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Jackie McDonald
· January 20, 2018
I’m not happy with the box office. My friend won tickets to Disney on ice for 1/18/18. She called and they didn’t have record of them but told her they would be there. So she went down there and was t...old they weren’t ready yet but they had her name showing there was 4 tickets for her. She asked if she could give them to a friend and the older lady told her to just write a note. I called pretending to be her the morning of the show to make sure they were there. The woman on the phone was a bit snarky and told me if I was told they were at will call, then they would be there. I explained that I didn’t want to disappoint my kids and she said there was no way for her to look them up and that they would be there and I could pick them up as early as 6pm. I was able to go there around 4:45pm and the lady was very helpful and tried hard to help but was told I couldn’t pick up the tickets because they were in my friends name, despite her being told she just had to write a note (which I had). I also had the text conversation we had had about her giving me the tickets and I asked if we could FaceTime so she could show her license and give me permission to pick up the tickets and they still wouldn’t allow it. I told the lady it was a shame that those 4 tickets were going to go to waste because she couldn’t come get them, that’s why she tried to get them earlier in the week and was given the run-around.

I’m short, I feel the box office staff all need to be on the same page with their policies and give the correct information, the first time. I’m glad I didn’t tell my kids because they would have been really disappointed. I sure was. My friend had already bought tickets and then won a 4 pack and offered them to me knowing I couldn’t spend the money on tickets at this time, so it really would have been nice to have been able to take my kids to this show.
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Paul E. Zimmerman
· November 21, 2017
Same problem I had many years ago when I attended a show shortly after the arena was "renovated". They added more capacity by compressing all the aisles. I literally had to sit on end of row with both... legs out in the aisle for entire show. Ridiculous, uncomfortable, and dangerous!!! I have never gone back since that experience, and never will !! See More
Mary Sue Larter
· November 24, 2017
So disappointed we did not get to use our tickets to Trans Siberian Orchestra! Traffic was at a standstill 2 blocks away even though we were there an hour and a half early ! We sat in traffic for a F...ULL HOUR and then couldn't find parking anywhere! By the time the show up an hour in, we gave up. Education in America always comes with some kind of cost. We had a $100 education in poor traffic control, poor parking availability and poor signage in the area. See More
Bob Murphy
· January 13, 2018
Can't even keep the scoreboard working. No wonder teams leave this city. Pay top dollar & got bugger-all in return. The phrase "couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery comes to mind".
Alan Capato
· September 12, 2017
Went to the Bob Seger show tonight. The show was awesome!!! The arena is a dump. The seats in section 213 row E seat 10. There is zero leg room. I mean zero. I told an usher and he apologized but said... nothing he could do because the show was sold out. We paid $160.00 a piece 4 seats. And couldn't sit. Usher suggested we stand at the top of the arena. The rest of the arena is a dump and should not be used as a venue for concerts. If acts have any regard for their fans they should look elsewhere for another venue. See More
Angela Colt
· November 22, 2017
TSO show was absolutely amazing! Traffic was outrageous. For a big shows there should be a better organized way for parking. We were a block away and it took 40 minutes to park our car. Is there some... way to have someone directing traffic? And then girl collecting money at parking garage was talking on the phone and snapping her gum. Very frustrating. See More
Regina Robinson
· May 13, 2017
I think the R & B Music Festival went well !
I definitely enjoyed myself but the venue needs some modernization, the seats are too close together that your knees touch! The concrete floors kill your ...feet by the end of the night, and the sound system wasn't the best! Ticket prices doesn't correlate with the seating arrangements! The food prices are outrageous!! The bathrooms were not the cleanest. A face lift of the place could be refreshing!!! See More
Darrell Grigg
· April 15, 2017
The bathrooms are in terrible shape, they are never clean or all faucets/toilets working, the concession prices are out of control! We want people to come to the BCA, but they have to spend a mortgage... payment to feed the family and the food is not worth it! The hot dogs and hamburgs are so cheap and disgusting. Ticket prices are reasonable but the BCA needs a huge upgrade. Not a fantastic facility, for the great sports teams we have!
