humanity will be closer to being answered.
Quantum computing provides the potential for cheaper pharmacueticals, more efficient engineering, swifter mapping of the human brain, and many other breakthroughs.

Australian researchers report they've made a breakthrough in quantum computing. So how does their discovery fit in the race to build a supercomputer?

One step closer to the future. Bionic eyes are now a real possibility.

A team of Australian industrial designers and scientists have unveiled their prototype for the world's first bionic eye which will allow recipients to see outlines...