Why do we not get big concerts anymore? Hmmmm
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Kris Lynn
· April 23, 2017
I attend many events at the BCA. Rochester needs to really start investing some money and time into the arena if they want to revitalize downtown. The bathrooms are nasty. The one family bathroom been 'out of order' for two years now. Seats missing arm rests. The seats are way to close together to be. comfortable. Floor is always sticky. Holes in tiles covered with duct tape. The score board is basic. People who attend the games don't often follow 'rules' and are constantly moving during plays. The parking garage is always raising prices and the underground tunnel smells like a decaying animal most days. If we lose our sports teams because of a crappy arena what will the city do without all that extra revenue? Thank you RPD for always being there for people to cross safely. See More
Christopher Roesch
· April 15, 2017
The video board is horrible-- usually not even worth showing replays, because you can't see anything most of the time. The lacrosse turf is embarrassing, especially since the field naming rights were ...purchased by a personal injury firm. The tall, bald African-American security guard is rude and arrogant, and has no business working with the public. Ushers need to do a better job of keeping people from disrupting games because they don't wait for a stoppage in play. Also (not the arena's fault, but still a huge negative), parents shouldn't bring their children if they're not going to monitor them-- they shouldn't be running all over the place, kicking the chairs, etc). The concesssions are mediocre for the most part, and are overpriced. The pizza is horrible, usually burnt. Parking (also not the arena's fault, but something which detracts from the experience) is grossly overpriced for this market. Oh, and there are mice! See More
Teale Dominas
· April 23, 2017
I hate attending events here. The seats are terrible. I'm 5'4" and my knees still jam into the seat in front of me. The cup holders that are attached to the back of the seat don't allow you to shift a...t all, or make leg adjustments. Additionally, if you're a woman with any kind of curves, the armrests dig painfully into your hips because the seats are also too narrow. It's a horrible experience. I had been given tickets, so the game was free, but- I if I hadn't been with a group of friends- I would have left before halftime. See More
Sheila Rudy
· May 31, 2017
Went to a show last night (TOOL) and had seats that we paid $165 each for in row Z. This wasn't even a row! They were lawn chairs set up behind the normal seating and we couldn't even see the show sin...ce there are large pieces of equipment and braces tucked up into the ceiling. The sound from up there was also muffled/muted due to being tucked up and BEHIND all the stuff in the ceiling. How can you justify charging that much for horrible seating. At least if you can't see anything you should be able to enjoy the music by ear and we couldn't even do that. I blame that on horrible venue planning and greediness trying to squeeze every dollar they can out of concert goers. See More
Faith Dzury Wright
· May 14, 2017
It was my first time there for my sons College Graduation from St John Fisher College. We are from out of town and had a great experience at the arena. The steps are wider than the arena in our area m...aking it easy to go up and down, I didn't felt like I as going to fall. Beautiful place for beautiful graduation. Thank you. See More
Ann Marie Montemalo-Schneider
· March 8, 2017
Well when you pay 1,000 for five seats in row A you would expect awesome seats right! Nope! The stage was higher than the seats so you had to stand to see. Was ok for us but I'm sure the kids behind u...s didn't see shit! Then we were told we couldn't go up to the railing to stand, then they were going to let other people stand there! I started to yell like a crazy person! No fucking way they didn't pay and were going to stand in front of is! You need to elevate the floor seats! Or don't call them seats call them standing spots! See More
Shilo Babilon
· July 8, 2017
I was so disappointed with the handicapped accessible seating. They were the worst seats in the whole arena as if they were an after thought. We couldn't hear it really see anything it's really too ba...d I was interested in seeing a lot of shows there. I will not waste my money there again for these terrible seats! See More
Albert Pauley
· March 26, 2017
Worst venue I've ever been. The seating is terrible. The lighting sucks. The jumbotron is from the 80's. And the sound system sucks. You can tell this place is old. And the Knighthawk fans are terribl...e. Bunch of lowlifes who talk shit and try to start fights. I will never go to a game there again. I have never been treated as badly. Rochester is a dump. See More
Jenn Kerwin
· May 31, 2017
terrible. I would never see another show here. my knees were literally jammed against the back of the seat in front of me, and you have to sit completely straight in a very tiny, uncomfortable seat zero room, the seats are crammed in so close to each other ur practically on top of the person next to you. I am a thin person so I cant even imagine a bigger person trying to fit. I was at a sold out show so every seat was filled and it was like being packed like sardines. I would never see any event at this arena again. See More
Ed Rogers
· March 8, 2017
Whilst leaving the event, while still in the building I felt like I was a problem. I was waiting for my girlfriend in the bathroom and I felt very attacked by several staff members. From ushers to sec...urity. All very rude and not accommodating at all. One particular guard went way to far. Firstly by initially yelling at me to stand on the other side even though there was plenty of women standing waiting to use the rest room where I was standing. Then continued to braide me telling me to "just do what your told". I found the entire tirade excessive and completely unprofessional. If he or anyone involved with the staff were more suggestive and professional in asking people to leave they would have a much easier time and wouldn't leave a bad taste in patrons mouths. I understand that you have to get people out and get it cleaned up for the next event. Trust me. I understand. But treating people in such a barbaric and tyrannical manner like that makes me, my girlfriend, and I'm sure several others who attend major events at your beautiful venue not ever want to come back See More
Christopher Pegoli
· March 13, 2017
Overall good experiance. Got to the game a little late with some friends and the woman doing the tickets seemed irritated we wanted to buy some and was quite rude. A little surprised by this seeing as... selling people tickets is her job. Beer is reasonable and is a nice stadium over all. See More
John William Baker III
· March 27, 2017
It helped the Good Guys won. Terrific atmosphere for hockey. Pucks and Paws was different. Dogs at a hockey game. Good pricing for the seats. You will spend a bit for the food and beverages. $4 for bo...ttled water. Maybe eat before you go. See More

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